Monday, June 11, 2007

Well Dabaganabit, the cold remains.....

At least the sore throat is gone but I have the sniffles and my sinus is having a field day, but what is new right??? I should be the poster child for sinus issues!

Nicholas is still sick, he sounds like he's been hitting the whiskey bottle, his nose is running a mile a minute and his eyes are red from not sleeping well, poor thing....I just hope it all goes away soon.

So we have 2 weeks left in this house, I didn't think I would be saying those words so soon, it feels like just yesterday I was breaking news that we got orders to another base, now the move is upon us and I'm excited and sad and nervous and a bunch of other things.

It's such an overwhelming feeling to know that in just a short time you will be driving away from the house you've been in for 9 years, have built memories, had children, had ups and down and joys and sorrows...and it's not to say that our new house won't become the same for us over the years....but it's just sad to leave this one behind.

But moving on, I tried to visit as many blogs as I could for the Menu Plan Monday, but good grief who has time to go see over 100 blogs??? I certainly don't, so I saw about half of them and will leave the rest for later. In the meantime if you want to my menu for this week, just head over to "Full Bellies Happy Kids".

So last night Curt and I were watching tv, the History Channel, and there was this very interesting show called "Last Days on Earth".

Could the human race become suddenly extinct? We count down seven ways in which the world as we know it could meet an abrupt and untimely end, from a mammoth asteroid strike to the eruption of a super volcano. What would happen as computers literally become trillions of times smarter than we are--would they program our mass murder? Scientists, experts, and witnesses describe these and other vividly pictured disaster scenarios, from super bugs created in secret labs to black holes that could suck earth into oblivion. Using state-of-the-art computer-generated graphics and interviews with the world's top scientists, we will leave viewers pondering humanity's place in the universe and will reveal the most terrifying truth of all--that our greatest enemy is ourselves.
It was really good but thought provoking and quite a few times we just looked at each other and said "wow, that's scary". I guess that's why some people say Ignorance is Bliss, I mean, if you don't know about it you won't have to worry, but I am one of the few who actually likes knowing what's ahead, it scares me to think of the possibilities but I'm also not going to freeze and panic and start playing the what if game.

Really, if you get a chance to catch this show, watch it, it's good!

I have been trying to catch up on housework and I am ashamed to say that the one bag from our trip is STILL waiting to be reached but in my defense, I have not been feeling well and I have little sick ones to take care of. I guess my Martha-ness is going to have to be backburnered right now until I feel better. Tst Tst Tst, what a shame!

In two weeks, like I stated above, we'll be in TLF (temporary living facilities) here on base so I'm not doing planned menus and grocery shopping etc. Here is where you come in, I really need help with some easy and inexpensive ideas for meals while moving, it has to be quick, easy to fix and not require tons of pots and pans etc.

Paper plates is a must for us during this period, I have to laugh because my dad HATES eating out of paper plates so I always think of him when eating out of one.
Clean up has to be easy too, we have the house to clean and get ready for the Housing inspection so the least mess we add on, the BETTER.

I have so much to do around here, so I'll get going, here's what's going on in my house today:



General Hospital
Wife Swap


Right now I have Annie's Crockpot Lemon Garlic Chicken going, it smells SOOO good in here.


  1. I hope you guys feel better soon!!! Don't feel bad about that last unpacked bag, you have a good excuse!!

    Wow, only 2 weeks left!! I felt sad leaving the house in California, that we'd lived in 7 years. But you know, the desert really has grown on me!! I hope you like Arizona, too. :-)

  2. Hi! I just started reading your blog, because I read about it... well, somewhere! But I have enjoyed it so far!

    I had a few really easy meals on my Meal Plan for this week--maybe they'll help you!!

  3. Hey Sandra, for quick and easy meals I say don't beat yourself up and just purchase some frozen pre-made stuff. It's only temporary and I think taking the stress off yourself is most important. Good luck and hope you get better soon!


  4. Ohhh -- feel better soon!! I keep thinking about your move. What a big, big deal. It'll come and go so fast, but the build up/move/actual unpacking can be such an emotional whirlwind. I hope you're up and feeling better soon, friend. :) Hugs!

  5. hope you all feel better soon..
    Good luck with the move, i am sure you have tons to do still..

  6. Thank you for returning my kitchen knife, the one with the serrated edge is my favourite:)
    I bet you that bag sits there... just watching you... judging you... driving you insane. Just ignore it - it isn't going anywhere, you'll get around to it eventually:)
    Remember your big move, about nine years ago? NOTHING will ever beat that. It was huge leap of faith. You'll sail through this one, I just know it.
    Good luck

  7. Sandra,
    You watch GH? hmmm...
    Sorry that you guys have the cold bug floating around.
    I keep paper plates, bowls and cups on hand (on the counter) all the time. The kids use them rather than the others. It saves so much time cleaning up all their messes. I love them and am sorry to the environment in advance. When my life slows down I will make up for it :o).

  8. Hi Sandra

    Please take it easy - you don't want to be under the weather AND moving. Are you better?

    And get pre-packaged food - now's not the time to worry about stuff like that.

  9. Sandra- I'm a little behind on my blog reading, but I hope you get to feeling better.

  10. Praying you are feeling 100% before your move. Packing and moving is no fun but being sick sure doesn't help anything.

  11. I hope you are feeling better!!

    By the way, I am a new reader and I love what I read so far!! Keep up the good work.

    Shana Albert, Owner
    ABC Home Preschool
    ABC Home Preschool's Everything Preschool Blog


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