Monday, December 3, 2007

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Hate, HATE shopping on the holidays!

This is the reason why I refuse to participate in the Black Friday sales. I have absolutely no patience for the big crowds, the impatient people, the traffic and the push and prod as you try to get through a store. Then there's the ones that just stand in the middle of the store causing a huge traffic jam while they stare aimlessly at NOTHING and babble on the little borg looking cellphones. NO.PATIENCE.PEOPLE!!!

Anyway, most of the kids presents are bought, the christmas cards are almost ready to mail out and pretty soon I can just sit back and enjoy....for now, there's still stress and the last minute rush coupled with trying to figure out just what my husband wants for Christmas. Are all men this hard to buy for???

While out shopping this weekend, we stopped at the World Market and boy was I happy to find some favorites of mine from back home.
I'm sure my family will laugh when they see this:

Oh yeah baby, Crunchie, Flakes, Aero......*drool*

Anyway, before we went shopping we stopped at Curt's squadron, they were having a little Christmas get together for the kids, they had a jumping castle, some retired Air Force members playing Christmas songs with bells.....some snacks and drinks and Curt's Jet was on display next to a Christmas tree for families to get pictures taken. Problem is, we left before we got a chance to take ours, but I was able to snap one of the kids and you can see Curt's name on the Jet.

It was raining and cold that morning and as we were standing in the hangar, the kids and I looked outside and spotted a rainbow across the sky, right above the flight line Jets. Isn't that beautiful??? There's something so magical about rainbows!

I just finished adding my menu for this week as well as a recipe for Slow Cooker 3 beans and Sausage.

While I'm talking of food, I'm so excited cause Kelli's Winter Seasonal Delights Magazine just came out today, you won't believe the amazing food and crafts and goodies that she has in there, I've already gone through all of it and now I plan on going back to make the crafts and the recipes included. Again Kelli, AWESOME AWESOME job!

I have to tell you guys, I've been loving tv lately. Did you all watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters last night?!?!?!? Oh my gosh, they were sooooooo good.
But what I've really been enjoying lately are all the Christmas movies on tv, I watched quite a few on Lifetime yesterday and there were some good ones this afternoon too, but tonight we have "A Dad for Christmas".
Nineteen-year-old Matt is stunned; his girlfriend has arranged for a couple to adopt their newborn baby. Unable to stop the adoption from happening but just as unable to imagine giving up his son, Matt spirits the infant away from the hospital. But the father soon ends up in court, where it's up to the judicial system and the child's mother to decide where the newborn's home lies.
Tomorrow on Lifetime you can watch:

A very cool Christmas
Christmas on Chestnut Street
Holiday Wishes

I've got some other projects going on here, still trying to finish all the Snowmen Ornaments and I also have a Rag Doll that I'm making for Jasmine for Christmas plus a little Blue's Clues doll for Nicholas......OH and the jar mixes and fudge and cookies and stuff that I need to make for gifts for the teachers and friends etc. I just hope I have the time to get it all done!

Anyway, I'm heading out for the night, the laundry is all washed and put away, the dishes are done and the living room is clean. I'm going to indulge in a hot bubbly bath with my next book. I just finished "By Possession" last night and just like the first in the series, I really enjoyed it, now I'm starting on "By Design" can't wait.

I leave you with a couple pics of my little Christmas village and the outside decorations, we're keeping it very simple this year, just a few icicle lights around the house and a snowman and some reindeer. Plain and Simple but gets the point across and no matter how much I try to get a good picture with the camera, unless you're seeing it in person it just doesn't do it justice.

God Bless.


  1. How cool that Curts name is on his plane!
    I am about to work on my cards. Have to get them done! I'm glad you can sit back and enjoy now for a little while!

  2. So cool about the name on a jet!!!!

    I am still having a horrible time buying for my husband this year. I found a couple stocking stuffers, but nothing for under the tree yet.

  3. What a proud moment to see Curt's name on the plane. Thanks to your family for the many hours, days, years of service to keep our nation safe. Blessings, LeAnn

  4. Love your Christmas village. I wish I had a dozen mantles to display all those kinds of lovely things.

    Cool pics of the kids and the jet with daddy's name on it.

  5. I watched "Brothers and Sisters" last night! I was so sure that they wouldn't go through with the wedding! I was so happy they did though :) Were you a fan of Ally McBeal? I loved that show and that is why I started watching this one!

    I think you read on my blog how I am loving the Christmas movies too! *sigh* I am going to look into the ones you have posted for tomorrow night!


  6. I love the pictures of your children in front of the jet. And your Christmas village, gorgeous. I just love Christmas. I have purchased most of the Christmas cartoons but haven't gotten movies for me yet. We don't have television so your blog makes me long for it! LOL! Its been so long....I may have to crash at my mom's one night this week to watch t.v.! Heehee!

  7. Hi Sandra! Thank you for sharing about our magazine, you are a sweetie!
    I still haven't Christmas shopped, I need you to talk some sense into me. ;0)

    Very cool about Curt's name being on the plane!

  8. Sandra,
    I so agree about Black Friday. My sister and I tried one year...there was a line outside the mall to just get in at 5:30! After looking at that and saying no we went to Best Buy - didn't buy anything there.We couldn't believe what all we saw...we just went home after 1 hour. Love the village decorations! I would love to have a small grouping to put out...maybe I will get some for Xmas this year. How was the book last night?? Just as good as the first one?

  9. Your kidos are sooooo cute:) Your daughter really looks like you.

    Love the Christmas village and snowman.

    I am going out shopping today...YIKES! I hope I can get it all done and not have to go out again until after Christmas.

    Enjoy your day.


  10. I'm right there with you Sandra, simple this year. Your village is lovely.

  11. I loved Brothers and Sisters and Desperate was soooo good. I love those shows. I love Lifetime too. Good luck getting your projects done and hope you enjoyed your bath.

  12. That is so awesome that Curt's name is on the plane! I also can't stand to fight the crowds on black Friday. I'm fortunate though that my husband doesn't mind doing it. He doesn't go out every year- just if there's something we really want for a present. He got what we wanted this year so I was thrilled!

  13. I totally know what you mean about shopping around Christmas time. I ventured out over the weekend to get my son's birthday present and found people blocking every isle gabbing having a mini family reunion. So frustrating!!

  14. Hi Sandra.The picture of Jasmine in front of Curt's plane is wonderful.:)i agree keep it simple with christmas decorations..Oh and in regards to black friday?stay home & relax nothing like spending 45 minutes in line with a toddler!!!have a great day.

  15. Curt's name on the plane- how cool!! I know what you mean about shopping in big crowds- I try to get my shopping done early to avoid the chaos of holiday crowed shopping. Have a blessed day!


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