Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Know where I wish I was????

Right there, on that chair, looking out into the ocean and feeling the warm sun on my skin, not a care in the world, just getting a tan while sipping a margarita. Doesn't that sound good???

So I'm sitting down for the first time since I woke up yesterday, woke up from a very bad night's sleep. You ever have those nights where you feel exhausted but you can't get comfortable, then you toss and turn all night and keep looking at the clock seeing the time go by, then you get annoyed because that's yet another hour less of sleep??? Isn't that the worst???

Curt was only supposed to go into work for an hour yesterday and then be done. Well sunday afternoon he got a call from his flight chief, they've just started an exercise so he needed him to come in and cover for someone......12 hour shift starting at 4am. 4am?!?!?!?!
It means that he has to be up no later than 3am to get ready and be at work on time, but you know as a wife you never really sleep through their "getting ready" routine.

You shut your eyes tightly and try to drown out the "where's my shirt?"..."have you seen my keys"...."now what did I do with my wallet?". For goodness sake's, just get your stuff ready the night before LOL
I can't complain too much though, he does make the coffee in the morning and leaves a full pot ready for when I get up, isn't that the sweetest thing?

We've got the house ready to be packed and now we're just sitting here waiting for the movers to arrive, I'm getting frustrated because I want them to be here early, get the stuff packed and leave my house before dinner, yes I know I'm being unreasonable but I don't care.
All the dust in this house is making my allergies flare up, I'm cranky, I'm all sniffly and itchy, I have a huge headache and I am already tired of living out of a suitcase and a kitchen cabinet.

Lord give me patience and strength to make it through the next two days, if I can get through these without hitting someone with a stick, I'll be GOOD to go. LOL

Want to know what's even worse than all this for me??? We started moving the couch away from the wall to pick up the toys the kids have been throwing back there and TA DA...mouse droppings all over. I did hear a loud scream come from inside me and I believe I may have jumped and ran into the kitchen, I'm not sure because it's a blur.

If there is one animal on earth that I really can not handle are mice, they turn me into a blabbering screeching fool. You should have seen me trying to get rid of the mess...I looked like someone walking out of a hazardous material area, mask and gloves and the whole shebang.
I also managed to spot the hole the little frigger had made to get in and out of the house.....just the thought that he's been allowed to roam free is enough to make me sing halleluiah for moving out of here.

Do I sound very bitter or annoyed??? I really don't mean to LOL
Going through the move almost makes me not want to buy our own house in a year or two....maybe I can buy the house on base and pay a nifty sum for it so I don't ever have to do this again. Think the USAF would go for that??? Nah??? Didn't think so!

Well my friends the movers just arrived so I'm going to skidaddle on out of here, I'm sure they're thrilled to walk into a house with a frazzled, allergy laden, glove wearing lady...all I need are a 20 cats and I'm sure I could scare them all away LOL

Have a great tuesday, I'll be back tomorrow,


  1. Oh Sandra, how dreadful to find mice droppings in u'r home.

    Hanging in there and remember that God will see you through this move.

    I notice that u'd commented about the book. Thank you! You know there was no rush, right?


  2. Glad the movers are there, now you can get on with things..Have a safe trip...
    oh man, i hate mice also...Makes my skin crawl...
    Take care

  3. Oh Sandra...you have my sympathy! Guess what? You've been nominated for a Rockin' Girl Blogger award! Stop by my blog for more info (when you have the chance!). Good luck with the move.


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