Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Out of the box!!!

I'm literally surrounded by hundreds of boxes, little, medium and humongous ones. I have to say that moving hasn't really been that bad, I mean obviously it's not something you want to do every other weekend but it's also not this horrid affair. I think the way you look at things makes all the difference, if you go into it already upset and dreading every minute I can guarantee you that everything will go wrong.....but if you go into it the way we have, with the "it's just a move, go with the flow", thinks will run smoothly.

So the packers were here yesterday from 10am to 6pm, they got everything done while chatting and laughing and joking around with us.....we were lucky to have such sweet guys here. It's a bit unnerving when you know other people are touching your private stuff....I kept saying to Curt

"are you SURE we didn't leave anything weird laying around?"

"nothing that would freak the people out?

"did I remember to pack all our clothes, I really don't know how I feel about someone touching my underwear".

I admit, I think I drove my husband kooky with all my questions.

I've got the movers here right now and they've only been here for 2 hours and pretty much already emptied the house, all that is left is moving the stuff into the actual truck. We've been really lucky with the people we've dealt with and I couldn't say enough good things about both the packers and movers. Thank you Lord for sending them our way.

Here's what my living room and kitchen look like....isn't it cozy? LOL

The house feels so empty and it's sad because I already miss seeing my house the way it was, though I am looking forward to starting fresh and redoing a whole new house.

We've already got a couple houses available to us at the new base so next week thursday we're heading over with the housing lady to look at them and pick the one we want...I'm SO excited. Another blessing from God!!
If you're military you know how hard it is at times to get a house on base, there's long waiting lists, some as long as 18 months. Here we are with not only a house available but a few to pick that not something???

So I'm heading out right now, need to go get some pizza for lunch, it's only fair that we feed the movers while they're here.

I'll be coming by to visit all your blogs soon and say hi to the new faces, I've noticed a lot of new bloggy friends dropping by while I've been busy. I'm so sorry I've missed you all but I promise to make you feel welcome just as soon as this craziness around me subsides.

God Bless,


  1. Wow, you are almost done! Good luck with the rest of the move.....We will be packing up in the next month or so!


  2. Good luck with the move, thats awesome you get to pick which one you want! That NEVER happens on a base! We are moving ourselves at the end of August, not far, same complex just a lower level entrance townhome. But we will be doing a PCS move in a year. Be sure to take pics of the one you choose!

  3. Ooooooooo now I get to comment on the blog - YAY

    SANDRA! I miss you lady!

    This sounds like fun and your house did look nice with the boxes and stuff - keep in touch with me.

    Hope you have fun in your new house and new beginings.

    Hope to comment more in the future

  4. Oh the joy of having boxes everywhere! Glad to hear you got a good moving company though! Praying it all goes smoothly from here on out!

  5. Just moved a few months ago and I know how tough it is to get settled.........take the time you need to make a house your home.......

  6. Wow, that did not take them long at all. May God bless your move!

  7. Woohoo, you are almost there!!

  8. Sandra- Continuing to send all good wishes and prayers your way. That's great news about being able to choose from a few houses. Blessings and hugs to you all!

  9. Oooh looks like you're almost there. Hugs...and send me your new address!!

  10. Hope it all goes well; nothing quite as tiring as moving your entire home/family into a new place. No doubt you'll have it cozy in no time. xoxoxo Bev

  11. Good luck with the move. I hope the transition goes smoothly.

  12. youre almost done..What a blessing to have nice movers..
    happy to hear you have a pick of houses youre going to live in...
    take care..

  13. Hope your move is going smoothly!

    I wanted to let you know that I gave you a "rockin girl blogger" award!


  14. We resently moved so I hear you on the boxes. We are only renting so we get to do it again. I agree though, you have to be positive and have a good attitude.

    My dad and brother are military. Tell you husband thank you! I appreciate him and all the other men and women who are serving our country. May God bless them!

  15. Boy, these photos look familiar to me, Sandra. This is exactly what it looked like last time Rob and I moved, when we relocated across the Rockies.

    I was totally impressed with the crew that handled our move. They were like circus artists, the way they carried four boxes piled on top of each other without dropping them.

    I don't expect we'll hear from you for a while - you're a tad busy. LOL But I can't wait to hear all about the new house you choose.

    Have a happy and safe move!


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