Friday, March 3, 2017

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{ Spring is in the air }



Yes, Spring is finally in the air and I'm so happy.  I've been eagerly anticipating the warmer weather and green grass, seedlings, flowers and all that beauty.  I think as I've gotten older, I've stopped enjoying all Seasons and mostly just wanting it to be either Spring or Summer hahah


I won't say that I don't like Fall because I do, after all it's one of the most beautiful seasons.  But I can go without it, and cold and winter?  Yeah I'm over it completely and ready to move on.  It might also be because as we get older the cold seems to just cut through to the bones doesn't it?


I've been outside more the past few days, just admiring, taking in the fresh air, enjoying all the new growth coming in on the trees.

Look at these two sleeping on the tree.  They looked so sweet just laying there, at first I was wondering what on earth was on the tree trunk, and  wasn't wearing my glasses at the time....hahaha

But I zoomed in and was quite surprised to see them just enjoying the sun.


I also started another dragon, this time a sleepy one.  The pattern I'm using is from Sharon Ojala, she has such cute Amigurumi patterns and videos on Youtube, she's absolutely brilliant when it comes to showing you how to crochet something.




I spent my day finishing the dragon, enjoying time with Marley outside and doing my usual housework, you know the daily tasks that we have to get done, day in and day out.


Finished him and am so in love he is just the sweetest thing ever.  That face.....Just the cutest!!!

These are both going to my daughter, she wants them both and they're a set, kind of, so I'm gifting them both to her.  I do plan on making others thought but need to take a little break for the next week because my wrist is hurting from all the crochet I've been working on.


My Marley is getting so big.  He will be 6 months old on Sunday but he is HUGE.  What I find the funniest is that aside from being such a big boy, he is the kindest, sweetest most gentle dog, and quite the scaredy cate hahah


He does not like the grass at all, so he stays on the cement area and does all his business on there hahahaha

Now that he's a little bigger, he is finally adventuring a bit more onto the grass, but it's never far, he keeps his back paws firmly planted on the cement and steps on with his front paws, but always has one up.


And if you make the slightest noise, he is gone.  LOL 

Oh he brings me so much joy.

So yes, the past two days, not much going on.

My girl is still in Arkansas and she'll be back on Monday.  I miss her, she misses me and I'm so incredibly thankful to have a good relationship with her, something I have never had with my mother.  I am actually thinking of doing a post on this, why things are the way they are with my mom, why I make such a huge effort to be different with my own daughter and why it means so much to me.

She's turning 18 next month, and I still get text messages throughout the day that simply say "I love you mama".  :)

Anyway, I have a busy day tomorrow.  Grocery shopping in the early morning, then heading to a Book Fair at the local University with my hubby, brother, sister in law and nephew, then out to lunch, then the local butcher to see how their meats and prices are.  I hope they're affordable because I would love to buy some fresh meat straight from the butcher like I used to do in Arizona.

I'm heading to bed, going to finish watching Season 2 of Outlander and then get an early night in.

Have a wonderful Friday night and I do hope you have a fun relaxing weekend ahead :)


  1. Can't wait for the next season of Outlander.

  2. We keep getting teased here in was spring one day then a snowstorm the next....crocuses and forsythias are coming up and budding....then on Friday we got 3" of snow.....

    I just love those dragons.....what a wonderful job.....I truly think you need to make different creatures and animals to're good 😀

    Marley is getting so big....6 months old, oh my....he looks playful...

    Yes hard to believe how fast our children grow up....18 wow....where will she be heading in May?

    Have a wonderful day



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