Thursday, September 18, 2008

Babbling Post!

You know those days where you sit in front of the computer and you have so much to say but yet you can't come up with a title for it? Then you read some blogs and they have all these fancy shmancy titles and you wonder where they get the creativity from and want some for yourself but don't even have the energy to try and figure that out? Today I just couldn't care less......because I'm exhausted, I'm *trying to keep my eyes open* tired.

It's been 3 nights since I've had decent sleep. Nicholas needs a new mattress on his bed, the springs are all messed up and it's very uncomfortable and stiff, so he's been sleeping in with me and Curt, which believe me I'm not against the co-sleeping thing but when you have a Queen size bed and two adults PLUS a 5 year old, things get squishy. We're getting him a new mattress on Saturday but until then we either squash together or play musical beds all night long, every available bed in the house has seen me or Curt or the kids.....Nicholas has also been getting sick for the past 3 days, he started sniffling and getting restless and that's always a sign for me, I know that within a day or two he will be running a high fever, congested and just not feeling well, which brings us to today. Both kids home sick from school with fevers, sore throats, headaches and congested noses.

It's the joy of school age children right? There's some sort of summer cold going around the school and it seems they're all taking turns passing it to each other and staying home, I just hope it ends soon.

So I'm tired, I'm beyond that actually, I'm at the point where I am bordering on delirious, I just want to cry and beg for my kids to put me to bed and tuck me in LOL

But moving's thursday which means crockpot day and right now I have a Chicken Cacciatore cooking for tonight, I'll have the recipe up on the food blog later. In the meantime if you go over there you'll see Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf, Crockpot French Dip, Creamy White Chili and all sorts of other drool worthy recipes.

I don't plan on doing much today, hopefully I can round up the kids for a nap after lunch. They stopped taking them around 2 years old unless they're sick and even then it's quite a struggle to get them to lay down. I don't get it, when I'm sick I just want to lay down and be left alone, kids bounce and jump around with fevers and downright yucky feelings.

Thank you all for the comments on my grocery post, it was so interesting reading all you had to say and seeing how you do your groceries and the shortcuts you take etc. As for the green bags and forgetting to take them to the store, I've done that before, but now as soon as I am done unloading the groceries, I fold them neatly and take them back into the car, when grocery day comes around again, I actually write on my grocery list *TAKE GREEN BAGS* in capital letters and make sure to put them on the passenger seat with my purse, that way I never forget them.

And yes, it's a little weird walking into the store with a stack of green bags but I don't care, I love them.



This was our sunset last night, I had just stepped out back to turn off the water sprinkler when the colors in the sky caught my attention. It's just beautiful!

Well I would love to stay and chat but

1. I can't stay awake
2. I need more coffee to try and stay awake
3. I need more coffee just because
4. I have sick kids
5. I have sick kids
6. Well, I really do have sick kids.....

If you're a mother you know why that list makes sense LOL

Have a wonderful day everyone, I'll see you all back tomorrow, hopefully fully rested.


  1. I know what you mean.. Hope our energy gets well too...Have a good weekend..

  2. I cant get woke up niether. i need some caffine.
    have a great weekend

  3. I usually do my slow cooker thursday posts in advance, but I have to go in on the actual Thursday to get the link, because otherwise, the link to you will go back to the day that I entered it for a future post date..It takes me until the mid morning to get to
    Have a great day..

  4. I rarely have the kids in bed but if we do there is no sleep, except for them of course. :) And my oldest gave up naps at 1 1/2. I am like what?? Later I had a job where I had to be there at 5:30 so I was really wanting to nap when I picked him up from preschool but that was never going to happen. Thankfully we are well past that :)

    I also know what you mean about the green bags. I forget them all the time. One time I left them in the car and it was late. I had a cart full of groceries and I tried to do self checkout and put all the groceries back in the cart and packed them in the bags when I got back to the car. Boy that was a lot of work.

    Have a GREAT DAY and what time is dinner..sounds yummy.

  5. Oh my! Sickies at home is so hard!! Makes for a super tired momma.. oh girl, I am so sorry... yuck!

    Praying for you today, strength and health and wholeness over your entire household!

    ~ Amy

  6. I hope your sick kids are better soon!

    At least you can think of things to post about. Lately I am just too tired and overwhelmed to think of anything much!



  7. I hope yor kids feel better soon,and that you get some sleep. Look after yourself!
    Where do you find your templates, Sandra? They are always beautiful!

  8. Hoping your kids are well soon and that you stay well.
    Go get that nap!

  9. I hope you all get to feeling better!

  10. I tell ya there is no way I could have the kids in my bed. That's when I always broke out the special sleeping bag on the floor beside us trick. At least it bought me a few more winks.

    Hope everyones feeling better tomorrow!

  11. Hope those kids get to feeling better soon and that you get your bed back and get some sleep!

  12. Aww!Poor Momma!! I hope you get to feeling better as well as the kiddo's!!!

  13. I had one of those posts today.. so much to say, but didnt have a catchy title.

    Hope the kiddos get better soon!

  14. I have sick kids too :(

  15. Hope everyone is feeling better soon and that you get some rest. Beautiful sunset picture!

  16. I hope things are better since this post...I do however love the sunset picture...beautiful.

  17. I totally understand. I hope you are all feeling better now.

    Hugs and love


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