Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Feels good to be home!

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No matter how much you enjoy visiting family it's always a wonderful feeling when you step through your door and are surrounded by your things and especially your BED. What is up with motel beds??? Who made those pillows??? They're huge, they're hard and they're a pain in the neck, literally!

Anyway, we got back last night around 11pm and I've been busy since then, had to get groceries today and still need to put all the luggage away but I'm not in the mood, instead I decided to come say hi and bring you pictures.

Thank you all for the comments left wishing us a safe trip there and back, we really did have a good trip, no delays at all, wonderful flights and well behaved kids, what more could you ask for right?

Leaving Boise on the way to Salt Lake City, UT

So anyway, I'm sure you're all dying to know about the wedding, it was wonderful and I haven't seen mom that happy in a long time, actually both bride and groom were literally glowing. It's something seeing two people so happy and in love.

We got to Oklahoma City on friday night, just in time for some major thunderstorms, it was scary, the lightning was striking all around us, there was thunder and so much rain, just what you want to see when you know you have about 5 hours drive to Texas. Yes, the wedding was in Texas so we had a long drive ahead.....it wasn't so bad because Curt's cousin Cindy, her daughter Laura and Chris his brother were there to pick us up and drive with us. What a blast!!!

We always have the best time when we get together, too bad that it's usually just for a day or two, we seriously need to plan some vacation time that lasts at LEAST a week. The kids took to Laura and Cindy straight away, I'm still hearing about how much they love them and miss them.

After a long drive, this is how Nicholas and Chris looked when we arrived at the motel LOL

We finally got into Sherman, Texas around 11pm at night, met up with Mom and Ken and her sister Aunt Carol who had also flown in from Virginia for the wedding. Everyone stayed at the same hotel which was wonderful, we had kids going back and forth between rooms, adults outside in the hallway happily chatting away and the sound of laughter, BOY the sound of laughter, that is one thing we do when we're all in the same room, laugh until our sides hurt.

Saturday morning was a rush, we went to IHOP for breakfast and then headed straight to the church for rehearsal. Nicholas was happy being the Truth Bearer but after the second try he said he was done and wanted to go home LOL

It took some bribing and coercing to get him to do it when the wedding actually started, at one point he actually threw down the pillow and refused to go, I think my eye started twitching because after one look at my face he quickly picked it back up and walked down the aisle with the Ring bearer LOL

I can't get over their faces LOL I don't think either one really wanted to be up there and it's just hilarious that they have the same expressions.

Anyway, the wedding was just beautiful and here are some pictures for you all, hope you enjoy them.

Nicholas and cousin Laura, isn't this just the sweetest photo?

Jasmine, the flower girl

Ken singing to mom "Welcome to my World" by Jim Reeves.

Curt and Jasmine....LOVE this one!

I just love all the photos and the bride and groom really do look happy and in love don't they?

I also made a little music video with the photos and to the sound of "Welcome to my World" which is what Ken sang to mom...if you want to see that one you will have to download it here.

The time just flew by and before we knew it we were on an airplane heading back home, now that we're here the crunch begins for our move to Arizona. Not that much longer before the movers are here to pick up our stuff.

I wish I had more time to chat tonight but I have kids to put to bed and Curt's uniform to wash, he heads back to work tomorrow, poor guy got sick while on the trip and has the worst cold ever.....sore throat, sneezing, fever etc. I'm just hoping we don't get it too, I seriously can not afford to get sick right now.

Anyway, hope you're all having a wonderful night, now that I'm back I'll be able to post daily again, tomorrow morning I'll be visiting you all so I hope you have some coffee ready for me, I'm sure I've missed a LOT while away for 4 days.

God Bless,


  1. What a beautiful family you have. Looking forward to the day we can see you all. The in-laws look really happy. Lots of love,

  2. Sandra,
    What great pictures, the bride and groom do look so happy.
    Love the flower girl pic of Jasmine too. So pretty.
    Glad your home safe and sound!

  3. your kids are so adorable..Jasmine looked so pretty, she looks like you...
    what a lovely wedding...May they have a million years of happiness..
    take care,

  4. Everyone looks so beautiful and happy. Your kids are really adorable, as always.

    Welcome home.

  5. Lovely pictures Sandra, so glad you're back safe and sound! You all looked gorgeous in your wedding outfits. I hope your Mom will be very happy! Hugs n' love x

  6. Lovely entry. Lovely wedding. Lovely photos.

    Hope Curt gets better quickly and that all the rest of you, stay well. All ready for moving-crunch-time!


  7. Love the pictures and getting to know *you and yours*...God is Good.....


  8. These are great pictures!! The kids look so cute and the bride and groom do look so happy. I loved this post, and I'm so glad you guys made it back safely. Hope your husband gets better quickly and the rest of you stay healthy!!! :-)

  9. Thank you for sharing all these great photos. The new couple does look really happy! Glad you're home safe & sound.

  10. How happy they look! The look on the boy's face is priceless.

    Glad you made it home safely.

  11. what great photos and such a good looking family. Glad you mde it home safely!!


  12. Sandra, what a sweet wedding and the pictures are excellent......

    Thank you for visiting and wishing our twin granddaughters a happy birthday......Blessings, Betty

  13. Oh, Sandra, I'm so glad that your mom's wedding was such a happy occasion and that you got to spend time with family!

    Thanks for sharing pictures with us!

    Nice to have you back. :)

  14. It looks like a wonderful event and a good time had by all!! So glad you're home and thanks for sharing the pix!! Best wishes to the happy couple!!

  15. great pictures! the kids were adorable all dressed up!

  16. Hey there SiS, Nice thing you got here!!! So how soon did it take for Nicolas to hook up that system yall got? LOL And BTW You better practice on Dig Dug for the next time I come visit!!! HAHA Love ya Sandra

  17. This whole post just made me sigh, Sandra. As you know, I'm in wedding mode myself right now.

    Two weeks from today!

    And yes, the photo of those two zonked out just cracked me up. LOL

  18. How perfect this was. You look wonderful and your kids look so sweet. Your family is so blessed. Your mother in law looks great....

  19. Hope everyone is better ... enjoyed see the photos of your beautiful family.


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