Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm starting to get really excited now.....


The closer we get the more antsy I start feeling towards Christmas and the harder it is to contain ever give out presents early because you can't handle waiting to see the recipients faces???  Please say you do, I know I'm not the only one out there doing this right.....right???

I don't know what happened today, it's almost dinner time and I haven't accomplished anything in the house, but I also wasn't on the computer.....weird!

Anyway, I have dinner to start soon but wanted to come in and chat a bit, we have blue skies today and no rain at all.  It's actually hot here, go figure.  I had been enjoying the rain and the cool weather and thought that maybe it would stick around through Christmas but maybe not.  Oh well, I'll just crank up the air conditioner inside to the coldest it can get LOL

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I have some cute pics of the kids to share with you, I know my family back in South Africa is always eager to see new ones so here you go.  They were sitting on the couch messing around with Lola the pug and I snapped some photos.....there used to be a time that the kids would go running when they saw the camera but now they just calmly sit and either pose or make funny faces.  Ahhh the joys of blogging!  LOL

I'm making my menu for Christmas too, we always celebrate on the 24th with a simple...well....not really simple, but just a bunch of different goodies on the table.  We don't have a dinner, just set the table with some desserts, some shrimp, fried chicken, shrimp cakes (Rissois), Flan Pudding etc.  It's very portuguese and very yummy. 

I'll post the menu as soon as I know exactly what I'm making and I'll also have recipes and pictures of the dishes I'm having for you.





Do you see the different effects on the photos???  I downloaded a free trial of the Paint Shop Photo program and I just LOVE it.  It's on my Christmas wish list...hint hint Curt LOL

It's so much fun, you can fix your photos and apply all sorts of cool effects to them. Definitely something to keep me busy with and with the amount of photos I take daily, it will help!

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Moving on, everyone is sick again in this house.  Seems that we just got over the cold we had and now Curt has the sniffles, fever, sore throat etc.  I feel horrible that he has to continue going to work, in the military unless you're dying you can't just call in sick......well you could but you would have the Security Forces at your house to arrest you LOL

But he's so sweet that he wanted to share with us, so now we're all back to runny noses and feeling awful.  It doesn't help that the weather is cold and rainy one day and blue sky and hot the next.

Anyway, I've started a new book by Brenda Joyce called "The Perfect Bride", I'm enjoying it and it's also a new author for me....I'll have a review of it up on my Book Blog soon.

For now I am about to go do the dinner dishes and take care of the sick hubby and kids.  I'll be back in the morning with my Slow Cooking Thursday!

Until then, stay warm and stay safe and have a wonderful blessed night.


  1. Feel better soon.
    I too have handed out a present on Christmas Eve because I couldn't take it!

  2. How cute are those stockings at the top of your page. I love that!!

    Hope you feel better soon, it's no fun to be sick around the holidays :(


  3. I am sorry to hear that everyone is sicky at your house. I understand where they are coming from - I am trying to get over a sinus infection, ugh!! Tell your hubby that I appreciate his going to work thru sickness. I LOVE your blog makeover changes...very festive!

  4. I hope you all get well soon!

    The kids just get cuter and cuter and they are so photogenic.

    Your new Christmasy blog look is adorable.

  5. Hi Sandra,
    The children are so cute. It is cold here too.
    I got your card. Thank you so much.

  6. Your blog is darling! I love how festive it is.

    And what is with everyone being sick right now? We are sick here, too. Get getter soon!

  7. I hope that everyone is feeling better soon.I have downloaded Corel too & love it!!! Thank you for the card,I received it on Tuesday! Wow that was fast!Hugs

  8. Your kids are cute!

    I feel the same way about Christmas presents. As soon as I buy something, I want to give it to the person. I wanna know how the person likes it!

    I bought a really neat gift for my mother, and it's sitting under our tree. Every time I walk past it, I look at it with more excitement than I would if it were a surprise gift for me. I teased her, telling her that she should open it now. Fortunately, she is wise enough to wait. Oh well!

  9. I hope you all feel better... and I can't wait to see your "Ceia de Natal Portuguesa!" I have many blogger friends from Portugal who visit my other food blog in Portuguese. Have a nice day!

  10. Great pictures!

  11. Oh, the pictures of your kidos are wonderful! Also, love your new banner:)

    We are starting to get excited about Christmas as well and I am feeling the pressure to finish up my sewing projects.

    Hope you all feel better soon, it is no fun to be sick especially at the holidays:(


  12. We have it here too! Runny nose,sore throat etc... Weather has been crazy here too so it's no wonder we all stay so sick.
    I love the pictures of the kids. I have been wanting that program too. I'll have to download the free trial. Didn't know about that. Oh & yes I end up telling at least one person their gift or giving it early. I'm awful & my family makes so much fun of me about it LOL! Got your card today!!! It made me smile. Thank you so much!
    Love ya hun!

  13. Hope you all feel better soon!

    We're all up to date with our shopping...almost!! I just have to wrap now (sigh)

    Great photos.


  14. lovely pictures of the kids and doggie...
    hope you all feel well soon...
    take care,

  15. Sorry about the family being sick again. -sigh- Ding-dang cold stuff!!!

    Mmmm, I bet a lot of us want to show up at your door for that Christmas Eve spread! I know I do! But we'll have to vicariously enjoy it, from what you post.


  16. love your stockings sandra that is my fave part of xmas. hey how fair is that, miss jasmine in her bathing suit, and we are in big socks pants hoodies boots snow pants and jacket and touque and gloves. torey hopes to build her fairy igloo for jasmine to see, tomorrow that is. i will get some pics. our snow is so deep in the back yard wowow. now its pouring rain, omg. i tell you what, the roads were not good for travelling today, but oh well we manage. i only have four more days of work and then i am off till Jan7/08 woot woot. the kids are off too. so i guess they will want to go sleighing up on the golf course hill. eeek i hate being out in the snow. haha. ttyl sandra and hope you and your family are doing well. sue


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