Sunday, January 27, 2013

Arizona Comic Convention

We are total geeks here at home.   We love comic books, super heroes, science fiction and often our dinner conversations center around the cosmos, physics, time travel and all that fun stuff.

Purely by accident, on Friday afternoon I found out that the Amazing Arizona Comic Convention was happening this weekend.  Yay!

Being that today was Kid's day, we decided it would be the perfect time to go.  A day out, all together, surrounded by a gazillion comic books, fun costumes, some famous faces and fun.

First thing we saw right as we entered the main room was this blow up Tardis.  Adorable!


Stan Lee was supposed to be there, but unfortunately had to cancel last minute due to sickness.


Costumes, costume and more costumes



Amazing artists showing their artwork, it was truly out of this world, if I could I would have bought every single one in there.


Jasmine loves Loki, and she got that Loki drawing and the artist Val Hochberg signed it for her :)


Nicholas loves Halo so he was super excited to see one of the Spartans walking around


Jim Lee, amazing comic book artist


Writer of Moriarty, comic book series based on Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes, he was signing two comic books for Jasmine :)


Highlight of the day for me and especially for Jasmine, was meeting Nichole Chilleli who was the winner of Season 3 of Face Off on SyFy. We LOVE that show and always watch as a family and we cheered Nichole on, voted for her, and really loved her on the show.

She is just as sweet in person as she is on the show. Watching her and Jasmine was so cute, they both kept telling each other "You are so cute, I just love you" LOL

Jasmine LOVES her so much.  She was just beside herself meeting her, and couldn't believe it when Nichole hugged her for the picture.  It was just adorable.

Such a sweet girl, and gorgeous too :)


Mat Nastos works for Phineas and Pherb and he was doing free sketches for the kids.  Nicholas loves Perry and was thrilled to meet him :)



It was loads if fun and we hope to catch another one when we can.

As always I took tons of photos, so if you want to see them all you can take a look at the Amazing Arizona Comic Convention Album on my Flickr.

I'm tired, walking around without sitting down for 4 or 5 hours just kills my lower back.  Think I'll call it an early night, but first, I need to go watch the new Ripper Street and the new Call the Midwife and THEN get to bed and fall asleep to the sound of rain.

It's been raining here now for 4 days and I'm loving every second of it, will surely miss it when it's over and we're back to high temps for the rest of the year.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic day! Are you enjoying Ripper Street? It's one of my favourite watches :)

  2. I used to take Hubs younger brothers (when he was in Korea and I lived at home) and then my son when he was in the 6-10 range. It was always fun.

  3. Oh WOW this looks like the coolest thing ever. My kids would of loved it. We are geeks too. It's cool to be geeks now. Do you by any change watch the Big Bang Theory? Love that show.

  4. I'm legit jealous! And I love that your daughter loves Loki. So do I!!!!


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