Monday, January 14, 2013

Slow day


It's not often, but sometimes I have an off day.

A slow day.  A moving at snails pace day and powered by cups of coffee day.

I woke up with a bit of a headache and sinus pressure, well, the headache can be attributed to the elephant that seems to be sitting on my face.  If there's one thing that annoys me, it's sinus anything.

To add to that, this cold weather we've been having has made my sciatica flare up and I've found myself walking extremely slowly and dealing with these twinges on my right side.

I guess it's the joys of getting older.  It's so funny to me, because I remember a time when a pain was just a little thing, cold weather was just cold weather and sinus was something that my stepmother and grandmother endured.

As I get close to 40 years old, I feel pains and strains much stronger and now it's my kids looking at me with the odd expression on their faces LOL

But, even though I was feeling kind of off today, I still had a house that needed my attention, so I got right to work and zipped through the dishes, she vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, laundry and all that other fun stuff of our daily lives.

I didn't even get to stop and grab many pictures because I was busy......really busy.

And I didn't get everything on the to do list menu plan and grocery list is only half way done so I'll work on those in the morning.

There was lots of dusting, as always.  I dusted back in Idaho, but never like this, Arizona is just in it's own level of dusty craziness.......I know, I know....desert and all that.


Frustrating, if you look at it you may think I haven't dusted in a while, when in actuality, it was dusted just two days ago.

In between all the housework, I have been grabbing sneak peeks at this gem of a book....I've had it for so many years, it's an old but loved favorite.   And even though I don't have preschoolers anymore, I still enjoy reading and laughing along with the author. 


Dinner had to be on the table very early so the Sergeant could get in, eat, and out to class, so this morning I got dinner going in the crockpot, Honey Garlic Chicken which is delicious and for a side, I warmed up some baked potatoes that I had in the freezer.

Slow Cooked Honey Garlic Chicken

As a special treat for everyone, I also whipped up a quick chocolate cake.  It's the perfect amount for us, baked in a small pan and won't have to worry about leftovers laying around for days.

Mix in a Pan Chocolate Cake

So there you have it, nothing interesting going on today, just the usual homemaking stuff. 

I'm going to go work on my crochet blanket a little more, forgot to take a picture of that earlier today but I've added on 9 more rows :)  I'll show you tomorrow.

God Bless,


  1. Just started following your blog from I have been dealing with a sinus infection recently, too. My parents both have chronic sinus infections that started in their mid-late twenties, so now I am all owl-eyed, wondering if that horrible predicament is beginning for me too. It is no fun.

  2. Dusting has just become the bane of my life thanks to this allergy! Truthfully I've never been one to dust ever so regularly but now all of a sudden I'm seeing dust everywhere lol!
    That chocolate cake may be just the thing I'm looking for this afternoon :)
    I hope your sinuses and sciatica ease up soon, have a lovely day xx

  3. YOU certainly do get a lot done on a slow day! I keep an allergy thing going even with weekly shots... it doesnt do to live in a bowl at the convergence of the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains.... that cake mixed int he pan would make anyone feel better though! Yum!

  4. My days have been like that too, only towards our school lessons. With the two younger ones down with the flu last week, I was doing housework like crazy just in case I came down with it. Now I'm doing loads of laundry, and so our school lessons have been put on hold until everyone is feeling better and I get the house back into shape! I pinned both of those recipes and will be making them very soon. Actually, I think I'll make the cake tonight. I like that it's a smaller portion so that there are not many leftovers lurking and tempting for days after. Well, have a blessed day!

  5. HA!! Slow day? you got more done than most do on a fast day!! Hope you feel better today.

  6. I had my first sinus infection this winter. Not fun! I love a slow day. Hope you are feeling better!

  7. Oh Sandra,
    You are SUCH an amazing homemaker. I seriously wish I had the energy to complete 1/4 of what you get done... while sick. :) The recipes look fantastic! And, that book looks super good - might need to put that on my wish list. :)

  8. So nice to see that someone else knows that "Cake Mix in a Pan" recipe! My dear grandma baked it many a time, and I always thought of it as a depression-era cake. It was one of the recipes that she passed on to me and I love baking it, too, because it is VERY tasty and bakes in an 8X8 inch pan. Who would imagine that a cake with VINEGAR and no egg would taste so good!!

  9. I just love coming here to see what you've been doing. I hate dusting and since we've moved into a log home I pretty much have to dust every day if I want to keep up with it ;(

  10. I really enjoy your daily posts and pictures on your blog. I wanted to ask, what type of camera do you use to take the pictures you post on your blog? I am picking up photography as a hobby and wanted to know. Thanks in advance.

  11. For dusting, try this....make your own dust cloths. I did this on new years day and let them sit for a week and used one about a week ago and the olive oil in the cloths seems to really keep the dust away. Maybe not as long as in AZ but it's worth a try.

    Mix 1 cup water with 1 cup of vinegar and 1 tsp of olive oil. Mix with whisk. Soak your cloths one at a time then wring out until slightly less than damp. Layer them in a jar with orange or lemon peels in between and let sit a week. Dust as normal.

    I loved using these so much that I went looking for things to dust. It's fast, easy and human friendly.


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