New Year Fun - 2008

The wonderful Kelli at "There's is no place like home" is doing this really cute feature. Here's what she said:

With the New Year right around the corner, this is the perfect time for a peek through the past year of blogging. I would love for you to join in with me!

Post the first sentence of your first blog post of each month. You can also add a favorite picture from each month.

Is it safe to come out now??? I've been counting down the minutes until I could finally say "I'm FREE from the holidays and the craziness".......not a minute too soon I tell you.

Blackout - January 27, 2008

I wish it was bedtime, but I still have a couple hours to go since it's only noon here. *sigh*

The kids with Jason Bell from the NY Giants

It took us 15 hours to move the whole house and two 24 foot truck trips.

Base Carnival

That neck/shoulder muscle pain is just not going away so I'm off to the doctors this morning.


Well the internet has been down for us for the last 2 days

Kruger Park - May 29, 2008

I have so many more photos I want to share with you and once I'm back home in the States I will, but for now I wanted to leave you with a few more pictures taken during our stay.

Kids and my grandma in South Africa

I'm sure you're wondering just what I did with myself this past week. Well, I cooked and baked and I cleaned

Monsoon season here in Arizona

Have you ever had one???? Because if you haven't, you don't know what you're missing and when I tell you that they're SUPER easy to make, I mean like super easy you won't believe you ever lived without making them, kinda way.

Peter Piper Pizza

Hi everyone, come on in and see what's in my daybook!

Dust storm

The sun may be setting, but in a child's world the fun is just beginning.....

Candy, Costumes, Children and a Crazy question!

You know you don't need to go out and do something expensive to enjoy the Christmas season or have fun with the family.


  1. This looks like fun, I'll do it tonight. You had a great year. I hope next year is even better.

  2. Oh...i love it! How fun! I LOVE the pic of Jasmine smelling the flower!!! Sooo cute!
    All of the pics are great though too...although that dust storm looks scary! ACK!
    Happy New Year Sandra!!! xoxo

  3. Ooh, I love this! I'm going to give it a try (If I decide that my year was exciting enough lol.)

  4. I really enjoyed these photos. Loved the carousel shot on base and had forgotten about the dust storm. WOW! Here's to another year friend!

  5. What a fun way to wrap up the year! Love your pictures.

  6. great trip,thanks for sharing. Best wishes for you and your family for the New Year.

  7. I did this last year so have one ready to go for tonight, but didn't realize anyone else was doing it. It was fun to look back through your year!

  8. I just wanted to let you know that I left you an award on my blog. Go check it out when you get a chance. :)

  9. I LOVED this! I just spent an hour doing mine! It has some format issues, but it is up and I am SO glad I did it. What a GREAT way to reflect!

    Thank you for sharing!

  10. Love all the colors in your April picture of Jasmine. Somehow she pulls it off well whereas on someone else it might clash. Very cute kid!

  11. You have a nice variety of photos and your kiddos are just too darn cute!
    Happy New Year!


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