Saturday, October 13, 2007

Apple Fritters and Ants!!!!

My life seems to revolve around alphabet letters lately, it's actually quite amusing to realize that most of the things I do in one day start with the same letter......weird or freaky???

It's a slow saturday for me, one of those just spent laying around and doing pretty much nothing, not that I need to do anything because for once I can say "my house is spotless and I have no Mt. laundry threatening to take over the house". Right now the kids are eating their lunch, good ol' Ramen Noodles.....I don't know why some people turn their noses down at these, I for one think they're cheap inexpensive and the kids love them......well I do too, but that's besides the point.

Anyway, they're eating their lunch and I'm standing to the side like a Terminator on the lookout for ants (see that happy one above, that's what I think they do to me every morning LOL). I have NEVER in my life seen such an invasion of ants like we have seen since moving to Arizona. I wake up every morning to hundreds of them on my kitchen floor, God Forbid you leave one measly crumb and they're like vultures all over it. I need your help fellow blog friends and ant do I get rid of these??? I don't want to use anything on the floor that the pugs can ingest or even the kids can get to but I also can't keep going this way. So Please, I implore you, leave me your ideas and advice or whatever you think will help me get rid of them.

The other A going on today is Apple Fritters, I first saw this recipe at Kelli's blog and decided to give it a go. So I got out the recipe and started it only to realize that I had forgotten to read the recipe ahead of time, sooooooooooo I didn't realize that the batter needs to be refrigerated for about two hours.

There I was, knife in hand and my pretty apples chopped all up, now you know if you just leave them out they turn brown and yucky....what to do what to do....well I did the only thing I could, the kids and I ate them

Through the magic of blogging, you won't have to sit through 2 hours of waiting, you get to enjoy them straight away. Help yourself to some and if you want to try them, I posted the recipe on my food blog here, or you could go to the original recipe from Tina here.

Yesterday I went to get my mail and had a box waiting for me from the wonderful lady Elizabeth, she knows how much I love books AND cooking AND slow cooking, so I opened it up to this beauty......I'm sure you heard me all across the country for I was jumping up and down and screeching my heart out. LOL

She's a wonderful lady and right now she needs your prayers for her and her family after her son received news that his best friend had been killed over in Iraq. Please go on over and show some support for her family and also the soldier's family left behind.

Dinner tonight is Sirloin Cheese Burgers on the grill and I have these wonderful potatoes cooking away in my crockpot, all I did was wash some potatoes, prick them with a fork and then rub them with butter or margarine, sprinkle some garlic powder and thyme over them and set it on high for 4 hours. They smell DIVINE!

Of course for dessert we have the scrumptious apple fritters, Yummy!

Tomorrow will be Slow Cooked Smothered Steaks with Garlic Mashed potatoes and some veggies. I have a couple of errands to run so this will be perfect, it can cook while I am out.....actually I'm heading to Michaels but shhhhh don't tell anyone. LOL

Hubby is going with me so that I behave myself, because if I'm there alone I will most certainly walk out with way more than I can handle and way more than my bank account is willing to spend.

I'm getting a really bad headache so I think it's time to step away from the computer and maybe catch up on a little bit of reading or even a little nap if the kids are willing to lay with me....doubtful but I'll try my luck.

Hope you all have a wonderful saturday.

God Bless,


  1. How fun for you to look through all those new recipes.

  2. Those apple fritters sound yummy. Do you know the lemon juice trick? Next time you want to prep apples beforehand, just chop them and then squeeze the juice from a lemon (or more, depending on how many apples you have) over them. Unless you want to eat them of course! :-)

  3. The apple fritters look so yummy! As for the ant problem yep we have it too! I spend all day cleaning & killing them to wake up & there back! Grrr! Although it has been cool here & it's been 2 ant free mornings lol! I'm headed to Michaels tomorrow too:) Too bad we don't live closer we'd go together oh & the best part there's a Nestle Tollhouse Cookie shop right next door to Michaels. We'd sooo get into trouble HeeHee! Enjoy the rest of your weekend & your friend is for sure in our thoughts & prayers♥

  4. the apple frtters looks yummy im gonna have to try them.
    have a great day!

  5. Apple fritters sound amazing right now! I hope you all enjoy them tonight!
    We had a bad infestation of ants 2 years ago - they ended up calling a terminator and "bombing" our house because we just could not get rid of them, and my landlord's tried everything. It worked like a charm and haven't had any since. I do hope you find a way to get rid of them - they are truly horrible little creatures. I always felt like my house was dirty with them crawling everywhere.


  6. Hi Hon! Thanks for the simple potatoes in a crock pot idea! Think we'll contribute that to Sunday Family Dinner today. Along with another Apple Pie. :-)

    As to the ants, we use ant traps which are completely contained. He gets them at the hardware store. No way kids {we have Grands come in here} or pets can access them. Just our suggestion.

    So now I know the source of that hootin' and hollerin' I heard on Friday. It was you, opening that wonderful box from your friend Elizabeth. ,-)

    And so sorry to hear of the sad news her family received. I'll be sure to go over to her blog and give my condolences. -sigh- All give some, some give all.

    Oh and yummm, I saw those Apple Fritters in Kelli's blog too! Ones we remember, were not rolled in sugar or cinnamon. Just fried and eaten with Maple Syrup. Very yummmmy. :-) Try some that way, some time. And call me, I'll be right over to try them with you!


  7. Hi Sandra,
    I so enjoyed talking to you. I was thinking about your ants and maybe you need to do some serious house cleaning. LOL :)
    Have a wonderful week.Happy Cooking

  8. Sorry to hear about your ant problem and sorrier still that I don't have any advice for you! I can see that you won't be running out of recipes anytime soon. Happy recipe browsing!

  9. Sandra,
    one thing is for sure..."i can never read your blog with an empty is torcher i tell ya..LOL!!" (stomach rumbling) My hubby went grocery shopping.."can't wait to eat..ha!

    Your friend will be in my prayers for sure!! Hope you have a lovely Sunday with your family.

  10. oh the apple fritters sound so good.thank you for posting the recipe..that was extremely thoughtful of elizabeth to give you the cookbooks.I guess in a way we all benefit from that! as you'll posting all different recipes.Have a great day;=)

  11. Wiff, Wiff! Your food sounds and smells delicious! And those books and recipes - Oh boy!

    Regarding the ant problem, I use a product called Orange Guard. It's safe to use around pets, people, and so forth. It works great for me. I get my supply at our local Ace Hardware store. (
    Hope you find a solution quickly!

    PS. I love the music playing on your site!

  12. Those potatoes do look great. I'm back from the beach and exhausted.....sounds like my kind of Saturday.

  13. I could eat at your house all week- you make the best dinners!
    I just might have to try the apple fritters- they sound really good!

  14. Have fun looking through those cookbooks! The apple fritters look delicious; I'll have to try them out. Hope you're feeling better.

  15. Sandra, I am soooo jealous of all your new cookbooks. How wonderful!!!

  16. Wow! How great to get those cookbooks!

    About ramon noodles, I love the taste of them too and used to eat them a good bit. But I heard they are bad for you. They have MSG, are high in fat and salt, and have little to no nutritional value (from what I've read when I googled them). I believe they are fine to eat on occasion though. I wish they were healthier because they are such a cheap and tastey meal!

    I too enjoy your music playing! Normally, I don't like music on a blog and I will turn my speakers off. I just can't hear singing and distracts me (because I have a one tract mind, LOL). But your soothing instrumental music is very, very nice and it compliments the beauty of your blog design!

  17. The fritters looks GREAT...
    The Cook books.. this girl is JEALOUS!! LOL LOL...

    and those pototoes.. I seriously could SMELL them.. LOL LOL!!!


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