Saturday, March 4, 2017

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{ Book Fair Haul }

Midwestern State University was holding their annual book fair this morning, so we went as a family to check it out, see what it was like and if we wanted to get a book or two.

As we stepped in we were met with this sight.....don't mind the plunger sign holders, I had quite a giggle at those.  

Books, books and thousands of books!!!

So the gist was, you either pay for the books that you buy separately, I think like $1 for paperback and $2 for hardback, or you buy a book bag for $8 then fill it with as many books as you want or can, then pay $10 for the filled bag.  In essence $18 for a full bag with as many as you can stuff in there.

That's what we did, and friends, boy did I stuff that bag.  By the end I had a hard time lugging it around, it was that heavy and that full.

Any kind of book you may have thought of, any kind of genre, big books and small books, hard cover and soft cover, over sized, history, science, romance, cookbooks and so on.

I felt completely overwhelmed at one point, not quite knowing which way to turn, and scared I would miss something I would later want.

But, I kept my cool and took my time.  We spent 2 hours there, just browsing, looking, picking up book by book.  Some went in the bag and others didn't.  I'm quite particular about my reading books and won't just take anything.  I was the last one to fill the bag hahaha

I was determined to fill that bag until I couldn't fit anything else.  I do love that it's all for a good cause, and for $18, I think it's a steal.

We then headed over for to the Cotton Patch Cafe for lunch.  We had never been there, and oh my word, it was not only pretty affordable but absolutely delicious.   They have some of the best Fried Green Tomatoes, I have ever tasted.

It was a nice lunch, it was a nice time spent with family.  We try to do this kind of thing at least once a month because life gets so busy and even though we live 5 minutes from each other, weeks will go by where we don't meet face to face.

Right, now let me show you my book haul.  I'm so giddy with excitement.

Book Fair

24 books.  Most of them hardbacks and most of them either by authors I love, books I've been looking for, for a while, and others from the genres I enjoy.

Book Fair

These two I threw in my bag because I love collecting old books.  They were in the section for old books published before the 1900's, so I had to get them.

Book Fair

Look at that....1897.

Book Fair

and 1891.

Book Fair

My brother actually pointed out the Pillsbury's Bake off Breads Cookbook, I gave it a quick browse and it's filled with yummy recipes.

Bridal Fashions - Victorian Era, because, come on you know I would grab that one :)

Book Fair

Book Fair

That is going to be such a fun book to read :)

Book Fair

Mary Balogh - The Secret Mistress
Stephanie Laurens - Temptation and Surrender
Kristin Hannah - Winter Garden
Maeve Binchy - Whitethorn Woods
Patricia Cornwell - The Body Farm

Book Fair

Ruth Glover - With Love from Bliss
Rebecca DeMarino - A Place in His Heart
Victoria Holt - The Queen's Confession
Lauraine Snelling - Amethyst
Jessica Stirling - The Iand Wife
Catherine Coulter - Prince of Ravenscar
Mary Balogh - The Proposal

Book Fair

Overall, I think I scored some really good books and I honestly can't wait to start reading, now to decide which one I will read first.

Oh and I just realized there is a book missing from the stash.  I got Phillipa Gregory's Meridon. 

It really was such an enjoyable day, family, laughs, books, yummy food.  Perfect Saturday, was just missing my girl :)


  1. How fun!!!! You have some great reading ahead.

  2. sounds like a very nice day..

  3. Now that would be my kinda family time!! I see you got The Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers. Such a great story.

  4. What a wonderful day! I love thrifting......the cafe looks like it was fun as to spend time with family and friends......


  5. Great haul! I love book fairs.

  6. Wow! I would have loved to fill a bag with books! Looks like you really scored!


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