Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Spend the day with me - Blogging the old fashioned way

July 9, 2024

A homemaker's day is pretty much the same.  We get up and start doing the same tasks we did the day before, there's hardly a change to our routine, unless there is an appointment or a visit from a family member or friend.  The tasks often seem mundane, and it's easy to get discouraged, when your mind is not focused on the the purpose of your life, and the importance of being a homemaker.

We send our husbands to work, our children to school, and yet we remain, in these same four walls, facing the same kitchen sink full of dishes, the dust needing wiped away, the laundry needing washing yet again.

When I first started blogging, back in 2006, blogging was the newest thing.  I stepped into a sea of like minded homemakers, moms, women wanting to share their days and at the same time record their memories for prosperity.

There were some really good bloggers out there, and not because they had a blog all decked out, or tons of ads, or were making any kind of money.  They certainly didn't claim to know it all, to be all, or be perfect, and that is what first attracted me to this wonderful world of blogging.

There was blogger and Wordpress, and to this day, there seems to be a one versus the other.  Some prefer one platform, others prefer the other.  I've always been a blogger girl, I just thought it was simpler and easier to work with, and so I remained until this day.

My life at the time was divided into taking care of my young children, my husband, my home and then taking my spare moments to visit other mom bloggers.  I loved seeing their posts, their days, their children, what they were doing.  The recipes were amazing, the tips and tricks that made our homemaking easier, book recommendations, movies, tv shows, gardening, you name it.  There was nothing flashy about these lifestyles, we weren't out here competing with anyone, just merely sharing our days.

Then slowly things started changing, some bloggers started growing their blogs as businesses.  Suddenly there were blogs filled with ads, click here and click there, telling others how and what they should be blogging about, writing books, seeking fame, and with that the innocence and beauty of simple mom blogs, began to fade.

July 9, 2024

I started feeling this sadness but also a determination to hold on to what blogging was all about.  I felt so out of place in the midst of it all.  I don't want to see professional looking posts with catchy titles, multiple links and ads all over the place.  I just wanted to continue sharing with other moms and seeing their days, that was all.

I won't even go into what I feel about blogging nowadays, or what it has become.  It is extremely difficult to find a group of homemaker blogs today that really capture the essence of what it was created to be.   It was created to be an online journal written in an informal way, like having a conversation with someone, and that is what made it special.

The feeling of not belonging is part of the reason I stopped blogging consistently, I started feeling like I needed to change to keep up, and my soul fought every step of the way.  God's loud voice kept echoing in my head "do NOT conform to this, it is NOT who you are, who I want you to be, or what is needed."

The truth of the matter is that we shouldn't be conforming, but rather holding on to that part of life that is quickly being erased.  The importance of family, of keeping a home, baking and cooking, sharing tips, reading, cleaning, gardening, everything I mentioned above, is even more important today than it was years ago.

So I said ok, I will continue blogging the old fashioned way.  I'll share my life, my day, what I'm doing.  Some may find it boring, but I think for you my sweet readers who have been here all along, and still keep your blogs going to this day, you will understand and you will appreciate the consistency in staying true to a real homemaking blog.  

Come in, sit, let me show you a few pictures of how I spent my Tuesday.

July 9, 2024

I start my days by opening my front door, opening the back patio doors and curtains around the house.  I tend to do this early in the morning to let in fresh air before the heat of the day kicks in.  Just feels like a breath of fresh air through the house refreshes things.

From there I move onto the dining room.  Usually the night before, after dinner we always play a game as a family.  It's a habit we've always had, it's a way to spend time together, to keep people off phones and to laugh and chat about our days.

Typically when we are done, I push the chairs in but that's it because often times, my husband and brother in law are still sitting down chatting.

So in the morning, I finally put it all in order.

July 9, 2024

The next room I move into, is the kitchen, and that one always tends to take longer to put together, although I often wonder why even bother because no doubt, an hour later, it will need attention again.  Hahaha

I start by putting away the clean dishes, then wash up anything from breakfast, take out the meat or chicken for dinner, prep anything that needs prepping, refill the fur babies water and food bowls, and give the floor a quick sweep.

July 9, 2024

After the kitchen, I move on to the living room and fold blankets, plump pillows and put away the babies toys that are usually all over the floor.

I also go ahead and fold up any washing that I left drying overnight.  I love using my floor racks for sheets or comforters, instead of throwing them in the dryer.  Saves on electricity and it also leaves the entire house smelling amazing while it air dries.

July 9, 2024

July 9, 2024

Vacuuming and dusting are usually the last things I do before either turning on a candle, my wax melts or using some air spray, just to finish it all off.

I often stand back with a smile on my face when it's all done.  Is there anything better than a clean and tidy, cozy home?  I don't think so.

The rest of the day, I pick up of the house as I go, you know the usual daily tasks here and there.  I also read my Bible, read my book, and do my workouts for the day.  I am currently getting in 10 000 steps a day, some days I come just shy of it, some days I pass that goal.  It doesn't matter, it is what it is.

July 9, 2024

Yesterday, I also took some time to post the mystery books on my Paperbackswap, and already had some requests, which means today I need to print out labels and get them ready to ship.

To finish the day, I did my 30 minute workout, and I wanted to share this picture with you.  I do it not to gloat, but to show you that at 49 years old, with work and determination, you CAN lose weight and you CAN go back to the body you once had.

I am in better shape today than I have been since my 20s.  It hasn't been all easy but I'm determined to keep going.

One thing that God has been pushing into my heart, is this "We don't live to eat, we eat to live."

Keep that in mind, because when we break the unhealthy habits we have with food, it all falls into place.

July 9, 2024

And with that, I am ending this post.  I need to get going with my day, get started and do what I need to do.

I hope you found some encouragement in my words, if you're a blogger keep blogging the way you always have.  Keep sharing because there are many young women out there today, who need encouragement, need tips and help and a healthy view of family and home.

Have a blessed Wednesday my friends, see you back here in the morning for a Cooking Thursday.  Yes, I'm going to be sharing a recipe.


Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Sandra girl!
You've hit the nail on the head! I began blogging in 2007. It's not the same blog world it once was. Do you remember when the only way to find a blog we would enjoy was to get a link from another blog we enjoyed? We found each other almost "word of mouth" only through links.

I've wondered why I've felt so down about blogging for the last few years. I realize now that it's the pressure to perform, to make money. Who doesn't need more money? I'm 59 and have lived on the edge since my husband and I married in 1986. But, it just wasn't me, and I've resisted. I've resisted to the point where it seemed all of my posts were pointless. Now I understand.

I haven't written a Happy Homemaker Monday or a Thrifty week post in months. It's time to get going again. Thank you for waking me up! I just may write a post about this myself. I don't have to "provide value", because my everyday life is valuable!

By the way, should I write the post, I'll link to this one.

Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,
Laura Lane

Sandra said...

Hi Laura, I know exactly what you mean and do remember having to find blogs through others we enjoyed. That's how I found all of my favorites. I still keep a list of blogs on my sidebar, because back in that day that was the way to do it, I would find others to enjoy through the links on blogs. Times sure have changed, but we don't have to my friend.

Please keep blogging, and yes, please do a post on this as well.
I think the more ladies we encourage to blog the old fashioned way, the more we will see a reoccurence of the family blogs we love.

Have a blessed day,

MaryP said...

Please keep blogging the old-fashioned way. I thoroughly enjoy it, and feel like it is a conversation, not a sales pitch.

Sarah said...

I don't often comment, but I always enjoy reading your blog. It's lovely that you've kept up with your posts for all these years showing snippets of your life, something good to look back on and cherish memories.

I get what you mean about monetised blogs, that definitely puts me off reading with all the pop-ups and whatnot.

I've posted for the first time in nearly 2 years on my blog. Life has changed so much since I started blogging back in the day. It's nice to look back though, like reading a journal, so I'm going to TRY and consistently post...whether I will remains to be seen haha.

Katerinas Blog said...

I just stumbled across your blog and love it,
it's like a diary but with feedback and sharing! I love that you will continue it as it is!
I wish you all the best Sandra!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

There was one blog I used to follow, and loved what she shared, but she added so many ads for money it was a headache to click on it to read anymore. I had to stop reading it. So many of my long time bloggers have stopped blogging too. I am in a place where I'm ending mine as well. However, I posted that I may stop in from time to time. I used to get 30 comments and responses, to now I get almost zero, so I felt I was boring and sharing the same stuff year after year.

Tracy dixon said...

Alot of blogs got lost in the shuffle when blogger removed the email sign ups and had to find some other way of keeping in touch with fellow bloggers. I lost alot of followers and basically had to start all over. I'm still trying to navigate blogger to find some of the old blogs I did follow before they did that.
As for as moms monetizing their blogs, I understand. They are still passionate about Homemaking and taking care of their families, it's just that some have a desire to be able to stay at home with the ir kids but still be able to help financially. I just skip past the ads and continue to read. I know in some way I am helping them out and blessing them somehow.
There are still great blogs and Homemaking Mommas out there, we just have to keep supporting one another and encouraging one another.
Sandra, I do like this version of blog posts rather than the planned, scripted Monday posts. I feel like posts like this are more relaxed, unplanned, from the heart kind of posts. It reads better and is more enjoyable. I hope that makes sense.
I use my blog to journal, post randomly, advertise (to help my husband out) and use it as my platform to help others. I love to be like the Titus 2 Woman and teach. I love helping others learn how to do things. That is my passion. I take it seriously I guess you could say. There are still people out there who love reading versus watching videos. That's why we keep our blogs alive. But today, alot of people love visuals also. It is an ever changing thing on the internet but there is a good balance.
Have a great day.

Dawn Marie said...

I started blogging on a site called Xanga back in 2002 when I was first married. Xanga had actually been around since the late 90's. I loved it! I had so much of my life documented on it, from being a newlywed to becoming a mom. Then Xanga decided to start charging and no one could use it anymore after that. I think it ended up not working completely after that. Then I found Blogger. I had another page on here, where I first came to find yours and I used to participate in your HHM. Then I changed to a different page with the intention of doing more formal, more modern posts, but I ended up just continuing on the informal way of how I did things before. Like you, just talking about day to day stuff with an occasional post that's more formal. I wish I had just stuck to one page. I do enjoy the informal, day-to-day posts rather than all the How To stuff from people who think they know it all. I've continued to (quietly) enjoy your posts since. As a homemaker myself you really do help encourage me and I am grateful for that. I hope you keep writing ... you're amazing at it.

@irina_sweet_home said...

I started blogging on blogger in 2007 , when my eldest daughter was 3 years old.In the meantime I gave birth to three more children. I am a working mother, so my personal time has always been limited, but the blog was and is my little place four my soul.I miss the times when the world of blogs was much more alive.
Now everyone prefers to post on instagram, but it's not the same thing.I understand exactly how you feel about blogging, I feel the same.
I am also 49 years old and I would like to be in better shape.I eat healthy,I have a normal weight, but I don't exercise at all, I just walk every day.Thank you for inspiration!

Sandy said...

Sandra, I have read your blog for sometime and honestly have not commented. Not because I didn't have things to cheer about over here, but mostly because the last couple of years have been tough. Oh I am so blessed!!!, so I won't linger there, but I have almost quit blogging several times, but felt the Lord saying no to that. Your blogpost is spot on.. It is what drew us to blogs in the first place. I have so very little free time, but I have been mulling over this post all week and thought I should let you know it resonated with me. I will comment as often as time allows from now on and I am going to do my best to do more of it myself.