Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fall Sickies!!!

It's that time of year again, but then when we're talking about ME in particular, any time of the year is cold and flu season. I must have the cruddiest immune system on earth.

Anyway, there's a lot of colds going around and I seem to be getting one, my head and throat hurt, I feel congested and a little feverish, I really just want to crawl into bed with my warm covers and a good book in hand........just hide in there for a day or two and then emerge a whole new person. That's not going to happen though, so I'm keeping my hot honey and lemon tea close by and some cold medicine to go along.

Thank you all for the comments on my new blog look, I'm so glad you all like it, I'm just loving it, I could stare at it for hours and imagine myself away in that cabin, with no worries, no tv or radio or anything to bother me......a board game or two, some playing cards, some books, a warm fire and some homemade gingersnap cookies.....the hubby and kids and that's it. Doesn't that sound perfect???

A couple of you asked how I make the templates so fast and if it's a free one etc.........what I do is, I have a template that I use and all I change in it are the colors, the background graphics and the header. That's pretty much all I do when I want to make a new one. No one taught me how to do it, I just copied my current one and saved it to a text file so it would be safe, then I went in and messed around with it to see the changes happening, that's the best advice I can give you......unless of course you want to pay someone to make you a template, but I can't afford or excuse an expense of $50 or more just for a blog husband wouldn't be very thrilled. LOL

So go for it, just mess around and see what happens, it's actually so easy once you get the hang of it. Oh and a few of you asked what program I used for my banners, I use Paintshop Pro 9.

Last night's dinner turned out really good, the Slow Cooker Swiss Steak was wonderful, I made some Buttery Mashed Potatoes to go with it and called it good. Since I'm sticking with the Slow Cooking themed week, right now I have Italian Sausage and Penne in my crockpot, it smells so good.....and here soon when I return from picking up Jasmine at school, I'm going to get my other crockpot going with Cheri's Slow Cooked Caramel Apples.......yep, it just screams autumn to me :)

I watched Dancing with the Stars last night and I have to say, no offense to Wayne Newton and all his fans but seriously, why is he still there???? I get really frustrated watching these so called reality shows where America gets to decide the best singer or dancer when in fact it's nothing but a popularity contest. It's ridiculous.

Albert Reed was not one of the best dancers, but between him and Wayne Newton there's absolutely no doubt that he can dance. Don't get me wrong, I love Wayne, I think he's a great showman and an American Icon but this is a dancing competition people......just saying!!!

Tonight I have Private Practice and Ghost Hunters to watch, I can't wait.....just hope all this cold medicine doesn't knock me out before I watch the shows...maybe I should just record them on my computer in case I do fall asleep. LOL

Curt is dead tired today, he had just gone to bed at 10 pm last night when the phone rang at 2am from work telling him he needed to go back in because one of the jets was broken. Yes, it's the good ol' military way and I have to say that when we first got married it bothered me....I felt like my whole life was put on hold the minute that phone rang and at times I resented it.

I don't know if I just got used to it or accepted it, but it doesn't bother me anymore, it's just what it is. It's the ins and outs of being a military family, the constant plans down the drain because something happens at work that needs their immediate attention.......the missed Christmas or Thanksgiving because they're deployed........the long exhausting hours and the miserable exercises that last weeks and have the guys running around like chickens without heads. It's all hard and it's tough to get through but when you've been a military spouse for 10 years, it's just a part of life.

Sometimes I wonder how we will survive once he retires in four years...yes FOUR years and he is retiring. It's exciting and scary all at the same time....we're so used to the military way of life that it will be hard adjusting to civilian life. If I think I hold onto the Lord's hand tight enough now, wait until we're out LOL You ain't seen nothing yet!!! LOL

Anyway, it's almost dinner time, my Italian Sausage sauce is almost done so I need to get the Penne cooked real quick and set the table. Here's what is still on my to do list for today:

  1. Do dinner dishes and clean kitchen
  2. Put away 2 loads of laundry
  3. Help Jasmine with homework
  4. Bath time for kids
  5. Books, Bible and nighttime prayer with kids
  6. Pay bills
  7. Finish my book for the Fall Reading

I keep looking at it and hoping it would all just go away if I snapped my fingers, but it's not going to happen, so I better get to it.

Oh btw, I don't know if you noticed, but on my sidebar I've added a little Autumn Fun, I'll have a new tip everyday through the month of October, so be sure to check it out if you are looking for ideas :)

Before I forget, the wonderful lady over at "Overwhelmed with Joy" is hosting a great contest called Pay it Forward. I encourage you to go on over and read her post, she's giving away 2 wonderful books and then if you win them all you have to do is read them and then "pay them foward" to someone else. Simple right and who doesn't love winning books???

God Bless,


  1. "OK, really know how sometime you kinda like scan through and read..well, sorry it is dinner time." Anyway, sorry, all I saw was you watching "GHOST HUNTERS"..(haa..haa!) "I LOVE THAT are Hilarious...i know we are both believers, but that is so fascinating to watch, isn't it??? I knew we had a lot in common, i will think of you when watching it too!!

    Lets talk about it tomorrow..LOL!!! Now, i will go back and finish reading "ALL" of your post..LOL!! ;-))


  2. Sandra,
    I came back, cause you have such a wonderful way of journaling!! And, towards the end almost had me in tears..about your plans alway getting interrupted, by your husbands profession. You, are not alone, my Aunt is RN, And my Uncle a Correctional Officer..they put there life on hold too, sometimes we do not see them at Christmas either. God Bless you dear, you keep yourself quite busy..your list to do's is sweet(sounds a lot like mine..but still need to feel the love/passion in cooking..pray for me!!),and so are you and your little one!!

    Just email me anytime...we can chat away!!


  3. Sorry you are not feeling well again - all this sickness has to start building up your immune system soon!

  4. i'm sorry you're not feeling good today!
    i hope you feel better

  5. Yeah the sickies are going around! I saw some guy on the side of the road barfing up... ewww

  6. hugs sandra on not feeling well,McKenna is not feeling well either.The cabin does look so appealing with gingersnap cookies;=)and tea lots!!!! I agree you have a lovely way of journaling.
    I do wish I had photoshop 9 you lucky girl...c'est la vie.Have a good evening.

  7. Hi Sandra- Wow- I do love your new blog look. Hope you're feeling better soon. We've had the sickies around our house for the past couple weeks, too.

  8. Hope you feel better soon!
    Wayne Newton should have been the one gone on Dancing! The slow cooked apples sound good.
    Getting called out for work is hard, it happens with all kinds of jobs though...we go through that at times of hubby having to work when other people might be off....summer is his busiest season.

  9. So sorry you're sick! At present I don't feel like to do lists, so I just am not writing them. :)

  10. Sandra,
    I've made that crock pot swiss steak before! It was very good!

    That's exactly how I learned to change around my template too, but I opened up a private blog first that I messed around with while I was learning. I wish I had Paintshop! I love your header!! I'm still clueless about that! I have Printshop, but can't do a thing with it!

    I pray you get to feeling better!

  11. Wow! You use Blogspot {like I do} and you can make your own Templates and change around and...... Nothing bad ever happens to your blog?!?

    Gee, all I do is use a Template which Blogspot gives me... And put a picture in the Header, like Blogspot lets me... And all hell breaks loose.

    Well, first time I did put a pretty pic in my Header, some people couldn't comment in 'smilnsigh.' And some may still not be able to do so. Although some now can.

    Glad you can do all this, though!


  12. And I'm so sorry you're not feeling well, again. NO FAIR!!! -sigh-

    Cold Begone Hugs!

  13. Hope you are feeling better today! I don't know how you guys do it, I tell ya. That kind of "un-routine" would do me in! Bless your hearts!

  14. Beautiful.. Beautiful Look... looks like New Hampshire in a couple more weeks...!!! I love the look.. but I'm TERRIFIED to try and change anything for fear of losing everything... but we'll see....

    I'm sorry your feeling lousy... boo hoo!! :( Hope you feel better soon.. come on over for some of my yummy donuts!! I'll make you a fresh batch...!! Ü

  15. I know what you mean about Dancing, it is all about who has the most fans voting for them, he definitely should have been gone, but I'm sure he won't last long.

    Private Practice had me just bawling last night! I don't know if it was the pg hormones or what, but watching the moms having to switch babies and I just lost it!


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