Wednesday, February 2, 2011

# home life

Right now I am.......


:::::::: Indulging in these beautiful tulips, knowing that I'm horrible with plants and praying that I can keep them alive


:::::::: Smiling at these mini roses, in awe of the Lord's amazing work in creating such a tiny stunning specimen


:::::::: Thanking the Lord that my little one has been given the green light by his pediatrician, his pneumonia is gone


:::::::: Thinking that next week Monday I'll have to endure watching him uncomfortable as we see an allergist to determine why he is always displaying cold symptoms


:::::::: Anxiously waiting to find out if we're also getting a letter from our base housing, informing us that we are to move out of our current house within 30 days because they need to renovate


:::::::: Still giggling at this silly pug who got herself somehow stuck behind the curtains and couldn't figure out how to get out, she eventually just gave up and sat there looking miserable


:::::::: Feeling my heart overflow as I listen to Nicholas and Jasmine recite the Lord's prayer all on their own, with conviction and with pride.

:::::::: and counting my blessings that through this crazy week of unsettling news, of happy joys and of tiring days that seem to flow from one to another, I still have my amazing family standing by me bringing me more joy than I could ever dream of

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