Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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Nothing says comfort food like.....


Yum! That was dinner tonight, just a simple twist on the normal meatloaf, this one has Swiss, Colby and Monterey Jack inside and it's so so good.


  1. that looks yummy i have to try that

  2. OK. Forget what was originally being planned for the ground beef.I'm making this...Thanks Sandra..

  3. Sandra, I stumbled across your blog today and wanted to comment but I couldn't find a general "comment" area so I hope you don't mind my commenting under the meatloaf (which looks fantastic)! I'd love to know where you found the pictures at the top of both this and your food blog. The homes in the photographs at the top of this blog are incredible; do you know whose homes they are? Anyway, I love what I've seen in your blog thus far and I'm excited to read more! I know this sounds crazy, but I'm currently in law school although my dream is to be a SAHM just like yourself!

  4. Looks delicious Sandra, and I bet it makes great leftover meatloaf sandwiches!

  5. YUMMM!!!!! Oh that looks so good!! You always make me hungry when I stop by!

  6. Yummm!! What a great way to add pizzaz to run of the mill meat loaf!! This looks so tasty, I can't wait to try this recipe! Thanks:)

  7. Please come by my blog. I have given you the Autumn Friendship Award!
    Beautiful Blessings! Kelly Maria

  8. That's so funny- that was what I had already planned for dinner tomorrow- we love it too!

  9. Never seen cheese in meatloaf but we are cheese lovers so I'm definitely going to try it.

  10. Ohhhhhhh my goodness!!!

    That's all I have to say.. I am drooling and have to wipe my mouth now ;D

    This looks amazing!

  11. Oh wow that looks so good. I almost did meat loaf last night. But Cowboy really doesn't like it.
    Maybe I'll have to try your idea. Maybe he will just be won over especially if I make it out of venison or buffalo.
    Thanks so much for sharing it!

  12. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I have a love affair with cheese. If you put cheese on dirt, I would eat it.

    Adding this to next week's menu...

  13. I guess I better go make dinner - I'm drooling on your blog!LOL


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