Monday, October 22, 2007

And there I go again..............

I am pretty good about blogging but then there's times that a few days or a week will go by with no posts and that is usually when life comes at me full force, I'm caught between kids and hubby and housework and all that other fun stuff. Yes, it's fun for me, I've always wanted to be a mom and wife and have my own house so to me this is living my dream......only in my dream I had a bit more money, but that's neither here nor there LOL

So how was your weekend??? Mine was quiet and slow and not much got accomplished, we went out on Saturday to try and get the kids Halloween costumes, only to return home with nothing, zilch, nada. Either everyone around here is wearing more than one costume or the stores didn't have enough in stock. Of course I tried to coax Nicholas into being a Peanut or a Little Devil but he was not thrilled and specifically told me that he is to be a COWBOY, all other deals are OFF the table.

Jasmine is going as a Fairy and we've got her wings and her wand, we have her flower crown but no dress, yes my friends, she still doesn't have the most important part of the outfit. But, I'm not going to fret or get upset. I was going to order it online and then realized that I have but a week before Halloween and the only time to ensure that I get the costumes here on time is to pay a ludicrous amount for can do. I will just keep looking this week and we still have this coming weekend to find something.

I've finally finished my first book from the Fall Reading 2007 List and I loved it. It was "Moonlight on the Millpond" by Lori Wick. The first book in the Tucker Mills Trilogy and it did not disappoint, though I admit that when I started reading it I had just finished Lori Wick's other series "The English Garden Series" and this one seemed a bit slow in the beginning, but boy am I glad I hung in there.

In all of her books there seems to be a theme of "finding God and having faith" and to me there's nothing better than to go through the ups and downs and watch a character who is distant from the Lord, finally realize that they need Him in their lives and them make the necessary changes, I get almost giddy everytime one of these men or women reach that moment where they drop to their knees and welcome the Lord into their hearts......

I'm starting the second book in the series tonight and I can't wait!

I've just posted my Menu Plan for this week too, it's on my food blog as always. I ended up not making some of the meals last week and I've brought them over to this one.....I like having a menu that is but a mere draft or idea of what the meals should be, I don't necessarily like feeling like I HAVE to eat that certain dish that certain day.

So anyway, I am cutting this one short, I have to finish the laundry and then go pick Jasmine up from school. I hope you're all having a great monday!

God Bless


  1. I started my 6 week Orgnizing to Christmas ought to do this......I have started my cards and meal planning for that time of year. Sounds crazy but I plan on being done by 12/1.......hopefully.

  2. I started my Christmas shopping last week! Lol I've never been so ahead of myself, however, I just know that there will be a million things left until the last minute even so.

    I haven't read any Lori Wick books, I shall have to keep my eye out!

    I am reading about 4 books at the moment, I keep dipping into each one

    Have a blessed day xx

  3. I like Lori Wicks books too. I haven't read that one. I do the same as you with menus. It's nice to have a plan, but not be too tied down to it!

  4. It totally starts to get so busy this time of year so I can totally relate!

    Those books sound really good!

  5. "Amen, to that..your books about needing God through life's struggles." I praise him for those moments, because it is only in those moments we truly cry out and need him, and i believe that is his plan! He is so Awesome isn't he, loving us so much for that!!"

    Thank you for stopping in, and glad to hear from you..wondered about!! I hope your kids find something for Halloween, and looking forward to your pictures to share..

  6. I'm new here so I didn't even notice you were away :o)
    what a lovely harvesty :o) love the orange.
    ~simply stork~

  7. I think all of us can relate to not posting nearly as much as we used to, Sandra. Funny how life gets in the way. And funny how we finally realize we don't have to post constantly - the people who read us are there and they know when we post. So don't even sweat that.

    Here's an idea and don't laugh at me, but I did it. My girls were invited to a party when they were little and I took them to a Goodwill type store and let them go through the nightgowns and negliges. I don't have a clue how to spell negliges. LOL

    They found these filmy, white things that were perfect with their angel wings. My girls were "angels" which is pretty darn close to "fairies." You might want to try that. Kids don't care as long as they feel pretty and special.

    Can't help you with your son. LOL But I'll bet you anything, if you take him somewhere where they just have tons of ODD looking clothes, he'll find something he likes. :-)

  8. I read the Tucker Mills trilogy a year or so ago and loved them! I just read the English Garden books a few months ago and liked them as well. I think you'll really enjoy them. I haven't read a whole lot of other Lori Wick books, except a couple of her more contemporary ones, and I think she does these historical ones a lot better :)

    OK, now I'm off to check out your menu for the week. I'm sure it is as yummy as always!

  9. Hi Sandra!
    I know what you's sometimes a challenge to keep up blogging with life going on full speed all around us! Even if the stuff that's happening is good!

    I loved reading your book reviews...I've heard of these titles, but have yet to pick them up...I just may have to!


  10. I read several of Lori Wick's books when I was still in high school, I need to find some.

    I do hope everything works out with the kids costumes. They will be so cute as a cowboy and fairy!

    I've recently quit blogging so much b/c life happens. lol I do try to keep it up because I love hearing from all my blog friends.

    I'm off to check your food blog!


    Do you get my phone message the other day? I hope I called the right phone #. lol

  11. Glad to hear from you again!
    I think we all have those spurts of time where the blog just doesn't happen daily.

  12. good luck in finding their costumes!

  13. Good luck with that costume. Just a suggestions, check out the thrift stores, last week I bought my granddaughter an outfit from gymboree (expensive, cute, all that) she hated it and immediately went to her closet and wore something I bought from the second hand store~ wore it with a big smile. Haven't read Lori Wick, she'll be on my fall reading list. Blessings, LeAnn

  14. Good luck with the halloween costumes!

    I haven't read the Lori Wick books but I love trilogy's and have put her on my must read (after I get through the Fall Challenge set).

    Take care,


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