Saturday, September 6, 2008

Five Senses Saturday!

I haven't done my Five Senses Saturday in a LONG time, I mean a really long time, and I honestly don't know why because it's such a great way to end off the week and kinda go back and remember everything I did the past few days.

If anyone wants to play along, just let me know in my comments so I can come see yours!


- the quietness around me with both kids in school
- the landscaping people mowing lawns
- the loud roar of the jets as they do engine runs
- the phone ringing, some telemarketer leaving a message
- the radio playing in the background while I bake


- the beautiful sunsets
- the happiness on Nicholas face everytime he sees me after school
- another branch from the lemon tree broken
- Jasmine looking like a little lady, she's growing so fast
- the pugs laying on the couch napping


- the feel of the felt as I make the advent calendar
- the prick of the lemon tree branches
- arms of my husband around me
- the soft dough beneath my fingers as I make bread
- the soapy water as I wash dishes


- The flaky goodness as I bite into a Coconut Pastry
- the velvety texture of the Amarula
- one of the best burgers ever, Easy Cheesy Topped Burgers
- my favorite chocolate, Nestle Treasures
- grilled cheese sandwiches made with homemade bread


- the scent of the earth as the rain comes down
- cinnamon coffee brewing in the morning
- my lavender linen water on the bed linens
- my kids after a bath, love the smell of clean babies
- the lemons from the lemon tree out back


Jen said...

I used to spray our beds with lavender too. I''m not sure why I stopped. maybe i should do this again. Homemade bread sounds really good......

Amy said...

Oh I so love this... Sandra, you so inspire me! Love your heart, girl!

MyJourneyBack said...

You make me so hungry. I need to try some of your recipes!
I love your 5 senses post. So cool
Thanks for coming by and seeing my late Show and Tell! I am working on an ETSY shop today and then going to go to a consignment sale with my dear daughter. A busy Sat.
Thanks for spending part of yours with me.

Sarah said...

Mmm lovely. And I just love the smell of lavendar.

Hugs n' love

Sarah x

Michelle said...

THere is nothing like the smell of lavendar...and the coconut pastry yum. As well as grilled cheese with homemade bread.delicious.have a wonderful saturday.

MoziEsmé said...

You're making me live it, too! Beautiful post.

Cheri said...

I would just love to eat at your house for just 1 day!!

Linds said...

I haven't see a 5 senses post before, what a lovely idea! And I loved your lists!

mamajil said...

I loved your five senses post!!!