Friday, September 26, 2008

Fave Five for Friday!

It's my first time playing along with the sweet Susanne. You can check out the guidelines and details of this feature here.

So here's my favorite five things for this past week:

1. Homemade shortbread that I somehow botched and in order to try and save, I ended up adding a spoon of strawberry jam to each little round cookie. Turns out, I should REALLY mess up more often, they were delish. LOL

2. My favorite shows starting again on tv, love the fall season tv lineup.

3. My new hummingbird friend that watches me through the kitchen window.

4. Talking to family on the phone, all the way in South Africa, it's one of those things we can't do often so it's always a treat :)

5. The Civil War cookbook that Jasmine brought home from the library, I'm loving looking through not only the recipes but the history.


  1. Hurray for happy accidents! Glad the cookies took a great turn. I am loving that my favorite shows are back on, too.

  2. Glad your shortbread turned out great after all! And me too on the tv shows coming back on, reruns were getting old.

  3. The Civil War book sounds really interesting. BTW, I have sound on my computer now, so I'm enjoying your music for the first time. Very nice.

  4. I love shortbread cookies I think they are my favorite non-chocolate cookies.

  5. Sounds like a good cookie reciope to me.. and I would love to look thru one of those old cookbooks. I collect cookbooks..
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I just knew that cookbook should be on your favorites list! Jasmine done good! :v)

    Yummy, to the cookies. I wish my botches would turn out so well! Thanks for playing Sandra. Your answers were very enjoyable.

  7. I'm happy to have the fall season back! ER was so sad last night though!

  8. Sounds like a great week. Some of my best recipes started as mistakes! LOL I love the new fall look here too! Thanks for stopping by today - I always enjoy your visits.

  9. Oh my God! Your new Banner! It's brilliant!!!

    That is breathtaking! Totally amazing!!!!!

    Your new stylish "photo collage' for your profile photos is beautiful too. But I also really liked the last photo, with the big brown peepers highlighted. Your whole blog is so beautiful, Sandra...puts me in a very 'autumnal' mood....

  10. I can just imagine how yummy the shortbread were Sandra..and how lovely that Jasmines knows her Mum!

  11. I love this... Sandra, I am loving your new pics.. what a beautiful woman! Great great pics of the beauty, Sandra :D

    And I love one more thing... I love all the things that you loved about this week... and... what else?? hmmm... lol! Ok that's all for now.. :)

  12. Oh what a neat meme I'll have to check out.
    I love your little list. I only wish my kitchen disaster turn out so well.
    I think you should have adding changing your blog to your list.
    I love the new photo's.
    You are so creative! Great job.
    Thanks for sharing. I'll check it out.
    Have a Blessed Weekend.

  13. I so love popping over here and seeing whats going on in your neck of the woods! Thanks soooo much for always sharing and being so uplifting!

  14. I'm glad you were able to rescue your shortbread...sounds delicious! I love your new header!

  15. Good to meet another expat SAn! One of my ancestors was Portuguese - a Ferreira who got shipwrecked off the Cape coast in the 1700's sometime.
    Years ago, as students and newly weds, we rented a cottage for about 5 years, in the back yard of a Portuguese family (Nunes) in Bloemfontein.
    I agree with the other comments, a beautiful layout!

  16. Yum!! shortbread cookies are something you can't go wrong with cuz even when they are "messed up" they are so so good!! I'm loving the new Tv season too!!!

  17. I'm enjoying the startup of the fall shows too. And I love the pics on the top of your page too!

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  19. My favorite one "the beginning of the fall shows on tv."

  20. Hi Sandra - I'm popping over from Susanne's Fri Fav 5 - I enjoyed reading your list - glad that the cookies were yummy - I've had a few similar accidents that have turned out to be fmaily favourites :)

    I enjoyed reading your contented post - it's so lovely to read how you invest your time and energy into your family. As a mom with 5 mostly grown kids, I can assure you that your love and dedication will reap rich dividends.


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