Friday, August 06, 2010

{ Sometimes all it takes }


What a week!

It's safe to say that I'm beyond thrilled that it's Friday afternoon and that I can put this past week behind me.

It's been a tough one, filled with worry and fear and busyness and the usual day to day life and as much as there have been times where all I wanted to do was crawl into a corner, pull the shades down and pretend that I'm far far away from everything, I find myself pushing through it and going forward.

It's all you can do in this life, you can't let it run you and you can't let things get you down.

As I sit here this Friday afternoon and contemplate on the goings on of the past few days, I realize that I'm still way stronger than I give myself credit for, even though if truth be told, I feel like I've been holding my breath for days and am just now exhaling. I sit, with a glass of my favorite guilty pleasure, taking in all the scents and sights around me and allowing myself to just BE. Have you ever done that? It can be quite scary at times, when you're faced with just YOU and nothing else.

But not for me, I'm reveling in it. I've earned it and I intend to take full pleasure in it.

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