Thursday, March 9, 2017

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{ Mammogram and finally Coffee }

March 9, 2017

The dreaded mammogram is done!!!

Friends, I stress myself out waiting for it to happen, it's not something I enjoy or look forward to, but I'm so glad to have it behind me and move on. 

I debated on whether I was going to take a picture at the hospital or not, I wasn't sure if it was something that I should do, but I felt led to do it if nothing more than for the fact that, I think if I encourage even just one woman to go and get her mammogram, then my job is done :)

In this day and age where so many selfies are taken, there are some that need to be shared and I often find that the most important things we SHOULD be taking selfies of, are left undone for either fear of how it will be viewed, or embarrassment or for fear of offending someone, or maybe because we just don't think it's something anyone wants to see.

Now I didn't take a photo of the actual mammogram, of course, but I did snap two photos before the exam, because I wanted to share them.  Because March is Women's History Month, and if there's any better time to bring this important women's exam to light, it is now.

 I wish I had found a blog post somewhere sharing these things with me, before I went for my first mammogram last year.  I was terrified, I didn't know what to expect, what it would look like, what I would have to do, how long it would take.  I had so many questions and so many fears.

Because of my own experience prior to my first, I thought that today I would share a little about how my mammograms have gone, granted I've had just two, this being my second.  Many women have different experiences, their own stories to tell, their own way of preparing, some don't prepare at all.  Some doctors give them advice, others don't.  But I think for the most part, it's all the same.

I was advised not to wear deodorant or any lotion under my arms or on my breasts.  The deodorant because of the aluminum it contains which may show up on the mammogram and thereby make the radiologist think there's something there where there isn't.  Same thing with the lotion.

Many hospitals will tell you it's fine to wear deodorant because they do provide wipes and deodorant for after the exam.  Mine does, but nonetheless I stay away from it, unless it's the peak of summer then of course, I'll wear something and wipe it off there.

The caffeine thing seems to be a bit of a mixed feelings on it.  Many women say they've never heard of it and have always had their mammograms done without a problem.  Many others like me, have been told to stay away from it for 3 days up to a week prior.  Actually if you google it, you will see the explanation as to why recently they tell you not to have caffeine.

I snapped this pic right before my mammogram.

Let me just say that so many women will tell you that it's not sore, it doesn't hurt, it is just uncomfortable.  Many others will say that it's painful.

I fall into the painful and uncomfortable category.  I have always had very sensitive breasts, I have dense fibrous breasts and caffeine exacerbates it.  My one coffee a day is not an issue, but if I have those days where I need the extra energy boost and have 2 or 3 coffees, I definitely feel it.

I'm not here to scare anyone, I'm not here to tell anyone that it's so sore that you can't handle it.  I can handle it, I can take it, but yes, it is quite painful for me.  At one point today, I actually remember that as she took one of the xrays, it was so sore that I literally said in my head "Lord, please hold my hand through this."   But just as you think you can't take anymore, it's done.

I guess the point I'm trying to make through all this is that we need to take care of ourselves.  We need to set that fear aside and, get in there and do what needs to be done in order to make sure we are healthy for our husbands and our children and our friends.

I don't enjoy this, I don't look forward to it, I stress in the days leading up to it, and then I stress for a few days more until I hear the results, because my hospital doesn't divulge them to me, they send them to my gynecologist within a few days and then if there's something wrong, she will call me, if I don't hear anything then everything is fine.  It's nerve wrecking, to say the least!!!

But please, if you are a woman, if you have a history of breast cancer in your family, go and get your early screening done.  If you are a woman who is 40 years old, please go and get your first mammogram done. It is SO important, I can't stress that enough!!!

Another thing that always helps me, is having my husband with me.  He knows how scared I am and how nervous I get, and so he takes time off work to take me to my appointment.  He can't go in, but just knowing that he is in the waiting room, makes me feel better.

Right after the appointment, he took me to Starbucks because he knew how much I was wanting a nice cup of coffee.  A Salted Caramel Latte later and my headache was gone.  Yay!!!

Now, I knew I had my appointment late in the day, so I threw together a Lasagna in the Crockpot so it would be ready when we got back home.  It was something that took a little bit of time in the morning to get together, but it ensured that we had a yummy dinner ready and I didn't have to make the hubby and kids wait for me to get back and then still cook dinner.  Sometimes a little planning and organizing on our part, goes a long way.

March 9, 2017

I need to show you this beauty.  My Jasmine's boyfriend, Nick, works for Starbucks, and he gave Curt and I this machine as a Christmas present.  He hadn't had a chance yet to visit so we didn't get it until we picked up Jasmine, but oh my goodness.

I was so shocked, I actually wanted to cry hahaha  I've wanted one for a long time, so to have this gifted was amazing.  Since I couldn't have coffee, I had to wait until today to go buy the pods for it, which I did when we stopped at Starbucks for coffee after my appointment, and tomorrow I'm going to give it a go.  I can not wait :)

March 9, 2017

March 9, 2017

My Marley is growing into a beautiful dog.  I am amazed by him on a daily basis, he is gorgeous, he is the sweetest dog, he is incredibly smart, I adore him :)

March 9, 2017

He loves everyone in the family, but he has a very special weak spot for Jasmine, he loves her to death and he missed her when she was gone for two weeks.  Now that she's back he is constantly near her and cuddling with her.  How adorable is this?

She fell asleep on the couch and he just went right to sleep by her :)

Anyway, a busy, eventful day, but I'm glad it's over with.  Tomorrow I am doing a Spend The Day with Me, so I hope you'll join me bright and early.  I'm quite looking forward to it!!!

I'm going to get off here and go and work on week 4 of the Scheepje's Hygge CAL, I'll show you tomorrow.


  1. I had the 3D mammogram this time and I feel good that it is supposed to be a more in depth look. It was covered by my insurance and I could request it myself. For next time :)

    1. I did too, I had the 3D last year and this year again. Last year it wasn't covered by my insurance and my copay was $56, but this year it's covered. And I like it, like you say it is a lot more in depth :)

  2. Thank you for this encouraging post, Sandra. I will have my first one this year and to say the least I am apprehensive. Your post really lifted my spirits about it.

    1. Thanks Sandra, posts like this will get the word out! Get it done!

  3. Having the 3D is quick and for me not at all painful but each woman is different. Recommend having an early appointment if not the first of the day for two reasons. Lessens anxiety if you are prone to it and less time to be without coffee. But ladies, there is nothing to be frightened of! IF, something should pop up, think how grateful you will be that it was found early!


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