Friday, October 19, 2007


Tomorrow is the day, the Rugby World Cup final being played in France.........South Africa vs England and of course I am pumped and I'm excited and I can't wait, I'm hoping our Bokke bring home the cup again, last time they did it was 1995.

I remember being in South Africa still and everyone was sooooo excited but now it's a completely different feeling, having family in Johannesburg means that I still know what is going on there.....I've been watching the SA news, blogs, facebook and myspace sites and the whole country is hyped and impatiently waiting for the final.

Today everyone in South Africa wore green and gold to match the Springboks (Bokke) colors, stores were sold out everywhere, the BBQ's have been planned, the food and drinks bought and now it's just a waiting game, until tomorrow night when our team goes up against England. I'm so thrilled I can't even contain my excitement and let me tell you it would have been easy to get depressed today, if you only knew what it's been like for me.


So my day has been awful, I feel like I have negativity just flying towards me and I'm standing here trying to dodge it all and not doing a great job of it.

It started last night with a sore throat and a headache which led to a congested nose and in turn led me to toss and turn all night and that led me (you see the pattern?) to pulling a muscle on the right side of my back which again........say it with me........led me to being in pain and not able to move very well.

I thought that was the worst of my problems and was prepared to have some coffee and take something for the pain, but right as I was standing at my kitchen window I looked out towards the driveway and my durango seemed to be tilting to the right. At first I thought it was my eyes, but then I see this:

And upon closer inspection I found the culprit

That just upset me, these are NEW tires, I just got them about 2 days before we moved to Arizona, so it's disappointing to see that.....but anyway, my awful day wasn't over, I set my coffee pot to go and walked to my computer so I could check email and blog.

I turned it on and it start loading windows and then gave me the "blue screen of death", shut down the computer and refused to work again, wouldn't load anything, it kept restarting and giving me all these errors.

Seriously, who is trying to annoy me today??? I've had to reinstall windows which meant I lost everything I had on there.....yeah it just gets better and better doesn't it??? LOL

So I've prayed and I've thanked the Lord for being with me and for helping me get through this today because after the computer first broke down I broke down along with it, had myself a little cry and then prayed for patience and I'm pushing and prodding through it....sick and in pain but just smiling through it, I don't know if it's nerves or what, but I'm at the point where thinking about my day sends me into giggles LOL

I wish I could stay longer, but I'm in the middle of fixing the computer and reinstalling everything I lost, which is always frustrating.

Hope you all have a wonderful friday, I'm going to have dinner and then settled down in bed to watch the Most Haunted Live in Winchester House.....7 LOL


  1. I love the pumpkins on your sidebar and the leaf "line". That is really neat!!

  2. Oh Sandra,
    I'm so sorry you're having "one of those days." Why is it that when something goes wrong it seems to snowball and everything goes wrong.
    I hope you're feeling better tomorrow and it's all up hill from here!

  3. I've had days like that recently, especially where my computer is concerned. I think I lost a whole week working on it! I pray you get yours sorted out quickly and easily!

  4. oh dear sandra.just what no one needs!!! huge hugs to you..and sorry to hear about the computer troubles.;(
    And In regards to the rugby ..
    I'm not going to say anything at all.....;=)

  5. Hi Sandra,
    Mama said there would be days like that. LOL
    I think you need a hug.

  6. So sorry about your day, Sandra. Hope tomorrow is better.

    I wish they'd play the rugby game on one of the main US networks. My girl plays rugby and would probably love to watch the final.

  7. I so hope you have a much better weekend. That is pretty bad on your tires......hugs to you this fall Saturday.

  8. Sorry your day went from bad to worse. Hopefully things are improving! More hugs coming your way! ((()))

  9. I just read on someone else's blog that South Africa did win so I'm sure you're happy LOL

    Oh the flat tire is deju vu for me from just 2 wks ago! :) Did you happen to buy your tires at AAFES and get the tire plan thing? Also if it was just the nail then you can take it to a place to get patched and not have to actually buy a new tire.

  10. My husband still follows SA cricket-you would think in 13 years I would understand the terminology by now, lol!

  11. Things do sound very difficult, just keep your hand in God's hand (something I need to remind myself to do on difficult days!).

    I watched the rugby - what did you think of England's disputed try?

    Here's hoping you've been having better more blessed days :-)

  12. Lots of hugs to you Sandra. Wow! when it rains it pours sometimes, doesn't it.

    So glad that your Bokke won the Rugby World Cup!!!!

    Hope you feel better from your cold, that you get the tire fix soon, and that you can recoperate what you lost on the computer.

    Praying for you.


  13. Hi There,

    Long time no chat. Best way to find a hole in your tire is to make a small container of soapy water and pour it over the tire. When it starts foaming up you will find it right away. :-)

    Congrats to South Africa by the way. My friend lives there. Love South Africa.

    Also, I must admit that being back is great. I missed your site.

  14. hi sandra, my friend Kathy has just moved to port elizabeth s.a. and she told me she and her husband went to a party for the winning rugby team she said it was lots of fun and she met lots of nice people. i thought of you right away. they weren't with the team i guess a bunch of people just got together to celebrate fun hey. sue


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