Saturday, February 5, 2011

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30 Day notice of relocation

Being a military family has it's perks and I have to say that it's one of the most rewarding ways of life you'll ever encounter.  But with that also come a lot of cons and I mean a lot, a lot of little annoyances here and there, the constant packing and moving from base to base and country to country, never really being able to place roots anywhere until you retire.

For the most part it's a wonderful way of life but you're also at the mercy of the Military and their housing, yes, the dreaded four letter word that every military member cringes at.  HOUSING

They like to keep us on our toes and you don't ever feel like it's YOUR house, you're just a add your touches here and there and try to make it a home but in the back of your mind you know that it's not really your place and when they want you out, they want you OUT.

Friday afternoon we got a knock at the door and were presented with a letter.

Dear so and so....this is your 30 notification of relocation.  We decided that we want to renovate all the homes right this very minute, so therefore you will pack up your things, come to a meeting next week and draw a house out of a hat, then move into that house.  If you don't like it, you can trade with another family that is being relocated.

I would say it's surreal but unfortunately it's the second time that this has happened to us on this base, the very first time I'm sure my older blog readers will remember, we had just arrived at this base 6 months prior and were told to move out of our house into this one.  Now, we're being told to move out of this one to another one and frankly, I'm getting pretty tired of this.

July will be 4 years that we've been at this base and in that time period we've moved 3 times and lived in 3 different houses, tell me that is not ridiculous???

So here shortly, in about a week or so, we'll be doing this again:


And I'm sure right after that, I'll be making another post on how sore I am and how everything in my body is killing me.  Such is the life of a military wife!

I'm starting to pack up the house again, pretty much going to pack everything that we don't need for our daily living.  Then I have to start cleaning, luckily I like to keep a clean and tidy house so it won't be hard when we have our inspection.

We have our pre-inspection sometime the end of next week or beginning of the following one, even though they're renovating and tearing it apart, we still have to leave it as if it was being moved into. 

So, packing, looking for more boxes, coordinating the kids schooling so they won't miss too much when we have no internet during the move, having to organize the dish and phone transfer to a new house plus changing the address on everything AGAIN.

There's doctor appointments, my car being repaired and all sorts of other little things going on in the middle of this move.  I pray for patience and I pray for an extra hour or two in a day.

If you see some sporadic posting from now until we're in the new house, you'll understand why.  :)


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