Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cooking, Cleaning and Hopefully Crafting!

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Good morning everyone, come on in and sit with me, I have hot coffee and warm gooey cinnamon rolls waiting for you.

What a week it has been, I'm so glad it's the weekend and a long one at that, I'm hoping to get some good rest and catch up on my reading too.

It feels great to know that Autumn is here and even though I am in hot Arizona, the weather has cooled down and is allowing a wonderful breeze to come through, the weather man is talking about a cold front coming in, but how cold could it really get here?!?!?!? If I was still in Idaho I would be pulling out blankies and sweaters and gearing up for a COLD COLD front....but here I can't really take it seriously because nothing thrown our way will be as cold as before. LOL

This past week my whole menu revolved around Slow Cooking and trying new recipes and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with every single one we tried, they were delicious. Italian Sausage Penne, Hearty Chick 'n Dumplings, Cantonene Dinner, Swiss Steak......all wonderful but if I had to say which one to try first, I would say the Cantonese Dinner, oh it was just so good I can't wait to have it again.

Today I'm giving my Slow Cooker a chance to rest and recharge, we're either having Sirloin Bacon Burgers on the grill or probably grabbing something while out. We'll see what the mood strikes.

The kids and I are also going to be baking some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins, does that not sound like heaven???

Curt's aunt and uncle are vacationing in the area, actually about 2 hours from us so we're trying to come up with a plan to meet and spend some time together, either they will come and see us on base or we will head to the ranch they're at to spend the day. Whichever one we decide on, we're super excited for.

Today though we're cleaning up around the house a bit and then heading to the Historic Sahuaro Ranch which is but a few minutes from our house.

Return to an earlier time when you visit this lovely historic park built in the 1890s. Seven original buildings set on 16 acres are home to rabbits, chickens and peacocks. Originally a citrus farm founded by William Henry Bartlett, the ranch is now a Glendale City Park. Tour the main house and view exhibits of years past.

There's a playground for the kids to play at, there's a picnic area and volleyball courts and then there's the historic part with the buildings where tours are available to take you inside the houses. Something fun to do and we don't even have to spend that is my kind of family outing LOL

Now onto crafting, with the cooler temperatures coming around I usually pull out my knitting needles and start making something, not sure yet what will come of it, we'll see what I am in the mood for.

This long weekend the kids and I are also going to make our very own Fairy House in the backyard. Jasmine and I LOVE fairies and when I first heard about the Fairy House Series, I knew it would be something we both would enjoy....then I started looking online and found out that all over the country there seem to be a lot of little girls (and adults alike) who love making fairy houses even seasonal ones, in the woods, in their backyards, at the beach, pretty much anywhere.

I'll be sure to take a picture of our very own first Fairy House once it's complete.

For now I'm heading out, I want to get things straightened out here at home so we can head to the Sahuaro Ranch, I'll be back with pictures and stories I'm sure.

I leave you with my favorite song from Casting Crowns "Who I Am"......nothing like this song to remind us of who and what the Lord is to us. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL song!

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  1. Your blog is such an inspiration, I'm go glad I found you. It's storming in Utah, perfect day for a crock-pot dinner. I'm trying your Cantonese Dinner tonight, along with the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. My daugher said this morning she wanted a loaf of pumpkin bread so this will definitely fill that request. Blessings!

  2. Love your blog! And just in time for crock pot meals! Us too. And I love staying right at home with my little darlings from the day they were born. :) Blessings! And thanks for sharing. p.s. we say thanks for your husband's service. ;)

  3. That song has been running through my heart and ministering to me all week. I was actually going to post the lyrics this week. Love it!

    It's Thanksgiving weekend for us in Canada. What holiday is it for you?


  5. I loved this post. It was so uplifting. You are someone that I would love to have as a "real" friend! (Now let's just get your hubby reassigned to Michigan! hee hee)

    You know here in the Mid-West it is in the lower 90s .... no blankets. No hot chocolate. No chilly walks through nature. Instead we are still mowing the ever-lovin' grass, pulling weeds, and watering the flowers! Crazy I tell ya!

    Thanks for the recipes! I am making one of your recipes tonight, I think it's called Kielbasa Cheddar Bake. I will talk about it when I post MPM later tonight!

    Hugs to you and your family!


    ps Is Jasmine back to being happy at school? I hope so!

  6. There is a problem with your blog. You make me hungry almost every time I read it! Sounds like a great time with visiting, touring, crafting and cooking!

  7. looks like you guys are finding some fun things to do in AZ! Loved all the holiday recipes you posted fun to get some from another culture!

  8. I tried the muffins. They are so good! I posted about them here...


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