Monday, September 08, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook!

Hi everyone, come on in and see what's in my daybook!

If you want to join in, just got visit Peggy over at The Simple Woman, read the guidelines here and then add your name to Mr Linky. There are so many other participants sharing their day, I'm sure you'll enjoy looking through them :)

Outside my Window...
is a beautiful September morning, there are a few clouds scattered across the sky and a significant drop in the heat, it feels SO good.

I am thinking...
how much I cherish the few hours a day I have to myself, to do devotionals, to read, to clean or to sew. It's a blessing but I do miss my children and count down the minutes until I pick them up from school.

From the learning rooms...
I don't have homeschooling children, so I thought that maybe I will just use this part to talk about anything that I'm learning for myself. Lately my interest has been on Castles and I'm devouring any books that contain history and photos of these beauties. The kids are enjoying them too, so I guess you could say we're all learning together.

I am thankful for...
cooler temperatures and the wonderful rain we've been getting

From the kitchen...
breakfast was french toast...lunch will be leftover burgers that I froze for a quick meal....dinner is Heavenly Hot Ham Buns with homemade fries.

I am wearing...
khaki shorts, green halter top, black flip flops. My hair is up in a pony tail.

I am reading...
Castles of Scotland
Laura Ingalls Wilder - On the Way Home
The Brides of Lancaster County

I am hoping...
to finish off some more tote bags and maybe another pocket or two for my advent calendar.

I am creating...
a happy home, a decluttered environment, a book of recipes and some christmas projects.

I am hearing...
the coffee pot brewing, the dryer finishing off my last load of laundry

Around the house...
it is chaotic as my children get ready for school, there's laughter, there's tons of questions about the location of shoes and favorite shirts.

One of my favorite things...
is to crawl into bed after the kids are asleep and either read my book or watch some tv with my beautiful pug Lola at my side

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
both kids have their Open House Meet the Teacher nights, one on Tuesday and one on Friday

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Hummingbird that loves the feeder right outside my kitchen window.


  1. That reminds me I need to re fill my feeder..thank you. i love these day books. Castles sound inviting dont they? Hope you are having a nice morning.

  2. its so nice to have a few hours to yourself, it does the mind good:-)
    Love the bird feeder, its cute to watch all the little birds..
    Have a great Monday Sandra...

  3. Goodmorning!!

    Loved reading your blog this morning! You are such a great mom and do such a beautiful job and taking care of your home and family.

    Bless you this Monday!!

    Oh and the chicken in cream sauce and Coconut Pastries were a HIT!! Thankyou so much for sharing those! My family raved about them!

  4. I love that hummingbird picture! I also love your idea of using the learning room for yourself! Great daybook.

  5. My mom loves hummingbirds, too :)

    I made your mostaccioli and orange cake - OH MY WORD!

    Sooooo yummy! Thanks for the recipes - they are a HUGE hit in my house :)

    Have a great day!

  6. What a great blog you have! My hubby used to be AF, he's in the National Guard.

    I LOVE castles...visited a few when I was Europe. They are fascinating! See? You do have "homeschooled" children...just not full time! LOL

    Enjoyed your daybook so much! Thanks for stopping by over at mine!


  7. Lovely thoughts and doings Sandra. Your day sounds just wonderful, wish I was there to share a coffee, some cake and perhaps watch an old film!

    Hugs n' love

    Sarah x

  8. Your mornings sound very busy Sandra. I can't believe you already have laundry going. :v)

    That hummingbird pic is lovely.

  9. I always enjoy reading your Daybook, Sandra. Just going to your homepage and seeing the English cottages gives me a warm feeling that lasts all day!

    We visited Skipton Castle last time we were in England. Check out their site at They have some coloring pages your children might enjoy (you can find them under the Fun Page tab).

    Have a great week!

  10. I love castles too. And I like the idea of including your own learning. I think I'll do the same, as I only have my toddler at home now and my older girls are at school.

  11. I do love humming birds...what a grand picture! Cathy

  12. Just wanted to add ... I also love your English cottage header picture. I drove through a village yesterday that was just full of chocolate box cottages. We only live in a 1970s town house, I'm afraid.

    Kathryn (in England)

  13. I think I'll do this for tomorrow post!

  14. Hi,
    I loved your entry. And what a neat idea for the learning room!
    I am going to check your recipe for ham buns sounds so good!
    I loved your photo. We had hummingbirds in Missouri. A million of them. I finally had to stop filling the feeder it was so crazy. I had friends that visited from Texas bring a bag of sugar! Seriously that sounds crazy but there really were a ton of them!
    Thanks for sharing your day. Hope you have a great week.

  15. Beautiful picture and I can't wait for the time to read through your blog and check out your recipes. Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by.

  16. I enjoyed your daybook. What a great picture. They are hard to get pictures of, especially not moving around.

  17. That picture is beautiful..
    We had Open House last week. I always enjoy those. I wish they would have them more that once a year at our school..

  18. What a great blog and daybook. =)

    I too enjoy my quiet time though I get up extra early to have it before the kids get up and my day jumps to warp speed.


  19. Happy Monday Sandra!

  20. Very nice, Sandra. And that's an amazing photo of the humingbird. I'd love to get a photo like that of our humingbirds.

  21. Wonderful daybook, Sandra and I love the picture of the hummingbird. So pretty!

  22. Thanks for the inspiration!

    How fast are you on the shutter to get a hummingbird picture!

    When you get the uncluttered environment mastered, come over and do me, will ya?

  23. I love your hummingbird picture! I really enjoy reading your daybook too. Have a wonderful week!

  24. Nice hummingbird pic! I've never had one of those feeders but maybe I should get one.
    I love to crawl into bed at night and read!

  25. What a neat photo you got of the hummingbird. They are so fast, that I never have time to get my camera before they fly off. You have a very cute blog here too!

  26. What a lovely and thoughtful post! I love the photo of hummingbird (we seldom see that here). I enjoy going through the list and could feel that you have a thankful heart towards God.

    Have a nice day!


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