Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hodgepodge of this and that!

I can't believe the last time I updated the blog was on monday, but in my defense it IS the holidays which means, we're what....5 days away from Christmas and still trying to get the last minute gift shopping and baking done???

Remember I said I was done...I lied, well not really LIED per say, just forgot that I still had no gift tags and unless Curtis wants to end up with a Bratz make up set, Nicholas with some fruity bath body gels and Jasmine with a Dean Koontz book......I realize that gift tags are a must.  Right now....this minute.....I've wrapped and wrapped and kept everyone's separate, problem is, the kids have taken to rearranging the presents under the tree which means one of the above is bound to happen.....unless I rip everything apart and re-wrap.  What a pain in the tush!

Lesson learned, wrap and attach gift tag straight away!  Anyway, for those that are still looking for some cute gift tags, one of my favorite crafty blogs has put some printable ones up and they have the cutest know the kind of stuff you say to yourself but never dare say aloud?



Here is the PDF file for you to download and print.  I can't wait to see my family's face when they read some of these LOL  And thank you Amy :)

I spent the day filling jars with Hot Chocolate Mixes and Scone Mixes etc.  Jasmine's teacher is getting Homemade caramels, Homemade fudge, Chocolate and Cranberries Scone Mix and some Vanilla Caramel Hot Chocolate Mix.  I think it's safe to say she has a good basket of yumminess heading her way. 

I also got some Cocoa Mixes ready for Curt and the kids, of course I'll have to help them drink it.  Of course right???  This is the thing about making all this great stuff, the family and friends are lucky to get them, ME?  I either live vicariously through them or insinuate myself into the snacking times. 

While I was fixing dinner last night, the kids were happily playing with the Play Dough.  I love this stuff, it keeps them entertained for hours.  But I'm also growing to hate it because Nicholas doesn't keep his in big chunks....oh's only good to play with if it's cut and ripped into tiny crumb size pieces that end up on the table, on the floor, on the rug, on his clothes, IN.HIS.HAIR and some miraculously travel to the pugs fur coat.  Yeah.....not exactly what a mother wants to see after an hour of quiet time.


Cake anyone???  Jasmine whipped up a yummy cake, with banana frosting and something on top, I can't tell if it's worms or candles.  *shrug*  It's cute nonetheless.


Here's Nicholas hard at work....look at the concentration on his face.  He couldn't quite figure out how to get the play dough through the tube to make little shapes and when I tried to help I completely botched it up.  Guess I'm NOT cool anymore. 

100_2363 100_2364

Cutest faces in Arizona.  At least that's what I think, but I'm biased LOL

Thank you to all who stopped by for the Boomama's Christmas Tour of Homes.....I can't get to everyone, there's just NO WAY!  I've tried to go by and visit all the wonderful ladies who left me a comment and I think that's what I'll stick to, I mean who has time to go through over 200 or 300 participants?

Anyway, I really enjoyed having you all over for some Hot Chocolate and Caramel Rolls :)

I've finished another Lori Wick book "Every Storm".  Boy was it a hard one to read, I cried my eyes out and choked up in so many parts of this book.  This is the one book that I would recommend you read if you're a first time Ms Wick reader.  It was fabulous.  I put up a review on my book blog if you're interested :)

I've started another called "Every Little Thing About You" it's the first in the Yellow Rose Trilogy by Lori Wick.  I'm loving it already and I don't think I ever told you one of the reasons why I enjoy her books so much.  She uses a lot of Bible quotes, scriptures and lessons that really get you to think.  In this one she mentioned "reputation".  What IS your reputation???  Do you know???  It made me pause and wonder just what my reputation is with the Lord and with my family.  Am I the kind of person who says something and sticks to her word, never steers away, never disappoints?  Am I someone my kids can count on to listen and understand and not just get upset when they do something wrong???

You know what I realized???  My reputation is really not that great, it hurts to admit it and say it out loud, I mean really, how much bigger of an audience could I get than the millions of internet readers?  But it's the truth.  I've failed before when it comes to the Lord, I've promised and vowed and said I would do it this way or that way and then get completely sidetracked and mess it up.  I do the same thing with my kids at times, they will make a mess and if I'm having a bad day or not feeling too good, my first reaction is to get upset and yell.  Wow!!!  Just what am I teaching my children?  Do they cower in a corner everytime an accident happens for fear that I'm going to freak out??

So anyway, this book got me thinking and I really do need to work on my reputation.  What about you, are you happy with yours?

Right now I'm about to go give the kids their bath and get them ready for bed.  It's been a long day for me, I'm tired and I'm a little cranky.  I just want to settle into bed with my book or catch some of my shows on the tv.

I hope you all have a wonderful night.  God Bless,


  1. I've already printed out the tags- they're so funny- love them!!
    I too have to work on being a little less quick to jump at my kids when I'm flustered.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Cute tags, Sandra! I haven't even wrapped our gifts yet. LOL I love the pictures of the cute!!

  3. Your way ahead of me. I haven't wrapped anything but in my defense I'd never be able to hide them or put them under the tree. My kids would get into them for sure! So every Christmas Eve Matt & I are up till' the morning hourse wrapping toys LOL!
    I love those tags. They are too cute. I have to go print them.
    BTW, I agree those are totally the cutest kids in Arizona for sure=)

  4. Thanks for sharing the tags - they are really cute. I need to work on my reputation too - not so much the outer one, but the one God knows.

  5. So what Dean Koontz did you buy? (I read his books and asked for one for Christmas as well, I think it was something after dark, can't quite remember the title now!)

    Kayla does the same thing w/play dough - has to tear it into bitty pieces!

    I also need to work on how I handle things when I'm already stressed or cranky and Kayla does some typical 4 yr old thing and then I overreact and feel bad about it later - ugh! parenting is tough!

    Loved your Christmas tour - thanks for having us over :)

  6. "Every Storm" was really, really good! I enjoyed reading it too!

    I spent 2-1/2 hours wrapping tonight and another 2 hours night before last! I still have about half dozen left to go and stocking stuffers. (This is for my whole family and some friends too! Not just the kids!)

    I didn't have tags at first either, so I just wrote their name really tiny and tonight I stuck the tag over top of what I wrote!

    Other years I color-coded paper, Jennah-green, Emme-red, THE BOY-blue!


  7. Lori4squaremom ( AM

    Ok, Sandra, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share your recipes for your chocolate cranberry scone mix and your white chocolate carmel hot cocoa mix!


    In Him,

  8. You might as well get used to dry, crumbly play dough all over the place. I hated it too, but it kept them so occupied I decided to just put up with it. :-)

    I did get your card by the way. Mine are still sitting on the kitchen counter and I've finally decided I'm just not going to get cards done this year. Errgghhh. But I truly don't have time.

    But thank you so much for the one you sent me, and Merry Christmas to you and Curt and the kids. I hope it's a wonderful Christmas and I hope you get the right tags on the right gifts, too. LOL

  9. Bwaaahahahahaha! " insinuate myself into the snacking times"....that's the funniest thing I've read in a long time.

    I loved your thoughts on the example for the kiddos. I feel the same about myself, and often. Being a mom is hard because it's 24/7! Just keep telling them you're trying to do better every day, making use of the Lord's forgiveness, and....



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