Monday, August 09, 2010

{ First day of School }

Shadow pics are disturbing....this makes me look so weird and so much bigger than I am.

It's just me! Instead of 3 shadows in the back yard, there's just one.

I was kinda sorta hoping this day wouldn't come for a little while longer, as much as the kids were eating me out of house and home, I just hate sending them off for hours and not seeing them.

I miss LOT.

Is that wimpy of me?

Anyway, here's the obligatory Back to School photos. I just can't believe how much they've grown, they need to slow down a bit.
It's hard to think that I have a Sixth Grader and a Second Grader, but then again, I AM turning 36 tomorrow. BLECH....forget I said that, I'm turning 30. Yes, 30!


Nicholas is starting Second Grade and he's excited for it, and yet all I can think about is....Oh more bathrooms inside the classrooms, he has to go to the big boy bathroom....I mean, really, is anyone else as paranoid as I am?


I said on Facebook earlier, these precious freckles warm my heart, though I have freckles myself but can't stand them on me LOL


Oh boy, Lord have mercy. This girl is growing so fast, so so extremely fast that it's starting to scare me.


Jasmine is starting Sixth Grade and at this point I'm only allowed to show affection behind closed doors, when we're in public it's NO CAN DO. Persona non grata!


She has grown so much and she's becoming such a stunning young lady. Curt has started talking about shotguns and no dating and all that kinda stuff that I really don't even want to think about yet.....but then I look at her and all I can think about is high school and dances and all that fun part of becoming a young adult and I can't help but be excited for her.

But anyway, I've been counting the minutes and staring at the clock all day long, I miss them. I miss them terribly and I can't wait to pick them up from school.

Maybe homeschooling is the way to go for me LOL Then again, wouldn't that be unfair to them? I can't just home school because I want them with me all the time.....can I?

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