Friday, December 05, 2008

Come in and let's chat!

Here I sit with my Caramel Drizzle coffee and my bagel, wondering what exactly I should talk about today, you know when you have so much on your mind but yet you can't put two thoughts together? Maybe I'm on overdrive and need to slow down, as a matter of fact, I'm going to ask you all out there, if anyone has the ability to freeze time, could you maybe, possibly, pretty please, use it?

See I'm not ready for Christmas and it's in less than 3 weeks. I'm nowhere near done with the gifts, I haven't finished sewing and knitting and I haven't even begun the baking. Where will I find time for everything?
And to top it all off, I can't seem to stop adding more things to the list, like my Care Package that I'm mailing off to the unit of soldiers overseas. But you see to me there's things that take precedence, things that should be made priorities, because I'm here, I'm at home with my family and food around me and not facing danger, and these soldiers are not. So they come first!

Yesterday I sent note to Jasmine's fourth grade teacher and asked if she would be interested in helping me out, asking the children to write a small letter or note that I could include in the package. She was SO thrilled to be involved and made it the day's lesson, when Jasmine came home from school she brought a stack of letters and handed them to me. I sat at my desk and read them and cried and smiled and felt this tremendous love for these little children, their innocence shined through but in such a special and sweet way that literally brought a lump to my throat.

So that's what I did yesterday and now I have to finish off the package and mail it. It may not make it exactly in time for Christmas but it will be there shortly after.

Now let me show you what our sunset looked like last night, it was absolutely gorgeous.

I could sit out there for hours just watching the sky colors change, the beautiful shift from daytime to nighttime. It brings this sense of peace that no matter what kind of a day you've had, you are able to slow down and take in the big picture.

And speaking of big pictures, I turned on all the outside lights yesterday and saw this sad sight....I mean......what to do? Leave them or replace everything? I say LEAVE it, and act like you didn't see anything LOL

This is what's on my agenda for today:

  • Bake Monie's Apple Cake (recipe to follow on the food blog)
  • Get the ground beef out for tonight's Flaky Beef pie (recipe will also be up later)
  • Make the Crayon Rolls for the kid's gifts
  • Wrap a few more presents
  • Iron and put away 2 loads of laundry
  • Make Jasmine's Acorn Bookmark for Christmas
  • Pay bills
  • Sweep and Mop floors
Which means, get off the computer and get some work done. Don't forget that there are some great Christmas movies on TV this month, for the full list, click here.

Here's what's on tonight:

The Polar Express Disney Dec. 5, 12pm
Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas ABC Dec. 5, 8pm
Moonlight & Mistletoe Hallmark Dec. 5, 9pm
A Grandpa for Christmas Hallmark Dec. 5, 11pm
Scrooge TCM Dec. 5, 12am


  1. Your coffee looks so good. I can't believe the skies you are blessed with. Enjoy those Christmas programs!

  2. yes, must enjoy the christmas programs.

    Have fun preping for christmas.. and I won't look down on you.. I have yet to start on christmas stuff, ugh.

  3. I understanding having a ton of things to do and no much has been done yet. I ordered one of my son's presents but should have picked it up 2 days ago. I still need to get the rest of his stuff, and everyone else's. We have the flu so getting anything done is almost impossible. Argh.

  4. Oh my those sunsets are just gorgeous!
    Enjoy all those projects for Christmas that is what makes this time of year so fun.
    I just emailed my daughters teacher too to see if she wants to have the class write letters- what a great idea!

  5. One of the best gifts my husband received when he was deployed was a stack of notes written by our daughter's Sunday School class. One little boy even assured him that they were looking after Sophia!

    The recipient of your package is going to be very touched to find out they are in the hearts and minds of children and adults this holiday season.

    God bless you for sharing the Joy,

  6. Nice photos,I just have my coffe plain from now onesigh,I think that I have become a type 2 diabetic.

  7. Ah girl... don't ya know, there is no rest for the wary...or the mommas :) love the sunset pics... really really pretty!

  8. I agree with you about time flying and believe me it doesn't slow down when the kids grow up or when you retire. I really thought that when I retired I'd have plenty of time for all the fun things but it isn't that way at all, I actually had more time while raising a family then I do now. I've tried to figure out why and can't come up with an answer so if you do find a way to freeze time please share with me.

  9. Beautiful pictures, Sandra!

    Thanks for the helpful comment on potty-training. Kyle turns 3 in April, so I know I shouldn't be in a rush. But we're so close.. it just gets harder to wait!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I can almost smell & taste coffee!! You and I are on the same page for the shows!!!!

  11. Wow you have set yourself up lots to do even in just one day!

    The sunsets are just beautiful.

    Hugs n' love


  12. someone told me that there is some new thing at home depot or somewhere like that that sells some kind of gadget that "shocks" life back into lights...her sight is

    your sunset looks amazing! awesome pictures, aren't colors of nature amazing...

    (hoping over here from 5 minutes...if you get a minute i am at

    happy holidays.

  13. Wow ~ great pictures of such amazing colors in the sky! I love the coffee -it sounds and looks delicious. Thanks so much for posting the movie lists.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Beautiful skies - sure looks a lot different from the skies I'm seeing here in Michigan - ours have been looking totally white with snow.

  15. I thought I stopped by yesterday but must have missed a visit because I would have remembered those sky pictures.
    Roberta Anne


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