Tuesday, June 11, 2019

{ Baking Day and a leaking water heater }


Hi everyone, happy Wednesday :)

Well, I am back in business, finally.  I'm so thrilled to have my camera working the way it is supposed to, and I've been happily snapping away as I go about my day.

My morning started bright and early, as it always does.  Curt messages me every morning before leaving for work, and I love waking up to his sweet texts.  I then lay in bed for a little longer with Marley, scroll through my phone or watch a little tv before getting up for the day.


My morning began with getting Jasmine off to work and then making a few phone calls.  I don't like talking on the phone, if anyone knows me in real life, they KNOW to text, but there are calls you just can't avoid and these were some of those.

What exactly did I need to make calls about?

Well let me paint you a picture!!!

It is Thursday morning of last week, we wake up to our garage with water, and water draining down the driveway all the way to the street.  After a quick check, we find that our water heater in the garage is leaking hot water from one of the pipes.  Curt did a check and shut off everything he could find, every valve and water faucet, gas line and so on.

I also immediately put in a maintenance work order for the heater to get fixed.

Friday morning came and still hadn't hear anything, so I called the realtor and was told it was under warranty and needed to be replaced so they would get the authorization to the plumbers so they could get out.

Called the plumber Friday afternoon and they still hadn't received the authorization.

Friday went, Saturday, Sunday, Monday......and mind you, even though we turned off everything we could find, water was now gushing out the faucet and running down the driveway.  (I don't even want to think of what our water bill is going to be this coming month).

This morning, I called the plumber first thing and asked why are we still sitting here with a water heater gushing and nothing is being done, and was informed that they had not yet received the authorization from American Home Shield.  That aggravated me so much.

I again picked up the phone, called the realtor and let them have it, actually told them that they will be paying for any damages caused by this and my water bill, since they had been sitting on this work order since Thursday morning.  What do you know, they finally got it done, but only after I had to call and get on them about it.  

Don't mind the weeds, I was in the middle of mowing and weeding when they showed up

You can actually see the water underneath the truck, it runs all the way down the driveway and out to the street.

They were able to shut down the water completely.  The plumber said that my husband had shut everything off that he needed to, but whoever installed this water heater, installed the valves backwards so he says even if we shut it all off, it does nothing because it will continue to gush out water.

After they did that, they left, and will be back tomorrow to replace the water heater.  At least for the moment the water is off, which is a huge relief.


The minute they left, I got right to business.  I was all out of bread and needed to bake some, and yesterday I wanted to do that, but woke up feeling really sick.  I think I had a 24 hour stomach bug.


I was planning on only baking some bread loaves, but I decided to take the recipe I use and dividing it up so that I could get 2 bread loaves, 1 cinnamon swirl loaf and some cinnamon rolls.

The recipe I used is on my food blog, it is called Homemade Bread and yields 5 loaves.


There's days that you just need a hot, fresh homemade cinnamon roll, and today was one of those.

I mainly had my kids in mind when I made these, because even though they are older and used to their dad being away at times while he was in the Air Force, they still miss him when he's gone, and it's in those moments that I like doing little things for them.



My baking day is done, my house is clean and now I'm sitting down with my book, for a little, before I have to go pick my girl back up from work.


I can't tell you how much I love baking and reading, it is probably the closest thing to a perfect day for me.  Throw in my camera, and I think that just tops it off :)


  1. Your cinnamon rolls look so good! That's something I never seem to get quite right.
    Glad they are covering that water bill!

  2. So happy to see you back in the post business. Lol

    Those cinnamon rolls literally made my mouth water. Sorry you're having such headaches with things around the house. We just had to have a broken window replaced. Always something it seems.

    Blessings Sweetie xo


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