Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A little of this and a little of that.....

I had all these thoughts on what to post about this morning and then I sat at the computer and they just disappeared....I hate when that happens because then I'm left with nothing to blog about and I'm sure you don't want to hear about my weekend, there was nothing exciting about it.

I did manage to start the advent calendar and finish off one pocket, I did divert from the original project by allsorts, so instead of the red button and the red floss, I went with the red buttons but green floss. I like it, makes it really Christmasy for me.

advent calendar

A couple of you asked me about the Vanilla Honey Candles, I have to tell you, the reason I bought these at Walmart is because of the containers, I mean how adorable are these, and just think of how I'll be able to reuse them once the candles are gone?

But I gotta tell you, Vanilla Honey, OH.MY.GOODNESS. Even Curt walked into the kitchen on Saturday night and said "man what is that smell, it's so good". He couldn't believe it was the candles and actually told me to go back and buy more. Well you certainly don't have to tell me twice LOL

So if you're looking for these candles, check out your local Walmart Supercenter, I'm sure you'll find them there and they have tons of delicious scents, but I'm sticking with these, besides I want a couple more containers for my kitchen :)


One of my favorite things is to climb into bed at night, after the kids are asleep, and either read or watch some tv. But I'm never alone, because this precious little pug is always right there, she crawls up my side and right up to my thigh and then lays there, with that cute little squishy face.


And if I happen to have a little snack with me, she is right there willing to help me eat it. It's just the cutest thing listening to her smack those lips LOL


Oh to be a pet in this house is such an awful thing isn't it? I can't tell you just how loved the pugs are, they are a part of the family and one of our kids, they do naughty things and cute things and just keep us smiling day in and day out. Bella, above, is the pug we rescued back in Idaho and I'm so glad we did.

Kids are back at school this morning and I'm just looking around wondering what in the world happened to the house. Have you noticed that when you have these long weekends, with everyone home, that it looks like the house imploded on itself? I mean, there's toys and cans of pop, there's books and blankets and Wii games and all sorts of crumbs and leftover snacks and whatnot. It's quite a scary sight first thing in the morning, good thing is that with the kids not home I can have everything back to normal in no time at all AND watch it stay that way for at least a couple of hours.

That's exactly what I plan on doing right now. So you'll have to excuse me, I have a house begging for cleaning and a cookie jar asking for freshly baked cookies....I'm thinking some gingersnaps would go perfectly in there, maybe a way to make Fall arrive sooner.

Dinner tonight is Corned Beef and hash, it was supposed to be last night's dinner but I am still dealing with that summer cold and felt quite awful yesterday, so Curt ended up getting tacos for everyone.

Hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday, and please remember to keep praying for everyone in the path of the Hurricane Gustav.


  1. I started cleaning alot this morning then slacked off. Sometimes I have to get motivated...not so much this afternoon.

  2. Those candles are so cute and if Curt likes the smell - that's great! Bob doesn't usually like any candle smell so I may try these. Bella is so cute - I love that little face!

  3. I knew it would be like that so I had a "let's clean" day yesterday! I'm so glad I did! Cute puppie :)

  4. I think you and I shared the same summer cold. Yuk! I feel 'hung over' today. Your puggies are so sweet! I've had pugs in my past, two fawns, a Splash (all boy), Puddles (girl who embodied puggie-ness), and later Heidi (the most beautiful, cross wired solid black girl). I'll HAVE to check out your candles next time I'm at Walmart, and I love your little advent chain! Keep posting about your progress!!

  5. Those are really cute candles.
    It is amazing about the house- I was thinking the same thing this morning.
    I cleaned and it stayed that way!!!

  6. Bella is so adorable how can you not want to kiss her and Lola too of course..Thanks for sharing your candles and where to buy them from..Feel better soon.

  7. I love candles! Charlie says I collect them...No one could ever have too many candles! My excuse is always "Well, What if the power goes out?" My daughter walked by as I was scrolling down the page, and she explained "Oh what a cute dog!" Your dogs are extremely cute & they look very loveable.

  8. Love those pugs! They are so sweet, my hairdresser has one and he is quite the gentleman.

    Yes, definitely have post-weekend imploded house here... baby has some problem so didn't get too much done today, will have to wait until all are in bed sigh...

    Have a lovely evening!


  9. LOVE LOVE candles. Wally World has some fantastic ones, too! I need to restock and get some fabulous Fall smells in my house!

    The pug photos are beyond adorable!!


  10. Yeah, my husband doesn't usually love the candles I choose. They are really cute.

  11. Oh I love the advent calendar too. And it is on my list to start. I have another project I want to finish first. It will be my Show and Tell Friday.
    Keep us posted on your progress.

  12. btw...I forgot I just added you to my list of Homes I visit. I have been meaning to do that and just keep forgetting.
    Thanks for sharing your dog with us. So very cute.
    My Daisy will have to write about her and send her friends over to ya'll.

  13. It is so quiet with the children at school. I feel a little bereft! But you are so right I can get much more done!!


    Sarah xx

  14. Look at you starting on something Christmasy! I need to get motivated to cleaning my house; that Gustav is still dumping rain on us now.

  15. i just love your pugs, they are so adorable..

  16. I can't get over how cute your pugs are. You do know that I think pugs are the cutest dogs in the world??

    I know what you mean about the house looking 'imploded' after a long weekend. Been there and done that..so often I've just plum lost count (and sort of given up!).


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