Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Cleaning the fridge, and another book haul ♥





Cleaning the fridge!

Some enjoy it, others don't.  Well, I don't know if any of us can say that we enjoy the process, it's a bit mundane and it does take some time, but it's a chore that is very much needed as a homemaker.  I will admit I tend to let it go a bit longer than I probably should, I mean, I will give it a wipe here and there but a good cleaning is definitely not something I do constantly.

But as I picked up groceries a few days ago, I needed to get this under control.  I think the fridge is one of those things that no matter how much you try to keep it organized, with some many people in and out of it, constantly using or taking or putting in, it tends to go bananas pretty quickly.

So I gave it a very good clean before picking up the groceries, and packing the new ones in.  Always feels much better once you open those doors and see everything neatly packed away.
Now, moving onto more books.  On Saturday we went downtown to pick up some gifts for Issac, our daughter's boyfriend.  While doing that, we decided to stop in at one of our favorite local stores, which has a plethora of old movies, books, collectibles and games and anything that you could find interesting.  It's a lot of fun to look through and just browse the different collections.


The store was having a sale on movies and books.  They have these brown bag deals they do, where for books you pay $14.99 and get a collection.  You have no idea what you're getting, so it's almost like a gift that you're opening and not knowing what is in there.  

This weekend their special was a buy one and get one free, so my hubby knowing how much I love books, bought me a bag of romance books and it came with another bag for free.  I was beyond thrilled, let me tell you.



The first bag was a selection of mystery book, and I will say I don't read mystery books it's not my favorite genre at all.  But I will see if my sister in law wants any of these because she does enjoy this genre.  Whatever she doesn't want, I will post on Paperbackswap and will hopefully be able to trade them for books that I will enjoy.



While I was pulling out the books, Elliott immediately ran into one of the empty paper bags.  Cats and bags, right?


The next bag was right up my alley, romance books and quite a few from my some of my favorite historical fiction writers, like Eloisa James and Mary Balogh. 

Just look at that pile of amazing romance novels.  Just look, and let your eyes skim down the list.  Catherine Coulter, Tessa Dare, Gayle Callen, Sabrina Jeffries.  I think the only authors I haven't yet read are Gayle and Sabrina, but the books look so interesting and exactly what I usually enjoy.
Safe to say that this pile is going straight into my bookshelf and not onto Paperbackswap.




Hubby wants to go back and grab me another 2 bags LOL

You know I'm pretty bad when it comes to books, almost a hoarder but not quite as a I do tend to swap them out for newer ones.  But still, I have a hard time saying no to a book, and it doesn't help when my husband fuels that craziness.  I won't complain though, I am dying to get my hands on some more romance novels.

So there you have it, a clean fridge and a stack of books.  I know they have nothing to do with each other, but it's a little look at my home and my day.  I think that's the life of a homemaker, there's a little bit of everything, all combined into one home, right?

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Carla said...

Books are one area that can really break my budget. My husband and I are in complete agreement on them. We love books and our real issue is that we do not have enough book shelves. Ha! I remember telling a friend while at a conference that I could come home and tell my husband, "Honey, I spent $150 on books." and his response would probably be, "Oh good! What did you get?" Neither of us has restraint when it comes to books. Ha!