Friday, August 20, 2010

Whisper on the Wind Book Review

Whisper on the Wind by Maureen Lang
World War I is raging all around German conquered Belgium in 1916 but the Belgians refuse to be defeated. Hope is found in an underground newspaper, “La Libre Belgique”; it keeps “patriotism alive and bring[s] hope and real news of the war to the occupied country.” Edward Kirkland is determined to keep the press rolling and risks his life to do so. Socialite, Isa Lassone, escaped Belgium with her family at the beginning of the war. She has returned to rescue the man she has loved from afar since she was a child, Edward. He refuses to leave but encourages his family to escape with Isa. They refuse.

Soon, Isa is drawn into the world of the free press and hopes Edward will finally see her as a woman. When the Germans close in on the illegal paper the duo is forced to make sacrifices.

I love reading, I love books and I love history, so when I find a book that seems to have all of those in one, I find myself unable to put it down. So it is with Maureen Lang's newest book which is set for release September 1st.

Isa Lassone is the main character and I loved her throughout the story, it doesn't hurt that it all takes place in Belgium during World War I. I found myself rooting for Isa and for Edward who we are introduced to right off the bat. Edward is the man Isa loves and both have chosen to risk their lives to bring information to the public, to let the people know what is really going on and what the Germans are doing.

The story is so well written, it keeps you glued to the pages and you find yourself going through a roller coaster of emotions, you laugh and you cry and you just keep wanting more and more.

A definite must read.

Thank you to the wonderful folks at Tyndale House Publishers for sending me an Arc.

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