Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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{ Lavender and Crochet Doilies }

February 28, 2017

I've been trying very hard to get plants into my house.  I think a home full of plants is a beautiful thing.  I've always wanted to have a ton of them, all over.  I haven't been able to since we were stationed in Arizona, and so I'm hoping to change that and get as many as I can in this house.

You know how much I adore Lavender, and so I've bought 2 Lavender plants at my local Walmart.  They were only $2 each. 

My original idea was to plant a lot of Lavender in my front yard, but I've done some research and it seems that it's quite hard to keep Lavender alive here in Texas.  Some types of Lavender work but not all of them and I am definitely not versed in plants enough to know which is which.

For now, I've planted them both inside and I'll see if I can keep them going.

I also am trying to revive some of my Orange mums that have died.  Fingers crossed.

February 28, 2017

I pulled out all my doilies as well.  When I reorganized my linen closet the other day, I got out all my crochet pieces and set them aside for washing, they clearly need it. 

I did notice that a lot of them are starting to develop yellow stains from aging, so will need a lot more care.  I asked on Facebook for some advice and got quite a few ideas, so I'll be trying those this weekend.

Most of my doilies have been either made by my grandmothers for me, or passed down, or gifted.  They mean a lot and I would hate to see them deteriorate or start falling apart.  

February 28, 2017

When we moved into this house, like I've said many times now, I kind of just put things in their respective rooms and didn't look back.  One of the things I never did put down, were my crochet doilies, which I've always done.

February 28, 2017

It makes it feel like home to me.

So I'm going to give them a good wash, hopefully get these stains out and set them back out. 

If you have any suggestions, leave them down below.  And also let me know if you have your own doilies, if you use them, if they were gifts or if you made them yourself and so on.  Would love to know :)


  1. No suggestions but I did read a really cute blog post about someone "rescuing" crocheted pieces when they found them at garage sales or charity shops. Seems sad that something someone put so much loving care into crafting would end up tossed aside. I loved her idea of rescuing them.

  2. I have several vintage suitcases full of rescued doilies. Some were made by my mother or grandmother. Others I've found here and there. For washing I would try Shout spray for the first wash then if that didn't get it out then maybe soak and hand wash with some oxi clean. Hope you're able to get them looking fresh again. I know they are special to you.
    xx Beca

  3. i love plants and have many inside..pathos and spider are a few that are hardy and good plants..

  4. I like lavender very much.

  5. Soak in lemon juice and sprinkle with salt, or use oxyclean....then hang on line in sun for a few hours....I hope these ideas help.....

    I love is one of my favorite......


  6. I am such a lover of doilies too Sandra! I have them everywhere. Lol One of the best little touches for cozy homey feel in my opinion too. ;)

  7. I spoke with an elderly neighbor of mine who actually crochets any tats doilies, Lena. Her advise was she used to soak yellowed doilies in a soak of white vinegar and water, but these days she uses oxyclean. Depending on how yellowed she says 2 or 3 scoops in a basin of hot water. Then you need to rinse them repeatedly until there is no residue of oxyclean left in them, then of course the doilies need to be blocked so they dry in shape.

  8. Your entries remind me of my childhood. It was quite popular and lots of housewives would stitch them. The one shown in picture looks very delicately crafted.


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