Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Colby!

Today is my little nephew's birthday, this sweet little boy who looks so much like Nicholas, who made us laugh and who was also the naughtiest little thing ever LOL

I loved watching him with Nicholas, they became instant friends and did the craziest things together, but Nicholas wasn't the only one he clung to. The minute he met Uncle Curtis, that was it. This instant love and respect, this instant bond that was beyond anything that we all could have the point where when we left South Africa in May, we all sat in tears as we watched Curt and Colby hugging goodbye, it was the saddest most heart touching moment from our visit there.

Even when we were out to eat, Colby was draped all over Curt LOL

So Colby, we want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and we want you to know that we can not wait to see you next year. Your Uncle Curtis misses you terribly and he wants you to know that he loves you and can't wait to see you again.

Hope you have an amazing day, we wish we could be there with you but we definitely are in tought.

We love you little one!


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