Monday, December 26, 2022

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 12/26/2022 }


Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family. Mine was wonderful, although tiring because of the prep. I can't believe that it's over with though and we are pretty much in the last days of 2022. 
Wow!!! I hope you're all ready for the new year. I always feel a bit anxious as the new year approaches, since I don't know what it's going to bring. I guess I should be happy and excited, and I am in a way, but I always get a little weary too. Anyone else like that? 
Anyway, let's get right on with our last Happy Homemaker Monday for 2022. 
Have a blessed week my friends and may the new year, bring you and your family, blessings, health and all that you wish for. 
♥♥ The Weather ♥♥ 
It was so cold last week, in the teens and real feel got to -14. For the first time ever, we actually had frozen pipes, even though we take all the precautions. What a crazy ordeal. We have a nice week weather wise, coming up. Not too cold and not hot either, just perfect. 
Monday - Rain showers, 51  
Tuesday - Sunny/wind, 54  
Wednesday - Mostly sunny/wind, 69 
Thursday - Cloudy, 67  
Friday - Partly cloudy, 60  
Saturday - Mostly sunny, 66 
Sunday - Mostly cloudy, 66 
♥♥ As I look outside my window ♥♥ 
Grey skies, cloudy and rainy.  Just the type of weather I love. 
♥♥ Right now I am ♥♥ 
Actually sitting on the bed, the hubby is is snoring next to me, the dog and cat are sleeping too, so I'm working on this post, and just listening to the morning sounds. 
 ♥♥ Thinking and pondering ♥♥ 
About the new year, what is to come, what has already been. 
♥♥ How am I feeling ♥♥ 
I'm feeling good. My husband got me amazing gifts, but two of them are my absolute favorite. It's funny, as we get older, how our tastes and likes change. When I was younger, I loved getting clothes or pretty things, as I've gotten older, I prefer useful, practical gifts that make my life easier. 
With that in mind, my hubby got me a floor vacuum which is a life saver.......but he also got me a body massager and an eye massager. When I first saw the eye massager, I was a bit scared hahahah But oh my word, you guys. 
If you suffer from sinus headaches, migraines etc., this is amazing. It not only massages your eyes but also the temples, and it feels amazing. I had no idea I needed one of these until now. 
♥♥ Listening to ♥♥ 
The filter in the water tank. It almost sounds like a waterfall, and I love it. 
♥♥ On the breakfast plate ♥♥ 
Nothing yet, all I've had is a cup of coffee. 
♥♥ On the lunch plate ♥♥ 
We still have leftovers from Christmas. There is ham and turkey, rissois, potato casserole, broccoli and cauliflower with cheese and Bacalhau com Natas (Portuguese creamy cod fish). 
♥♥ On the dinner plate ♥♥ 
The next two weeks, my menu is mainly going to be Portuguese food.  Tonight I'm making a homemade Spaghetti Bolognese, Garlic Bread and a Salad. 
 ♥♥ What I'm wearing ♥♥ 
Still in my pajamas. Not sure, but I'll probably put on some jeans and a sweater later. 
♥♥ On my reading pile ♥♥  
My Bible. 
Last night, as I was praying, I felt in my heart that I need to read and do a study on Ecclesiastes. So that's what I'll be doing starting January 1st.
New year coming up, so new devotionals......Loving God, Loving Others and I have yet to pick my second. 
Also got two new books for Christmas which I'm very excited to read, one of them especially, which is Children of Ragnarok by Cindy Williams Chima. 
♥♥ On my TV this week ♥♥ 
The Expanse 
Homemaking vlogs 
Portuguese live TV 
Portuguese soaps 
♥♥ On the menu ♥♥  
Monday - Spaghetti Bolognese, Garlic Bread, Salad 
Tuesday - Chicken legs with rice, Chickpea Salad  
Wednesday - Calamari Stew, Portuguese Rustic Bread
Thursday - Layered Enchiladas, Salad  
Friday - Steaks, Fries, Rice, Fried Egg, Cabbage and Tomato Salad
Saturday - Frango guisado com espargete (Chicken Spaghetti) 
Sunday - Tater Tot Taco Pizza 
♥♥ Looking around the house ♥♥ 
The Christmas stuff is going down, starting today. Once Christmas is over, I can't stand to see everything cluttered anymore, so I immediately bring it all down. 
♥♥ To Do List ♥♥ 
- Happy Homemaker Monday post 
- Hubby wants to go Hobby Lobby for their 90% off Christmas sale 
- Figure out what is wrong with dishwasher (it stays stuck on wash cycle) 
- Take down tree and decorations 
- Laundry 
- Remove ground beef from freezer to thaw for dinner 
♥♥ From the camera ♥♥ 
I have no new pictures to share. I ended up not taking any at all during Christmas. 
♥♥ Devotional, Bible Verse, Prayer ♥♥ 
Father, help me to see that You are near. Help me to see that You are here. Thank You for sending Your Son to be my Savior — to save my life and to satisfy my soul. Thank You for sending Jesus, the Good Shepherd, to tend to my needs and take care of me. Thank You for this abundant life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. - Rachel Marie Kang


  1. Good Morning my sweet friend. I'm glad you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you a VERY Happy New Year as it will be here before we know it. I don't know why this week between the two always goes sooooooo fast! I'm so sorry I didn't get back here last week to visit - everything snowballed out of control with a couple projects. I'm glad your weather is returning to "normal" for this time of year also and I pray you stay well. That eye massager sound glorious and I hope it does the job to relieve you of sinus pain. Have a WONDERFUL week!

  2. I am glad you had a nice Christmas. I am not putting things away from Christmas quite as fast, but I did not put much out either. Our tree will come down next weekend and the rest in a week or two. I love the holidays and always hate to see them over. This cold weather needs to GO!

  3. "Thank you, Sandra, for your new blog post. I thought it wouldn't be ready this week due to the busyness. But voila, here it is again and you make me happy with it.

    You received nice gifts! Here it is not a tradition to give each other gifts. But as often happens, this tradition came from the USA to Europe now. And my son (25) bought me a gift. Fortunately, he had told me beforehand and I quickly bought something nice stuff for him and his brother as well. I think it will become a new tradition.

    Thank you also for organizing the linkparty. I like to write for it. In the beginning, I used to check my blog to see what I would be eating that day :-)."

  4. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas! That book looks very interesting. I spent some time taking a bit of Christmas down yesterday as well, plan to finish today. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. Hi Sandra, so glad you had a nice Christmas. I'm also happy you got some wonderful gifts. I'd honestly never heard of an eye massager.

  6. Looks like a good Christmas. Had to look up the eye massager, yep that's a good gift... I also like the vaccum and massager gun - great gifts. Hope you have no more problems with frozen pipes.


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