Monday, March 27, 2017

# happy homemaker monday

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 03/27/2017 }

Happy Monday friends!!!

Welcome to another Happy Homemaker Monday.  It is the last one of March, can you believe that?  I need this year to slow down a bit, it's going a bit too fast but then lately the past few years, I feel like it's been the norm.

I remember when I was a young child and time seemed to be so slow, days dragged on, months dragged on, especially when you were waiting for your birthday to come around again hahah

Anyway, I just need time to slow a little and not be in such a rush to finish the year, I'm not ready for that yet.

I had a few crazy stressful weeks, and my blogging kind of took a back seat, not as bad as previous years, but I didn't get my daily blogging like I wanted to.  Now that things have calmed down I can get back on track, thank goodness.  Let's see what we have coming up this week.

The weather:::
It's finally Spring, beautiful hot gorgeous days here in North Texas.  But it also means the start of Tornado season and we're already well into it.  The state had some tornado watches and warnings yesterday, thankfully not in our area just south of us, but tomorrow we are having pretty bad thunderstorms, so praying it doesn't get too bad.  Looks like this week we'll be staying in the upper 70's which if you ask me, is pretty perfect weather :)      

On my reading pile:::
It's sad that I haven't changed this category yet, but I'm still slowly getting through Phillipa Gregory "Meridon".

Movies or Shows I watched this weekend:::
I watched We're The Millers with my daughter, on Saturday night.  I had already seen it but she hadn't and we stayed up late watching it.  I also watched more of the Women Behind Bars.  Not much else, we were pretty busy this weekend.

On my TV:::
General Hospital
Dr Phil (if it's a new one)
Have to watch last night's Walking Dead
Hoping to watch Beauty and the Beast as well as Get Out this week.

On the menu for this week:::

Monday 20th
Spaghetti with Garlic Bread and Salad
Tuesday 21st
Roast Chicken and Potatoes  
Wednesday 22nd
Homemade Tacos and Mexican Rice
Thursday 23rd
Salisbury Steak, Basmati Rice, Green Beans
Friday 3rd
Homemade Pizza 
Saturday 4th
*Grocery Shopping, need to make the new menu this week*
Sunday 5th

On my to do list:::
Monday - Loads of Housework to do, Bake Bread
Tuesday - Homeschooling, Plan my Spring Cleaning
Wednesday - Spring Clean Living Room
Thursday - Spring Clean Den
Friday - Spring Clean Kitchen

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
On the last row of Part 9 of the Mandala Madness.
Still haven't caught up with the Scheepjes CAL, hoping to get all those single crochet rows done before Wednesday when the big middle embroidery pattern is released. 

Looking around the house:::

It's a mess, it needs a lot of attention this morning.  I took the weekend off and did just the bare minimum, usual dishes, cooking and laundry.  Then I spent pretty much all day yesterday hanging with my daughter, and playing The Sims 4.  I don't often do that and it was so nice to relax and take it easy. 

From the camera:::
I took this pic of my Mandala Madness progress, and of course Mister Marley always thinks I laid it down for him to enjoy.  It's quite funny. 

What I'm wearing today:::
Still in my pajamas at the moment, just finishing off this post, then will throw on some comfy shorts and a tshirt and get to working on the house.   

One of my simple pleasures:::
You will find me completely insane for saying what I'm about to.....but.....housework is one of my simple pleasures.  I know, sounds nuts, but it's true.

Bible verse, Devotional::: 


  1. I will take your upper 70's and trade you our mid 80's? LOVE how Mr. Marley thinks it's ALL about him. He's growing so big AND so cute! Great inspiration too. Have a GREAT week.

  2. Your Mandala Madness is beautiful! I thought it was two-dimensional (like coloring or watercolors) - not three dimensional. I've never seen something like that before - very creative and unique!

  3. I have just started Happy Homemaker Monday and I love it! Your mandala madness project is so pretty, I myself have many craft projects I would love to get done. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed week!

  4. We had the 70s last week and I loved it. We're back into the 50s and low 60s this week. Feel like we were spoiled last week. I think if you get pleasure from housework, you could come on over and be deliriously happy here ;) I love things after they are all clean but the cleaning? Not so much. Hope you have a great week!

  5. The Mandala Madness is gorgeous! Have a great week.

  6. Happy Monday Hon! Sending prayers that you stay safe during this scary stormy season.
    Love your mandala and seeing your sweet most adorable Boy!! Marley is such a Cutie! ;)
    Blessings on the rest of your week. xoxo

  7. So Scary about tornados, I don't think I could handle it-I am a big scardy cat when it comes to those things. Your Mandala Madness is beautiful, Love the cute pup playing in photo. I think you have been doing great on your blog posts! have a great week.

  8. Happy Monday,nohbinagree the months are flying, the days are's a young adult, they seemed to to have that back again.....your blanket is looking wonderful.....we're having spring like temperatures thankfully, I actually started washing windows....the salt and winter grime was making me crazy......well look forward to more post.....have a wonderful rest of your day.....


  9. You know, I've never roasted a whole chicken before? I always want to just never have. Any pointers?

    That blanket is gorgeous and your pup is precious. Is the blanket heavy? It looks like it. I hate tornado weather. We've already had an evening this season hiding out in the basement due to tornado warnings. Thankfully I've never been in one, but my senior year of high school, one tore through our town and destroyed my husbands neighborhood. Thankfully he and his family were all ok and their house, while damaged was not demolished, like their next door neighbor's house was. I'll be praying the tornados stay away from ya.

    Have a great week!

  10. Enjoyed your post and Marley is adorable. Have a great week!

    Renee’ @ 2 Peas in a Pod


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