Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Read the Bible in 4 months!

I'm issuing you a challenge, but don't worry it doesn't mean that I'll sit on the sidelines and just monitor, I'll be doing it right along with you.

It's not scary, well maybe a little but for the right reasons and I think it's one that will bring far more rewards and benefits than if you don't do it.

I saw this over at my friend Jen's blog "Reflections in the Window", and this is what she said:

Today a challenge was made to me on an email group I belong to, the writer challenged us to read through the Bible in 4 months! WOW I thought...at first I said to myself....no way could I do that! But when I read further in the email I realized it was only 12 chapters per day. Four chapters 3 times a day OR Three chapters 4 times a day. That is so reachable. I read easily 12 chapters of other books everyday. WHY can't I do the same in the Bible? There is NO reason why I can't!

And all I can say to that is AMEN!

Let's face it, I'm not going to lie and tell you that I've read the whole Bible, I haven't.

I'm not going to lie and tell you that when I start reading it that I find it absolutely fascinating and can't put it down like a fiction novel, because I don't. It doesn't mean that I don't like the Bible or that I don't enjoy the Lord's word, it means FOR ME, that I have a hard time reading through it because at times there are just way too many things in there that I just don't comprehend.

I can zip through a novel, I can zip through cookbooks, but why can't I do the same with the Bible?

I envy those that can recite by heart all the scriptures in the Bible, that know every single book, who did what, who went where.

Oh I'm not completely oblivious, I have read the Bible before just not in it's entirety and I do know most of the names in there and I do have one or two scriptures that speak to me.

But it's not the same as those who have read it all, who know it like the back of their hands.

I want that!

So I'm taking the challenge, I can still read my novels and my other books, but I can also add the Bible to my reading time, and that's exactly what I'm planning on doing.

I plan to get to December and proudly announce, here on my blog and for anyone that will listen, that yes, I Sandra have finally read through the whole Bible!

Here is the schedule:

Genesis - 1 Chronicles 22

1 Chronicles 23 - Isaiah 54

Isaiah 55 - Galatians 3

Galatians 4 - Revelations 22

I'm actually going to change my template to include one or two sidebars so that I can have this recorded and will cross it off as I read. IT will help me stay focused, but it will also show you that it can be done.

Believe me, if I can do it, YOU can do it too.

So what do you say, are you up for the challenge???


  1. Wow! I just started following your blog, and then saw this post. Maybe it's a sign because I've been wanting to read the Bible more. What a cool challenge! You shared such great thoughts. I'm going to try it! I'm so afraid I won't be able to do it, but I sure want to!

  2. Good for you, Sandra ... and God bless your reading!
    I'm not going to join in as I'm on my own Read-Thru-the-Bible journey ... it's called Read-Thru at your own pace. I've tried the read-thru in a year - and failed & then beat myself up. I can't handle the guilt if I can't keep up ... so I'm just meandering through - but the main goal is THE SAME: read God's Word consistently!!!! :) I hope you gain a lot from your experience!

  3. I'm SO excited you are going to do this!

    JayLeigh--don't be afraid..that is exactly what satan wants to instill in us..fear! Just think of it as 12 chapters of the greatest book you've ever read. One that you just can't wait to read each day!

  4. Not up for it! LOL! But as my life has imploded quite a bit, it probably would do me a world of good.

    I do feel blessed to say that I have read through the whole Bible though. And you are right about how hard it can be. I think that is because different parts talk to us in our different seasons. I used to hate Job and it was like reading a different language...until I lived a season where it spoke to me deeply and I so got it.

    Good luck! Will be rooting for you!

  5. I've attempted this in the past, maybe I will pick it up again, but if I have questions will you be there?

  6. The reason why the Bible is so difficult to read is that it supposed to be learnt from the original Hebrew with the classic commentaries, e.g. Rashi, Ramban (Nachmanidies). Reading the English translation (which is normally a translation from Hebrew to Greek to Latin to English - understandably some of it gets lost in the translation) without explanation is not going to give you the same understanding. I would recommend getting an Artscroll Tanach (5 books of Moses, the Prophets, and Writings), if you are really interested in understanding it.
    Good luck

  7. WOW! That way makes it sound so doable! I hate to say I will join you and then fail but I will do my best. I have started it again from Genesis and I've only gotten about half way through that. I still have never read the whole thing.
    I do a bible study every morning with it and it does give me verses to go along with it but I just might have to keep checking back here and using you as some moral support!!

  8. i have NEVER commented on a blog - and to be honest i dont even really know how it works - expect from what i learned from watching Julia & Julia...lol I recently started going back to church again with my daughter though and really have felt a need to read the bible - all of it!! My uncle is preacher and recently just started his own church - VERY blessed to be a part of the family!! Inspires me to learn and know more. Also i work with JW's - and i love them... truly good people who are christians - contray to what many people believe. But they do interpret the bible A LOT differently in some cases.... I really need to read and learn and let God's word speak to me. Dont think im supposed to be writing a book here - sorry... Any way point was i decided today to read the Bible and have it done by the new year and i looked up bible reading plans and here you are!!!! Our God is truly an awesome God!!!!

  9. hi again - also found this...Sept. 4 Genesis 1-12
    Sept. 5 Genesis 13-24
    Sept. 6 Genesis 25-34
    Sept. 7 Genesis 35-43
    Sept. 8 Genesis 44-50

    Sept. 11 Matthew 1-11
    Sept. 12 Matthew 12-21
    Sept. 13 Matthew 22-28
    Sept. 14 1 Corinthians
    Sept. 15 2 Corinthians

    Sept. 18 Psalm 1-17
    Sept. 19 Pslam 18-33
    Sept. 20 Psalm 34-50
    Sept. 21 1 Samuel 1-13
    Sept. 22 1 Samuel 14-21

    Sept. 25 1 Samuel 22-31
    Sept. 26 2 Samuel 1-13
    Sept. 27 2 Samuel 14-19
    Sept. 28 2 Samuel 20-24
    Sept. 29 Micah

    Oct. 2 Exodus 1-12
    Oct. 3 Exodus 13-25
    Oct. 4 Exodus 26-32
    Oct. 5 Exodus 33-40
    Oct. 6 Leviticus 1-12

    Oct. 9 Leviticus 13-20
    Oct. 10 Leviticus 21-27
    Oct. 11 Mark 1-8
    Oct. 12 Mark 9-16
    Oct. 13 Galatians and Ephesians

    Oct. 16 Philippians and Colossians
    Oct. 17 Psalm 51-63
    Oct. 18 Psalm 64-75
    Oct. 19 Psalm 76-86
    Oct. 20 Psalm 87-100

    Oct. 23 1 Kings 1-7
    Oct. 24 1 Kings 8-16
    Oct. 25 1 Kings 17-22
    Oct. 26 2 Kings 1-9
    Oct. 27 2 Kings 10-17

    Oct. 30 2 Kings 18-25
    Oct. 31 Zechariah and Nahum
    Nov. 1 Numbers 1-8
    Nov. 2 Numbers 9-18
    Nov. 3 Numbers 19-28

    Nov. 6 Numbers 29-36
    Nov. 7 Luke 1-7
    Nov. 8 Luke 8-15
    Nov. 9 Luke 16-24
    Nov. 10 Acts 1-9

    Nov. 13 Acts 10-19
    Nov. 14 Acts 20-28
    Nov. 15 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians
    Nov. 16 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon
    Nov. 17 Isaiah 1-8

    Nov. 20 Isaiah 9-17
    Nov. 21 Isaiah 18-25
    Nov. 22 Isaiah 26-34
    Nov. 23 Isaiah 35-43
    Nov. 24 Isaiah 44-51

    Nov. 27 Isaiah 52-78
    Nov. 28 Isaiah 59-66
    Nov. 29 Ezra
    Nov. 30 Zephaniah
    Dec. 1 Deuteronomy 1-11

    Dec. 4 Deuteronomy 12-23
    Dec. 5 Deuteronomy 24-33
    Dec. 6 Joshua 1-8
    Dec. 7 Joshua 9-17
    Dec. 8 Joshua 18-24

    Dec. 11 I Chronicles 1-8
    Dec. 12 I Chronicles 9-20
    Dec. 13 I Chronicles 21-29
    Dec. 14 2 Chronicles 1-9
    Dec. 15 2 Chronicles 10-16

    Dec. 18 2 Chronicles 17-23
    Dec. 19 2 Chronicles 24-30
    Dec. 20 2 Chronicles 31-26
    Dec. 21 Psalm 101-117
    Dec. 22 Psalm 118-137

    Dec. 25 Psalm 138-150
    Dec. 26 Song of Songs
    Dec. 27 Amos & Malachi
    Dec. 28 Hebrews
    Dec. 29 I-III John
    Jan. 1 Judges 1-10
    Jan. 2 Judges 11-21
    Jan. 3 Nehemiah 1-6
    Jan. 4 Nehemiah 7-13
    Jan. 5 Jeremiah 1-6

    Jan. 8 Jeremiah 7-15
    Jan. 9 Jeremiah 16-22
    Jan. 10 Jeremiah 23-30
    Jan. 11 Jeremiah 31-37
    Jan. 12 Jeremiah 38-45

    Jan. 15 Jeremiah 46-52
    Jan. 16 Lamentations
    Jan. 17 John 1-6
    Jan. 18 John 7-12
    Jan. 19 John 13-21

    Jan. 22 Ezekiel 1-6
    Jan. 23 Ezekiel 7-14
    Jan. 24 Ezekiel 15-22
    Jan. 25 Ezekiel 23-29
    Jan. 26 Ezekiel 30-36

    Jan. 29 Ezekiel 37-42
    Jan. 30 Ezekiel 43-48
    Jan. 31 Joel
    thought it might be helpful :)

  10. Hi Sanrda,

    I commend you for taking on this challenge and I know you'll be blessed on your journey!

    I have signed up to follow your wonderful blog and I'd love it if you joined me at Create With Joy!

    I see you have a weekly recipe hop - I look forward to joining you for that!


  11. Hi Sandra,
    I loved this post so true. I was thinking of writing a similar one. I am wanting do this 4 month read through. I saw it somewhere else there are some accountability groups do you know who started it? I really liked the idea of reading together. They also have discussions on certain days. See you Monday. Have a great weekend.

  12. The Lord knows i need it. Please help me IM IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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