Friday, January 04, 2013

Between thread and needles

that is how I spent my Friday, and I have to say that it's one of my favorite ways to spend the day.


I sometimes feel stifled by my lack of working area, I have to make do with what I have which means using the floor to pin things or cut fabric, and the kitchen table to sew it all.

Oh I so dream of having my own studio one day, I don't even need a big space but I already envision what it would look like, with robin egg blue colored walls, and white shelves filled with all colors of yarn and bolts of fabric, and a big window with lace curtains, beautiful pink tulips on the window sill.

*sigh*  it's good to dream.

But for now, I'm good, I can make it work.

I worked on my quilt all day long and it's been

It hasn't all been joyous moments though, my word, there have been overwhelming, intimidating, make me want to cry and rip it all apart moments.....and if it wasn't for my husband cheering me on and even offering advice here and there, I don't know if I would have kept at it.
I had to remind myself of that word.

I've always believed that one day I would make a quilt, and here I am, making that dream come true.

There are so many things wrong with it, some seams that didn't quite match up which in turn made the sewing a little off at times....but oh it's my labor of love.

Perfectly Imperfect!!!

So, so very perfectly imperfect, and in it's imperfections I see almost a mirror of myself.  This patchwork of colorful happy moments that sometimes don't quite go the way they should, but they still work and they still make you smile.


Went by JoAnn's this morning and sat in there quite a while trying to figure out which fabric I would use for the back.  Would I go with a solid color or a pattern?  It took me what seems like forever to settle on the red fabric above, but once I saw it I knew that was it.

Best part of the trip to JoAnn's, chatting with the ladies cutting the fabric about Downton Abbey and other British shows hahahah

Of course I had to give them some websites to watch on, but everyone is excited for Sunday when Season 3 starts on PBS.

For those of you who haven't watched yet, I will only tell you that you'll love it and hate it at the same time, but it's brilliant, and you bet your sweet behind I'll be re-watching :)


Back to the quilt, what took me the longest time was pinning it all together.  Goodness, how do you quilters do it?  I had to do it on the ground and my knees and lower back were killing me.....well....I'm sure the answer is that you don't use the floor hahah


Once that was done I got to sewing it all and the very first row I tried to sew, puckered and shifted and I wanted to cry.  I had to give myself a time out to breathe, but then I got right back in there and down to business.


It's now all done, binding is pinned and I've had to set it aside because my back really does hurt.

I will finish it in the morning and then get some pictures to show you all.  Be kind though, this is my very first quilt and I'm sure you expert quilters will no doubtedly notice my messes and laugh, but it's such a huge achievement for me, can't even begin to tell you :)

Oh before I leave, let me show you what I quickly made last night while hubby was in class.


I have another one to make, will use a different color though :)

And I also wanted to show you what my boy made this afternoon, with a little help from dad, and then they sat in the driveway playing with it.


Got some ghostie shows waiting to watch on TV, so I'm off to do that.

Have a restful, blessed night,


  1. I love the quilt. It is on my bucket list to do to but will definitely have to wait till I have a bigger house. Even trying on the floor wouldn't br enough room lol!

    But, its an amazing accomplishment Congrats Sandra!

  2. Just from the little snippets it looks beautiful. I love the stitching! I might have to try that and the one I am making now.

  3. A lovely post Sandra and your quilt looks very pretty and happy. You are doing a beautiful job.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. To make the quilting part easier get a walking foot and a stippling foot for your machine. They keep the puckering from happening. I love the backing you chose! It's one if my favorite fabrics at Joann's and they have offered that one for more than 10 years :-) Looks beautiful and cannot wait to see the finished project!

  5. Just one thing - you have a walking foot to do the machine quilting with, right? It is almost impossible without one. And there is no such thing as a perfect quilt. I think I told you before - it is all in the history of the quilt and it usually contains some DNA as well! Just love it for what it is - part of you. Well done!

  6. Each and every quilt is perfect when you make it yourself and it's DONE!! I too lay my quilts on the floor to pin, what a job!! As the other ladies stated, get yourself a walking foot, I don't know how you could do the quilting without it, GO YOU!! BTW I do have a sewing room but for the most part I still sew at the kitchen table Ha. My room however is great to hoard all the stuff.

  7. Beautiful colors - can't wait to see the finished photos!

  8. Beautiful fabric... looking forward to seeing it finished. Quilting is on my list of things to try.

  9. I love it! I made my first quilted item last summer, but I started small ~ a table runner. I got it all done and then kind of freaked out with the binding. I got intimidated when it came to binding the corners. I talked to a woman from church who quilts and she showed me an easy way to put on binding, but I never did get around to doing it. I should do that this winter, though. It's a spring/summery looking table runner, so if I finish it this winter, I will have it all ready to deck the table in the spring. Thanks for sharing your project. I love the color/fabric combos you used! And the pop can car your son made? Did you buy that as a kit somewhere? That looks like something my son would really enjoy building!

  10. I made my first quilt (actually two) for my new grandbabies. I felt the frustration as well and there were times I was ripping out stitches with much less love than I wanted to have. When it was finished it was beautifully imperfect but filled with love -- just like I'm sure I will be as a new grandma!

    I also have to tell you I ADORE your pins!!!

  11. The quilt is Beautiful!! So nicely made ,lovely colors!! You are so talented and gifted,I so wish I could create handcrafted things for my family,my home but I just don't have the talent. If anything,I would love to knit,tried it once and just couldn't catch on. Looking forward to your next creation!! Suzy M.

  12. I can't wait to see your finished quilt! It's something I really want to have a go at one day.
    I'm trying to knit your dish cloth pattern at the moment though and that takes enough concentration lol! You can see my progress on my blog if you'd like :) xxxx

  13. On the floor too! I did start using the basting spray before pinning. Just to keep it from shifting ehe I'm crawling around on it pinning. It keeps the puckers down also.


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