Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Full to the brim

That is how I feel today.


We all have good and bad days, and then we have days like today where everything seems to fit into place, where like pieces in a puzzle it just goes together and feels wonderful and you catch yourself smiling out of the blue.

It's been a good day.

I actually managed to get pictures of my girl and the girl and boy together, which doesn't really happen anymore.  As they've grown older, they've shied away from the camera and run in the opposite direction when I pull it out.  It's heartbreaking because I want to capture every single moment of their lives, but I also have to respect their privacy and their feelings.

When they DO allow me to capture something, I have to jump to it and clutch it with both hands.

So, this morning started with a run to the post office, then back home and then back out for some breakfast.


We don't eat drive thru stuff very often and it had been a very long time since I had taken the kids to breakfast anywhere.  They picked Burger King because it's on base, and it's just down the street and they like it, once in a while.

After getting back home, I got right into housework as they kept themselves busy with some computer games and chats and laughs between them.

Desperately needing a good cleaning....especially after greasy military uniforms

First thing I did was get my washer going....I got all the laundry done yesterday and we were due for a good deep cleaning on the washer, especially here in Arizona where have hard water.

I do it every 6 months.  Fill the washer with hot water and about a quart of bleach.  Turn it on to the longest setting you have, let it agitate for a few seconds, then turn it off/pause it and let it sit for an hour.  When the time is up, just finish running the cycle.

When that is done, refill with hot water and this time add 1 quart of vinegar.  Again repeat, let it agitate for a few seconds, then turn it off/pause and let it sit for another hour, when done run the cycle again.

While it's sitting there with the water/vinegar mixture, I take a cleaning cloth and dip it in, wring it out and then give the whole washer a good cleaning.  I do all the nooks and crannies, the top, the sides, the knobs etc.  I also go ahead and clean my dryer really well, the inside tumblr, the top and sides etc.


Much much better :)

While that was going on, we got busy with schooling




Enjoying some Sherlock's for research, and because I like it hahahah


Her hair makes me smile, in all it's gorgeous strawberry blonde crazy messy glory


She's quirky, and cool, and funny and naughty and keeps me on my toes


she's growing too fast for my liking, I no longer see the tiny little girl she used to be, I see a beautiful young lady


And he makes me laugh until my sides hurt, and he's naughty, and goofy and everything a mom could want in a son


They fight like cat and dog, and then other times we find them hugging and telling each other they love each other


I'm not always allowed to take pictures so it's a rare treat nowadays to be able to get them to sit down for one photo.

I know I will treasure all of these for many many years to come.

Throughout the day I've been listening to my favorite radio station, K-Love Christian Radio, and I'm also taking the 30 Day Challenge to only listen to Christian music for the 30 days.

I can't explain how amazing this is for my soul, it truly replenishes me and makes me happy and giddy and so filled with emotion.  Some songs make me happy, some songs bring me to tears, but it's doing amazing things in my life already.

Both my husband and I are doing this together, his truck and my car are set to the radio station and that is ALL that we listen to.  There's a huge change going on in our lives, inwardly and outwardly, and the positivity it's showering us with is palpable.

If you want to give it a try, you can check out the details at K-Love.

Alright, now I'm off to watch a night of premiere shows for us.  I hope you're having a very blessed evening....Oh and if you want something to watch tonight, how about the new Nooma video called Corners???

It's fantastic, and has a very powerful message about how we take things for granted.  But hurry, it's only free to watch today.

I watched it earlier and it's already blessed me.


  1. love days when things are clicking ... :) and the pics turned out good! :)

  2. Aww, they are so sweet...and your daughter's hair is just like Merida's from "Brave", which is awesome of course!

  3. It must be typical with the kids not wanting their photos taken. Felicity hates it! Gregory just acts silly...but he loves to see his face on the computer screen...but yet, he is different than most children, right? Katie has always loved the camera LOL, and it loves her back :-)

    Jasmine does remind me of Merida, too! I had crazy curly hair when I was younger, I hated it. Bot of my daughters inherited it, but with hair tools of today, they are able to keep it more under control than I could in the 80s.

  4. Your daughter's hair is absolutely beautiful! I rarely get pics of my older kids. My son is ok with it, but my daughter shies away. It's their age, i think. The majority of the pictures here lately are of the 14 month old. Last year I did a 21 day fast of nothing but Christian music. It really stuck with me through the year. And it is so refreshing. The baby even naps to my Chris Tomlin station on Pandora. She sleeps so much better with soothing inspirational music.

  5. I love listening to Christian music, that is mostly what is played around here at home. It definitely leaves one feeling uplifted. I do like certain secular stuff but do find too much of it and I definitely don't feel the same.

    Love that you got a pic of the kids together. They hit a certain age and they don't like mom's camera anymore!


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