Monday, August 30, 2010

Reusing Picture Frames

I have a lot of picture frames, some are being used for wonderful family photos, others I tend to just have laying around with nothing particular in mind.

I decided to look around online and see if I could find something neat to do with these frames, something that would be either free or pretty inexpensive to do and I found just what I was looking for, at Make and Takes.

How about a Wipe Off Weekly Menu Board for your Kitchen????

And while you're at it, a big one for Chores????

I couldn't believe just how easy this project was, I had everything I needed at hand.


Wipe Off Weekly Menu Board


* Picture frame with glass front
* Piece of patterned scrapbook paper to fit in your frame
* Optional: Vinyl cut letters for each day of the week (you could always just hand write them)
* Dry-erase marker

Put your patterned paper inside the frame. Replace the back. That’s pretty much it.


You can see that mine is not exactly perfect, I used supplies I already had on hand and that meant running out of some of the letter stickers, but it still looks great.

I also used red and white paper to match the red theme in my kitchen, the great thing about this is that I can always change it out if I redecorate or even go with themed paper for the holidays.

I used washable markers to write the daily meals on there, when it's time to change, I just wipe those off and write the new ones in. Easy Peasy and the family knows where to go and look instead of asking me "what's for dinner tonight"...."what are we having tomorrow".


I also had a HUGE picture frame that I bought at Goodwill for $1 or less, can't even remember, but I don't even know why I got it, now I'm glad I did.


I used a bunch of scrapbooking paper in green and beige, wrote Chores in a gold metallic pen and called it good.

It was the first thing the kids noticed when they walked in from school.

I'm going to use it for my own housework chores as well as for the kids chores.

I'm thinking my next one will be a To Do List. The possibilities are endless and if you think about it, you can use frames you already have at home or you can get the ones from the dollar store or at your local goodwill.

Have fun!

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