Saturday, March 21, 2009

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Air Show and a Sunburn!

My what a day, let me start by saying that I had forgotten how nasty the Arizona sun can get. I pretty much covered the children in sunscreen, I mean from head to toe, they were like white little sticks walking around but I didn't put much on myself and now here I sit....burnt, I mean BURNT, the good thing is that by tomorrow morning I'll be a nice caramel brown, I tan extremely easy....but still, right now I'm hating this.

Anyway, sunburn aside, we spent 4 hours at the Air Show and it was amazing. We didn't get to see the Thunderbirds because well, there so many people there and it got too packed and too hot and our feet hurt and the kids were getting cranky and we decided to just return tomorrow for their demonstration and call it good.

But the time we did spend there was great.....wait, I already said that didn't I? Maybe the sun fried my brain cells, I can't think straight. LOL

This is Curt's jet and here he is answering the kid's questions. They LOVED daddy's jet and had so many questions and observations to make.

The Thunderbirds

I can't remember the name of this plane, I apologize but I'm all airplaned out and I seem to know all the fighter jets but when it comes to these other ones, I just don't know LOL

These were so cool, I have to give props to all the pilots in these air show's, they are AMAZING!

Here are my kiddos, all decked out in pilot suits and helmets....they looked SO cute.

The rest of the photos are HERE. I'll add more tomorrow and even some great videos I got of the F-22 Raptor. BY FAR, the best aircraft in the show, personally I think it even outdoes the Thunderbirds.

I know you're probably sick and tired of hearing about this Air Show and I promise after tomorrow I will say no more about it....but for now, just enjoy LOL

I'm off to slather myself in Aloe Lotion and urge my sun burn tan to get better. Have a great night everyone!


  1. Awesome pictures. I think the air show is great. Whenever we are lucky enough to have one here we go to it. It amazes me to watch these planes. Not that I would ever want to try any of these tricks, but I am in awe.

  2. We love going to air shows wish we had known it was going on today, we would have loved to have gone.

  3. Sorry about your sunburn! The kids do look so cute in the flight suits and helmets, I'm guessing flip-flops aren't regulation LOL... have enjoyed your "coverage" of the air show, not having anything like it here (although we do live in a flight route for military helicopters so we get to see those quite often...). Thanks and hope you can get some sunburn relief today!

  4. The kids look so cute in their suits and I really enjoyed the pic of them with their daddy.. I know you all are very proud of him.

  5. I know all to well what sunburn feels like I have English Rose skin that burns by just looking at the sun. At least you will get a tan from it, I would just peel and be white again.

    Thanks for more pics, I wish I was there, I love the planes so much.

  6. great pictures of the air show. The Thunderbirds come here to Columbus Air Force Base. (have ya'll ever been stationed at the base in Columbus, MS) You are getting really good with your camera. I got a new one for Christmas, but still not real good with it.

  7. What fun. I love the kids in the flight suits. We live near Top Gun and I love to watch them do their thing in the blue skies.

    Sunday Blessings
    from Roberta Anne

  8. Thanks for the air show photos! You've got a great eye for composition! When we lived in Tucson we were right next to DM Air Force Base...the last air show there featured the Blue Angels (fabulous piloting!), but I think some of the best flying was done by the bi-plane pilots...the "tricks" were startling, scary and exciting, considering they are in open air cockpits!
    But the fighter jets are just as magnificent, flying in that enormous blue bowl of sky in AZ.
    Sorry about the sunburn (my husband does the same as you, he burns then immediately tans. Lucky!). Glad the kiddos had such fun...I KNOW how sore your feet get after walking all over that huge concrete space!!
    Have a great day.

  9. Sandra,Great photos.and yes we know it spring time when the air show star up.

  10. I love the pics of the kids in the pilot suits. They look so cute! Sorry about the sunburn - hope it does heal quick!

  11. Great pictures, Sandra! And I enjoyed the video from your last post. I hope I can see an air show in person sometime. I'm sure they are spectacular!

  12. Great pics! Your kids are adorable in their pilot suits.

  13. sorry about the sunburn-ouch! Love the pictures-I love that the kids get to check out Curt's plane and ask him questions! they look so cute in their pilot suits!

  14. Oh that is so fun!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  15. FREEDOM!!!

    I remember going to air shows when my mom worked for the CPTN of NAS Pensacola!!! It was the best. I love air shows... I wish we could take the kids... Prince can't take the noise though!!! It is such a bummer!!!

    Great pics... Get some aloe for the sun tan!!!

  16. Those air shows are awesome, we have one here during the summer. The kids are so cute in the flight suits.... Take a cool baking soda bath and put lots of lotion on that sunburn..

  17. Awww. They look so cute in their pilot gear !!!

  18. oh no not a sunburn ouch.I hope the aloe vera helped and how cute the kids look!!

  19. I love your photos Sandra. I've only been to a air show once and loved it.
    Have a wonderful day.

  20. How cute are your kids in those pilot suits! Looks like a fun day...we love to go see the Thunderbirds whenever there is an air show close by.

  21. What a fantastic picture of the children in all that gear. You may consider changing the color tone and creating a father's day card from it.

  22. Love, love the picture of your kids in the airforce suits and helmets!!!
    Hows the aloe working? OUCH! :-)

    Happy Monday! :)

  23. Love the pictures - so very cute! We were able to go to an air show here a few years ago - what an awesome experience that was.

    Have a great day!


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