Thursday, January 31, 2013

Surrounded by prettiness....

:::: Enjoy this magazine, it's always filled with cute projects for the home


::::  surrounded myself with pretty yarns and started a new project.  I have quite a few crochet bags but this Cath Kidston brings me so much joy, I love the colors, the pattern, everything


::::  new dishcloth using Sugar N Cream Cotton yarn


::::  made it in about an hour while I watched my Portuguese soap and waited on laundry to wash and dry


::::  will start on new color variations tomorrow, can't wait to see them all done and in my kitchen


::::  pulled out these recipe books which I love, I have been collecting them for a few years and don't have all of them in the collection yet, but the few I have are a true treasure.  Filled with recipes both sweet and savoury and cute little photos of old villages in England, Scotland, Ireland etc.


::::  One of my favorite spots in my bedroom.

I've had a pretty normal day, the usual housework, homeschooling, cooking of meals and so forth.

I have found that now that I've removed myself from Facebook, I  am using my time more wisely, and so I have been searching and jotting down a number of projects to work on.

If I showed you my bookmarks and notes on projects that I have saved, whether crochet, knit, sewing or painting or woodworking etc, you would be either shocked or think I've lost my mind.

I don't know if I'll ever have the time to get them all done, and then often I wonder if I do make them all what will I do with them, I don't have room for everything that I want to make.  Truth be told, I would need a mansion of crazy size to have a few rooms just to fill with all the things that my mind conjures up.

I can't help it though, as the ideas come to mind, I tend to add them to the ever growing pile.  It's pretty much the same when it comes to books and shows.

Here's an example of my to do lists as far as crafty stuff:


Hexagon Boots
Turn my granny square into a bag
Make a heart garland for Valentine's day
Patch work crochet blanket
Log Cabin blanket
Daisy Flowers
Finish granny blanket
Finish African Flowers blanket


Finish Pug Quilts
Start a new big size quilt
Quilts for both kids
Quilted placemats
Dresden Plate placemats
Fabric covered journal
Leather covered journal

Random projects/homemade products

Paint two bookshelves white
Paint kitchen table white
Cinnamon Spread
Homemade Nesquick
Homemade Cheese

Shows waiting to be watched/halfway through watching

The Spies of Warsaw
Pride and Prejudice Regency Ball
Servants:  The true story of life below stairs
Murdoch Mysteries
The Mary Berry Story
The Doctor Blake Mysteries

See what I mean?!?!?!?!   I need way more than 24 hours in a day and a lot of room if I'm ever to finish or even start half of these, and this is not the full list, it's but a very small percentage.

Truth is, my mind is constantly working, thinking about the next thing to make.  It's never boring in this brain of mine.

Some of you asked about the swiffer crochet cover.  I didn't follow a pattern, I winged it.  But I did a quick search and I found a pattern that is very similar to what I did.  You can find it here.  Matter of fact, I'm going to make my next one using the pattern so I don't have to make it up as I go, will be easier to just follow :)

I love mine, it cleans well, it looks cute as a button and I can throw it in the wash and not worry about any kind of nasty bacteria growing on it like a usual mop.

Off to check out the Cooking Thursday participants, then have to finish my grocery list as grocery shopping is on the agenda for some time tomorrow.


  1. Please share the pattern for the dishcloths, wow so cute!!!

  2. Yes, please! I'm going to get some cotton to make dishcloths too. Top of my list! Again...your photos are just sooooo lovely. I feel like you blog is a little holiday in my head :-)

  3. I agree. Please share the dishcloth pattern in a future post, if you can. It is gorgeous.

  4. I second the busy brain part! I'm the same way! And I just want to tell you how much I adore your stack of crocheted afghans in your bedroom. They look so cheery and pretty!

  5. What a sweet dishcloth! My sew hope I can do someday list is crazy long as well, a girls gotta dream right!!

  6. Cute dishcloth! I really need to stop and teach myself to crochet. I am missing out on having some cute things in my home. Another thing to add to the never ending list of projects and things to do! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. What a great idea to make a list. I keep "mental" lists, but they seem to fly out the window whenever a new project catches my eye. Plus, if I have a list posted where I can see if daily, that might be a good reminder to work on finishing works in progress. The other day I organized my yarn collection and realized I had two crochet afghan plus a baby blanket nearly finished--there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to complete them in the next few weeks. Thanks for the motivation!

  8. My list and yours need to talk to each other. Sigh. Hours. HOURS. Days needed! I keep telling people I have never been bored for a second in my life, and they cannot grasp the idea. So much to do, make, try! And yes, I need the link to the pattern too please

  9. I started a lapghan about a month ago. I really need to finish it. Everyone but me has been sick at my house this past week and are always asking for an extra blanket. Thankful that I haven't been sick I've been able to keep the businesses going somewhat.

  10. Another lovely post, Sandra. I love the cute dishcloth. My to-do list is just as long as yours. So much to do, so little time. I'm currently working on a sweeper cloth like the one you posted about the other day and a heart garland. That homemade Nesquick sounds intriguing.


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