Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bring on the Rain!

Well the big storm has finally hit our area and we've had rain since last night, non stop, the constant pitter patter on the roof and the windows. I love it!

We're supposed to have a lot more throughout the week and the temperatures have definitely dropped. We're in the 40's today WOOHOO, it's like being back in Idaho on a cool fall day LOL

So anyway, come on in out of the rain and let's chat, I have hot Caramel Drizzle coffee to offer and some yummy Muddy Buddies to munch on.

I'm sure you've noticed my template is different, I wanted to do something Christmasy, something I could look at every day and feel like I'm in winter wonderland. If this scene on the banner doesn't get you in the Christmas mood, I don't know what will.

So are you ready for the big day? I feel like I am still crawling behind everyone, I keep hearing "I've got all the gifts bought and wrapped, I'm done". I only wish. I think there are a few things that will be crossed off my list and left for next year, I hate having to do it but I'm not Superwoman and I can't wave a magic wand either.

A couple of you asked me for the pattern for the Petal Dishcloth I'm working on, so here it is:

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Linh at A girl in Georgia made the above knitted projects, the petal dishcloth is on the right, how pretty is that? She also has the pattern for the Oak Leaf Pattern on the left, so go check out her blog.

Petal Dishcloth

Designed by: Hazel Schrock
Rating: Easy

Materials: 1 ball of cotton yarn, Size 8 US needles.

Instructions: Cast on 16 stitches
Row 1: Slip 1 stitch, K 3, yarn over (YO), K 10, turn and Knit back.
Row 2: Slip 1 stitch, K 3, YO, K 9, turn and Knit back.
Row 3: Slip 1 stitch, K 3, YO, K 8, turn and Knit back.
Row 4: Slip 1 stitch, K 3, YO, K 7, turn and Knit back.
Row 5: Slip 1 stitch, K 3, YO, K 6, turn and Knit back.
Row 6: Bind off 5 stitches, Knit to end of row.
Row 7: Knit across row.

Repeat these 7 rows until there are 12 points.
Bind off next row, leaving 12 inch end. Stitch around center, pull together and join 2 sides.
Also, you can make the "petals" in different coelors by changing yarns every 7 rows.

If I haven't been to your blogs much this week, I apologize, things have been nuts around here but they'll calm down after this week, the kids last day of school is friday and then it's winter break, sleeping in, staying up late, doing puzzles and watching movies, drinking homemade hot cocoa and nibbling on sugar cookies and gingerbread men. Yes, I'm ready for the break and I'm ready to have my babies home with me all day long :)

In the meantime I need to get back on track and get this house clean, I have floors that need to be mopped and rugs to be vacuumed and meat to marinade for tonight's Bifanas (Portuguese Pork Sandwiches), I also need to go fill up my car and I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see $1.49 a gallon at the station....OH.MY.WORD, it feels like it's been 20 years since I've seen that *snicker*.........AND I need to go Christmas Shopping for the last few gifts, which brings me to a question......it's all about Stocking Stuffers.


I want to know from you all what you do and how you do it. What kind of stuff do you put in the stockings, do you go for yummy edible goodies, do you do gift cards or movie tickets, toys for the kids or are you one of the more practical gift givers filling their stockings with batteries, razors and all that kind of stuff?

I'm a bit of everything kinda gal, there's chocolates and little toys and movies and games and all sorts of things in there, but I admit there have been a year or two where during the rush, I forgot to get anything LOL So there were no Stocking Stuffers, oh well....I'm not perfect LOL

So I leave you with that question, come on in and chat with me, give me your ideas and advice, I'm sure there's plenty of us out there wondering just what to put in that stocking this year.


  1. Caramel drizzle coffee? I'm there! I love the dishcloth pattern. I will definitely be making that but need to get some cotton.

    Stocking stuffers are very mixed bag here ... usually just small, cheap items though this year I think I got a bit more than usual. Let's see ... teenager: "iPod" sized radio, glitter eye liner, iPod case, small box of chocs, lip balm, jelly beans, colouring pencils; 10yo: same radio, lip balm and pencils, a pen set, a coin purse, chocolate santas, set of mini-sized pencils; 2.5yo: zoo animal families (giraffes and gorillas), chocolate santas, bean bags, glittery bead necklaces, toothbrush, a DVD. Maybe a couple of other things I forgot about, and I always put an apple and an orange in the toe of each stocking.

  2. Sandra,Oh Boy flavored Coffee,yum!! I hope that you are having a great day!

  3. My mouth is watering for Muddy Buddies... too bad that hubby took the Chex Mix cereal to work!!

    I do a mix in the stockings. A little candy, some practical stuff like batteries, after shave and then some fun stuff also.

  4. Love the new Christmasy look. :)And caramel drizzle coffee mmmmm
    For stocking stuffers I always put in a great big orange and an apple in the toe, then chocolate and a giant candy cane, and they always get a lifesaver box. Then I just fill up with small things - like this year for my son it will be headphones for the ipod, axe body spray, for my daughter nail polish, lip gloss, and the baby will get some new little bath toys.

    I so love Christmas :)

  5. I love your new template - it's so beautiful. Stocking stuffers in this household follow somewhat of the same pattern each year - an orange and nuts go in the toe although it's a Terry's Chocolate Orange and a few Lindt chocolate nuts - they had a pick and mix bar at the local Lindt shop so I could just pick up three of each kind - one looked like a walnut, one a pistachio, and one an almond. Then there's usually a DVD or a CD and/or an I-Tunes gift card. Little beauty items for my teenage daughter - lotion, lip gloss, bubble bath, (I shop the travel-size aisle at Target for little things), pocket-size tissues, and some earrings or a bracelet. DH gets a Home Depot or Craftsman gift card and some other little trinket. A paperback book is sometimes an option. I also usually put in a food item from the British Food Store as that's a treat for us - a tin of kippers for my DH, the fish-lover, and Cadbury's Chocolate Buttons for DD. Sometimes I feel like I spend more on the stockings than on a nice gift but everyone loves the little bits and pieces so it's worth it.

  6. I so enjoy reading your blog! And I like the Christmas feel to it today.

    My kids are grown but we still do stocking stuffers. This year it's some candy, some little bath and body items, a magazine, toothpaste & tylenol(I have several free ones!), and some fun trinkets.

    One year we all went to the dollar store a couple days before Christmas and found something to put in each other's stocking. We allotted 15 minutes for shopping and it was hilarious trying to do so without the other 4 seeing you!

  7. I grew up with stockings being filled with practical - shampoo, soap, and candy and a token fun thing - legos etc.

    Hubby was horified the year we did our first stocking exchange! I have been forced to change my ways since it is a present for him So i make it my mission to make this years stocking be better than the one before every year! This year - i think it totally rocks!

  8. Stocking stuffers at our house:
    Altoids, gum, flavored chapstick, candy

  9. Another great template! We have a range of things in our stockings. Chap stick, gift cards, hand lotion, little brain teaser toys... I think stockings are harder that the regular gifts.

  10. Lovely new look.

    Stockings vary from year to year. But there is always some favorite chocolates in there. Maybe a DVD or CD or cologne. And then I have practical stuff too. It was a bit easier when they were little. Toothbrushes, soaps, hair stuff. A bit of a mix.

  11. I lov the new template, Sandra! We do a mixture of things like bubble bath, or shower gel, socks, fun stuff which is small, chocolate father Christmas (the Lindt one of course!) and my mother always did one ofor us when we were adults with a roll of garbage bags in the bottom so we could help clean up the mess of paper! That always made us laugh.

  12. I fill the childrens' stocking with craft supplies like yarn, stickers, markers, glitter, and glue. I find these things to be inexpensive (I usually go to the dollar store for them) and they really seem to love all the different things they can use their new supplies on. My husband gets what I consider to be "Man Craft Supplies" like containers of nails, tacks, putty...OR for work, rubberbands, pens, highlighters etc. Good luck! And I LOVE the new layout!

    P.S. If you can manage to dig up a few pare moments, grab the new "Husband Meme" off my blog. Maybe if we knew a bit more about your husband we'd have better ideas to offer?

  13. Hi Sandra,
    I made the portuguese chicken and rice last sunday and it was a big HIT.
    Stocking are my favorite to fill. I have a step daughter who is 15 so I fill hers with her fave body wash, a nice body scrungie thingie. Razer refills, body cream, milkyways (her fave)face cleanser a roll of underwear and fuzzy socks, tide stain stick and jet black eye liner and the newest maybeline mascara.
    For the kids 7 and 3- socks, underwear, a chocolate orange, card games for the 7 yr.old and match box cars for the 3 yr.old. Crayons for both!

  14. Sandra, I couldn't find an email on your webpage. Could you email me at girl.in.georgia [AT] gmail.com?

  15. I love the new look for the holidays over here, very warm and inviting. Caramel truffle coffee is my favorite and what we have every morning! I made the muddy buddies and hubby is going to town on them, they're great. As for the stockings, we did a little of everything - candies, movie tickets, trail mix packs, software, small raisin boxes, card games, key chains, etc........

  16. I always shopped the Everythings a Dollar store for the stocking stuffers and added some nuts, an apple or orange and some candy too. My grandson's love all the tiny things they find in them.

  17. I forgot to thank you for the dishcloth pattern, I'm going to make a couple of them up for gifts.

  18. Love the new template! Stocking stuffers around here consist of pencils, candy, magic towels (they come ina 2x2 inch square and expand to faceclothes when wet), small toys. Mostly dollar store stuff.

  19. Well I just do hubby and the pups...

    Hubby gets a bag of Almond M&M's (his favorite), 1-2 pairs of boxers, 5 meal of your choice coupons (he picks it whatever it happens to be and I make it for him), usually a trinket or two from the local college hockey team.

    Puppies get treats and a toy and every other year a new collar.

  20. I too am struggling with stocking stuffers.There's some wonderful ideas here :) Love the new template as well..

  21. Sandra,
    I too love the template and flavored coffee I could use it today as it is very cold here in OK.
    I try to stick with a few dollars for items in the stocking, I always go for a new toothbrush, bubblebaths, lotions etc. Some of their favorite candy, card games or small travel games. Small coloring books, crayons or markers that go well in the car too. I'm always looking for something different to put in them.


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