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Cooking and Crafting!

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Bonnet Girls.comAhhh the joyous scent of gingerbread cookies and chocolate all in one afternoon really is too much for the senses isn't it??? Actually, not really for us. See I had decided that the kids and I would bake yesterday afternoon, we would sit on the kitchen table and whip up something Christmasy and laugh and joke and have fun............problem is, it didn't quite go that way.

The kids couldn't decide what they wanted to do, one wanted to do Christmas Chocolate Trees and the other was determined to do the Gingerbread cookies, and of course I'm caught in the middle, I can't exactly take one over the other right???

So it becomes an easy decision, at least for me and my sweet tooth who was jumping for joy at this moment....Well, you make both of course!

The ingredients came out, the icing, the paintbrushes and the color pallettes, the baking pans and the gumdrops and everything else we would need. No amount of work is too much when you see their faces, their laughs and their giggles and the excitement, boy you would think they have never set foot in a kitchen.

Curt came home in the middle of all this and was only too happy to jump right in and decorate some gingerbread cookies too and the funny thing??? He's actually better at it than any of us LOL
He made the 2 in the bottom right corner, the boy and the girl, how adorable are those???

Here's the christmas cakes, the kids each got their own and decorated it whichever way they wanted, it turned out that they didn't really care about color or sprinkles, the only questions we heard over and over was "can we eat now?", "are they ready?", "can I try it to make sure it's good?".

The earlier part of the day I had spent sewing, let me tell you something, you don't really realize how much you miss your sewing machine until you sit down, hit the pedal and see the beautiful stitches coming out, then suddenly your mind is overwhelmed with ideas and thoughts and the next project that you can't wait to get going on. My fingers literally ITCH to start another one.

I'm working on Jasmine's doll for Christmas, I don't really know exactly what it will look like it's one of those "plan as you go" projects and it's pretty fun............while I was working on hers, I was also working on Nicholas' little Blue's Clues doll and I have to tell you, it turned out darn cute. It's not a traditional one of course, it's homemade and it has hand sewn spots and mouth and eyes took me about an hour from start to finish so it's not bad at all.

I also finished sewing and stuffing the Snowmen Ornaments, I am going to leave the twig arms out though because for the life of me I can NOT find twigs around here......seriously, what is going on??? Who took all the twigs at Luke AFB??? LOL

Here's the pile waiting to be finished and embroidered and then all that's left is to finally hang them on the tree.


I was looking through some of my favorite crafty blogs out there and one of the ladies had posted this photo. This is near where she lives and is a place that she goes to with her family for picnics and to enjoy the scenery. How I wish I had this view everyday of my life, it's so serene and just beautiful, truly reminding of how amazing our Lord is.

I can just imagine waking up every morning and sipping my coffee while looking out at this spectacular sight. Pure joy!!!

I snapped this picture of Lola and Nicholas, he's watching tv and she's just sitting there on the arm of the couch, I just love catching the pugs doing what they do best.........being cute as all heck.

Well my sewing machine is calling me and I just recently got reacquainted so I can't ignore her can I?

Before I leave though, can I ask my usual readers, you know the ones that comment frequently.....can you please email me at with your addresses???
Barb, Elizabeth, Sherry and Eden, I already have your cards on the way though, so no need to resend your addy's :)


Sewing Curtains for the Living Room
Working on Jasmine's Rag Doll
Finishing the Snowmen Ornaments
Mailing out Christmas Cards

Mr St. Nick - 1pm on Lifetime
Under the Mistletoe - 3pm on Lifetime
Private Practice - 8pm on ABC
Comfort and Joy - *Christmas Movie* at 10pm on Lifetime (I'll be recording this one to watch the next morning)

For lunch we're having Grilled Cheese and Tomato sandwiches, chips and Iced Tea.

Dinner is Chicken Spaghetti from the Pioneer Woman Cooks....I'm so excited to try this one I just can't wait.


  1. Hi Sandra.I've just sent you an e-mail with my address.:) that is lovely of you and I still have the one from last year!what can I say I like to keep my favorites,Looks like you had fun with the cookies and what a great memory for the children to have not only Mummy but Daddy helping as well!!And the pugs what I can say about them??? I just want to sit and cuddle them both!My mum and Dad had two pugs and we just loved them to pieces...have a great day..see you on thursday.

  2. The baking looks like it turned out wonderful! How fun!! I SO love the snowmen ornaments, so cute and swishy! I would love to sew but unfortunately I never learned, maybe I can remedy that soon. I can't wait to see how your curtains you are making turn out. Hope you have a relaxing afternoon!!

  3. Baking at your house sounds like so much fun!

    Those snowmen ornaments are the cutest thing. I can't believe you can't find a twig! What is up with that.

  4. What a great job you guys did on the!!

  5. I ♥ the bears!!!

  6. Where do you find the time to do all that you do? So amazing! I love the cookies and the ornaments too! You mentioned about how your sewing machine gives you all these ideas for projects... you made me wish for a sewing machine even more!

    Hope you loved the chicken spaghetti!

    Oh, and what did you think of Private Practice? I'm still lukewarm about that show, not sure why!

    And I watched that Comfort and Joy or whatever it is called last year and I really liked it!


  7. You are really gifted ~ your sewing projects turned out great! The Christmas bear cookies are adorable. I love to read about families creating great memories and having such fun. BTW, the pugs are just way too cute for words!

  8. I love baking with my son, too! The gingerbread and cakes look delicious! I bet the whole house smelled divine:)

    Must be something about the season, my sewing machine has been calling out to me lately as well.
    Love the Blue's Clues doll for Nicholas and ornaments.


  9. Loved the cookies and cakes. I start baking either tonight or tomorrow.

  10. sounds like you guys had such fun making and deocorating the cookies! and the crafts look great too!


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