Sunday, February 13, 2011

# arizona renaissance festival

Where did we spend our Saturday????

Middle Shire

Well at the Arizona Renaissance Fair of course.

We go every single year and we never get tired of it, there's always something new to see, always something fun to engage in and always some goodies to get.  Truth be told, it's expensive, I mean, really expensive and it's definitely best to go when you have some extra money or you may just come away feeling depressed and sad.  Trust me, I've been there!  LOL

But let me show you some of the highlights, there were so many and I wish I could just post all the photos here but then you guys would be stuck on my blog for hours and I don't want to be blamed for housework not being done, or time away from the family.

I'll just give you the link to the whole album on my Flickr account and you can go there, if you wish.

Incence Burners





The Spice Traders Teas


Storybook Woods

Storybook Woods

Storybook Woods

Bonnie Lass









Twig the Fairy

Elephant Rides

Jamila Lotus Bellydancing

Mommy and Nic

The King and Queen

Jousting Tournament

Jousting Tournament

The Ded Bob Show

What a blast!!!

I stocked up on my wonderful teas.  Remember The Spice Trader Teas from last year, the one I actually did a giveaway on?

I got another tin of Cinnamon Apricot (It's a blend of whole marigold petals, cinnamon chips, diced apricot pieces, apricot essences and black tea) which is divine.

I also got new mixes, Pomegranate Green (A sweet tea, full of flavor with rose, pomegranate and senica green tea)

Irish Breakfast (A very pleasant smelling tea with the flavor of an Irish spring morning. It has a fresh flavor and delicious finish which is perfect as an appetizer tea or even an after dinner tea) and

Pirate Punch (A child's tea (WOW! what about a tea for kids?) that's how it started. A tea that kids would like and a decaf as well - so Pirate Punch was made. A combination of fruits and tea that will make drinking tea an adventure for kids of any age).

I also picked up another 4 scented candles from my favorite candle vendor.  Irie Candles.  They are amazing, I still have mine from last year and they still smell wonderful and are nowhere near done.


Then my hubby got me a beautiful huge hand-carved candle from Royal Candle Makers.  It refills with a votive candle and it lasts for many many years and when I say many years, the owner explained how his first hand dipped wax candle is still going strong after 25 years.

Now to wait until next year to go again.  At least it's something to look forward to right?

Do you go to your local Renaissance Fair?  Do you like it? 

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