Monday, October 01, 2007

October here we come!!!

Where has this year gone???? I ask because I swear I was just in the middle of March and now it's October and I don't even feel like I got much accomplished at all. But that's life, you either strap on and go along or let it pass you by.

I realize I haven't posted since friday, I've been so busy the past few days and not feeling all that great either, all this Jasmine school thing really got me stressed out and I developed a tension headache that made me want to slam my head against a hard wall, repeatedly. I don't know how that would have fixed anything other than make it get worse, but whatever, that's how annoying it was.

Thank you all for the great comments, tips, stories and advice you shared. She went back to school today and I've been on pins and needles all day long, looking at the clock and wondering how she was doing and how she was feeling. She came out of school with a big smile on her face.

The Vice Principal sat down with both her and the girl and talked about what had happened, the girl obviously tried to deny saying anything but Jasmine stood her ground and said that she did say it. The Vice Principal believed her and told the other girl that this is a very
serious thing, you don't go around threatening other people, it's completely unacceptable and is cause for serious punishment. The girl then apologized and said she won't do it again..........apparently she told Jasmine she was sorry she said it, Jasmine said, in her own words "I don't deserve to be treated that way and you hurt my feelings.....but I accept your apology". Now they're friends!!!!!!

I have to tell you it's a weird feeling, on the one hand I'm super happy and relieved that this has been stopped and the girl now understands the severity of acting this way, I'm also happy that she was the one that apologized and then asked Jasmine to play with her and Jasmine's
best friend......but on the other hand I'm a little iffy. Seriously, this thing of being a parent is a work in process, just when I think I have it down something else comes along that I've never dealt with and then I have to try and keep up with all the feelings that arise. Oh well, at least no one can say that parenting is boring.

I posted my Menu over on my food blog, this week it's all about Slow Cooking. The weather is getting cooler, it's actually been cloudy and breezy and I find myself craving stews and soups and Autumny (yes I know that word doesn't exist lol) foods.
So I'm trying a bunch of new recipes from the Gooseberry Patch Slow Cooking Cookbook, I'll let you know what I think.


Last week wednesday I had the best surprise ever, I was online and had my MSN Messenger running which I tend to do so that I can chat with my family in South Africa......then I see a message pop up "Hi cousin". I literally felt as if I had the wind knocked out of me, it was my cousin Patricia all the way in Portugal. She is my dear Uncle Carlos' daughter and we hadn't talked since 1994, at least. It's been SO long and it was great catching up.....last time we were together we were teenagers on vacation in Malaga, Spain. It was funny and kinda weird talking about kids and husbands and life in our eyes we will always be little kids right???
Anyway, Patricia, if you're reading this "beijocas grandes querida prima, as saudades sao imensas".

It's also fun chatting with my older brother Paul, he tends to send me messages whenever he's getting take out LOL
Then we play the "guess where I'm at" game, where he tells me the slogan of the place and I try to's great because it's all places where I grew up and I still remember them, but obviously it also brings homesickness and an overwhelming feeling of wanting to be there.


On to book business, I just realized that on my Fall Reading list I have a library book and instead of doing the smart thing, reading THAT one first so that I can return it, I started with one of mine. I'm glad I'm one of those people that can have 2 or 3 books going at once and not get them may be laughing but I'm serious, at times I have a book in the bedroom, one in the kitchen and one in the computer area. But anyway, I decided that I need to start on the "My heart may be broken but my heart still looks good" by Dixie has to be returned soon.

In the meantime I'm down to my last pages of "Moonlight on the Millpond" by Lori Wick and I'm loving every minute, it's just one of those good christian sweet stories that leave you with a smile on your face.


I'm going to try to make it by your blogs tonight, at least a few at a time. We're heading to dinner and then Dancing with the Stars comes on.

Speaking of tv, did you all see Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters last night??? Both were so good and both left me in tears. It's funny whenever I watch Brothers and Sisters I also have to laugh because it reminds me so much of my family, the chaos and tons of people at times, the bickering and the fighting and the sarcasm but with it all also comes the immense amount of love and closeness and doing ANYTHING for that person. Love it!!!

Alright I realize I hadn't blogged in a few days but I have babbled on for so long today I'm afraid some of my blog readers may be passed out of boredom right now....I apologize, maybe from now on I'll start serving you coffee and treats to keep you entertained.

Hope you're all having a wonderful Monday, have a great rest of day and God Bless you all,
I leave you with this wonderful song by Casting Crowns "Who am I".


  1. Sandra,
    I'm so glad her day went well. I was thinking of both of you often today. How great also the spirit of forgiveness your daughter has and now they're friends. I'm sure she'll be a great influence in the other girls life.

  2. poor baby, glad things are fine now..
    I love hearing about your day and goings on, you never bore me..
    Glad you got to speak to your cousin, thats so nice..
    hope tuesday is a groovy day for you..
    take care,

  3. Great to hear from you. It sounds like you are getting back to normal. Good to hear it. Loved Brothers and Sisters and Desperate Housewives.....great shows...the stes sounds very good.

  4. I'm so relieved to hear that Jasmine and that little girl are friends now! Emme actually said to me last night when I was tickling her "I am going to kill you with a gun"!!!!!!!!!! I set her straight immediately -- letting her know that a little girl of God did NOT tell ANYONE that she was going to kill them! She understands when I bring God into the mix that I am serious!

    My reading is going really well for the Fall Reading Challenge too. I've been pushing myself to read at least 1 hour per day and it's just SO satisfying! I'll be finishing up my 2nd book for the week (A HUGE FEAT FOR ME!) and starting another tonight! Woot!

    I saw "Brothers and Sisters" and thought it was really good too. Do you think Justin is really dead? They showed a funeral for next week! I LOVE Justin! *sigh* I'll be in tears.

    Have a wonderful week,


  5. I think "autumny" is a great word and if it's not a word it should be.

    So glad everything worked out with Jasmine and the girl. I think I would be a little torn too, but just keep an eye it. She should be fine.

    How cool you heard from your cousin.

  6. I'm so happy to hear things are going better for Jasmine.
    Loving your new look here! Makes me want to go grab the kids & play in some leaves:)

  7. I'm so glad to hear the situation w/the girl at school as been resolved and she apologized! and what a grown-up respone Jasmine had for her!

    Are you sure it's fall and cooler where you're at?! You're still in AZ right? LOL It hasn't cooled off much here in NM, last week we had a few nice days in the 80s, but it's 90s again this week :( I wish it were fall-like weather here!

    Brothers and Sisters is one of my favorite shows!


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