Saturday, September 13, 2008

Five Senses Saturday!


- the loud wind outside from the Dust Storm
- the Wii's Mario Party 8 in the background
- sound of the ocean at the doctor's appointment
- coverage of Hurricane Ike on the TV
- my coffee brewing


- the hummingbirds enjoying the feeder
- Jasmine so excited to show us her teacher and classroom
- Nicholas so happy to be Star of the Week
- the dark cloud of dust sweeping over us
- my lemon tree producing big lemons again

- wet laundry being moved to the dryer
- the mop as it sweeps across the floor
- the soft comforter as I get into bed
- lavender body lotion slathered on my body
- my cold mug as it awaits the first cup of coffee


- the yumminess of Milk Tartlets
- the first sip of Diet Coke on a really hot day
- mushroom steak burgers with garlic potatoes
- cinnamon toast for breakfast
- the bitter pain medication after the doctor's visit


- that horrible smell at the hospital
- pumpkin spice coffee
- the snuggle dryer sheets in with the clothes
- clean pugs after their bath
- onions and garlic frying with the steaks


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  2. Hi Sandra.Ahh Fall is in the air .what a lovely template you have right now.I love pumpkin spice lattes from starbucks heaven have you seen Ari's blog with her version of the coffee?
    Click on the recipe tab

  3. I'm sorry the link is not working right here it is as is.grrr

  4. Oh no, another dust storm.

    I hope the pain has gone too and oh no, that hospital smell.

    Everything else, just sounds lovely.

    Hope all is well.

    Love n' hugs

    Sarah x

  5. OOOO, is pumpkin spice coffee back at Starbucks. I know where I'm headed this afternoon.

    Those dust storms are incredible. We had one here a few years back. All the top soil blowing off the farmer's fields. I've never seen anything like it.

  6. Can you not really go outside when there is a dust storm? I know nothing about them except it sounds bad.

  7. I have always wondered what makes hospitals smell so darn bad? It almost makes me sick just to go in there!

  8. I just had a frap at chocolate...yum yum!


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