Monday, June 18, 2007

He's always there!!!!

You ever have those days where everything just seems to go wrong and all you want to do is run away??? Maybe hide under a rock for a while and come out when things are all better???

Today was one of those for me.

I got up this morning, got things ready for the moving guy to come by and then waited. Right after he left I decided to make sure we had rooms available at TLF (Temporary Housing Facility) for next week. Then it started, I literally felt like I was being tested and pushed and pulled in different directions.

"I'm sorry ma'am but we have no rooms available for people with pets, you'll have to keep them in a kennel or stay in a motel off base"....Ummmm, not exactly what I wanted to hear.

Curt was still home so we started going back and forth trying to figure out what to do, we tried to move our housing inspection day and were flat out told NO.

Our only other option was to stay in a motel off base which was going to cost us $70 a night, plus $4 each dog per night. Yeah not exactly viable since we needed 5 days and are not exactly swimming around in money. It's that whole military pay thing.

I started calling around, trying to think of what to do but most of all I started praying, please please God, help us out here, something's got to give, either a room on base or housing inspection date, something, anything.

It's a very scary place to be, you feel completely helpless and out of control, but I think it's these times that God uses to teach us to relax and put things in his hands. Not easy, but doable right???

I did my part, I called around, I tried different options and then I let it go, whatever happens happens, I replayed that in my mind over and over.

Things were about to take a different turn. Curt came home and called TLF again, all of his coworkers had offered to keep the dogs at their house so that we would be able to get a room at TLF. We thought everything was taken care of, until the man on the other side of the phone told him that now they had NO rooms available anywhere on base, no rooms for people with pets OR without. You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I mean honestly, it's ridiculous.

So now we're thinking, we are in a lot of trouble we have absolutely no place to stay at all and we need to be out of the house on the 28th, guess we'll be living in our cars or shelling out way too much money for a motel off base.

We were literally down in the dumps feeling completely helpless, so I sent out one last prayer.

"Father, I've tried, I've waited with patience and with purpose but now I'm really begging for some help".

Curt picked up the phone and called Housing again explain what our situation was, and guess what....yeah I'm sure by now you're all at the edge of your seats, huge grins on your faces because you know what's coming right???? Yeah, they've moved our inspection date to the 2nd of July, the day we actually leave Idaho.

Which means, we are able to stay in our house until that worrying about a place for the dogs or expensive motels etc. Our cable and phone doesn't get cut until the day we leave and since we're doing a partial dity, we'll be able to have some blow up mattresses, our computers, a small tv, our clothes and whatever else we may need for those few tell me we don't have an absolutely amazing God?!?!?!?

I'm thrilled beyond words, I'm so so blessed and so happy. Ok and now I'm going to stop babbling about it.

The good news as well is that I will be able to blog and be online, will only be gone while we're actually driving to Arizona and then while we wait to get phone and internet plugged back in :)

Anyway, it's almost 10pm and I am exhausted, nothing like some stress to wipe you out.
Hope you all have a wonderful day, I'll be back tomorrow and I'll come by and visit you all too :)

God Bless,


  1. Wow, I'm so glad it worked out Sandra. That would be absolutely stressful. Good for you for continueing to put it before God and then plugging away with housing!

  2. I'm so glad it worked out in the end, Sandra! Whew! What a rough day you had, I hope you get a great night's sleep!

  3. Isn't God's promise of never leaving or forsaking us so glorious? He is so faithful and I praise God that He took care of all your needs!

    "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." Philippians 4:6

  4. That's got to be a huge relief. But honestly, with the military moving you, I'm amazed they'd let you all be in this position. What on earth do they think you're going to do with no where to stay?

    I'm glad it worked out but I can sure see why this has been stressful.

    Hey! At least you're still connected. Now THAT would be stressful. LOL

  5. I would have been just as stressed as you were. I've had my moments - but - then am amazed by how God answers our prayers!

  6. Hi Sandra,
    That is wonderful.

  7. I'm so glad things worked out for you. God truly does come through with the solutions at the right time, doesn't He? And they're usually better than we had planned outselves.

  8. God is good, all the time!
    I love how He always comes through, always.

  9. Ohhh I'm so happy that it all worked out, in the end. But sad you had such stress, meantime. But I was very proud of you, when you said you had let it go, meantime. Do what we can and then, let it go. Seems wise. :-)

    And yes, that's me, in the Sidebar on my blog. I took that pic of myself, to show a Net friend, the summer hat I found. Out shopping with/for a Granddaughter... Not even looking for my wanted-hat. Turned a corner and there it was!! Not expensive and I love it! :-)

    I don't put lots of pics up on the Net. Never any of rest of family, but the one of my husband {my American husband -smile-}, a few days ago.

    But I thought... It's Summer! Why not put it up? :-)


  10. Wow! I'm so glad everything worked out Sandra! God is good! Especially to good people like you:)

  11. OK, now I'm on the edge of my seat. What part of Idaho? We are from Moscow (by Pullman)? Small world!

  12. Oh girl - you're voicing all the frustrations and prayers and wondering and worrying for me! My C-section is scheduled for 2 July, our inspection is 30 July (day we're leaving - sounds familiar, eh?) and we're wondering whether to try to DITY when I can't help lift much after that C-section or whether to partial...or just let them move us...
    And how exactly does one PCS with a 6 yo, a newborn, and a dog for the first time? Should be interesting. Glad I'm not the only one sitting back thinking...LORD, please help!

    Hope all goes smoothly for you over the coming weeks!


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