Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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So what do you think????

New look to get us ready for the new year.........I thought I wouldn't have this done for a while but I sat down in the front of the computer this morning and before I knew it this was the result. A little color here, some paper and buttons there and I'm really happy with's girly and pink and as Curt said after he saw it "I think it's definitely YOU". :)

I'm about to go get the kids in the bathtub and ready for bed, it's back to work for Curt tomorrow and we're all needing a good night's know how it is during the days off, everyone is up until late, the house is a mess and I'm still finding wrapping paper and those annoying little black plastic thingies from the toys.

So goodnight to you all, I'll be back in the morning with my Slow Cooking Thursday, I'll be sharing a recipe from my new Sandra Lee Slow Cooker Recipes!

Night Night,


  1. I love your new look! I immediately thought - "this is definately Sandra" and then read your post that Curt said the same thing. I got the same cookbook for Christmas and have been having fun reading through it. I don't have a recipe for tomorrow as it's been too hectic to pick one out, but I'll find one for next week and wil check out the others tomorrow!

  2. I really like the new look. It tells everyone who you are....great idea....for a whole new year!

  3. I really, really like the look!

  4. I love this - it is great!
    How did you figure out how to work on your template? I used to tweak mine at Homeschoolblogger all the time - you can view the one I did last - but for some reason I can't figure out how to do blogger. I love what Goofy Girl does - but I would so much like to do it myself. Any pointers??

  5. It is simply beautiful.

  6. Anonymous6:10 AM

    It's very pretty! :-)

  7. Awwww it's so cute! It showcases your love of 'pretty', books, and cooking! Perfect!

    How did you learn to change around your background? I could do it at homeschoolblogger, but haven't a clue what to do here.

    I'll post to slow cooking TH later!


  8. I like the look! Hope you've had a Merry Christmas Sandra!

  9. I love your new looks, Sandra!! Too cute! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  10. LOVE this template!
    Yes so you girl! Glad to see you had a great Christmas.
    Big Hugs,

  11. Love it! The flowers on the sides are so cute. I really don't know how you do it but you are one talented lady!

  12. I love it, Sandra and I do think it is very "YOU"!

  13. Sandra,
    It is FAB U LOUS!

    I wish I could personalize mine so people could really see what I am really like too!

    Happy New Year!

  14. Love it! The colors are beautiful. You certainly are very talented! I have thought of "redecorating" mine, but I may just wait until spring. :-)

    (Simple Folk)

  15. love the new look sandra. I so want to do some redecorating, but don't have a clue how to do it. Lessons anyone????

  16. I love it! It is beautiful!!! :)

  17. Verrrrrrrry nice!

    I like it!

    But of course, the only one who really has to like it, is YOU.

    Yes Hon, I do listen to my scanner at active times of the year. Like during summer racing season. And New Year's Eve. It can be a hoot. Even though I know that listening to a scanner is a *sure sign* of my advanced age. LOL. Hey, if it's fun, it's fun! ,-)

    Glad you too stay in where it's safe and have your New Year's Celebration right there. I especially love it that there is no travel to get home, involved.

    Wish a Happy and Healthy New Year, to you and yours!



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